Want To Write For A Digital Nomad Blog? Here’s How To Get Started

Want to write for a digital nomad blog, but you’re not sure where to start? This guide will help you find the best digital nomad blogs to write for, how to pitch your story ideas, and how to write a great article for another digital nomad blogger that gets read and shared across the internet.

If you’ve got travel stories and adventures that you’re dying to share with the world, writing for a digital nomad blog is one of the ways to do this.

Travel blogging is huge, and people are always searching for ideas on where to go, where to stay, and what to do in every city around the world. As remote work picks up, new remote workers are also interested in the best cities for digital nomads to live in – so if you’re already a nomad, you have a ton of information to share that can genuinely help those people.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what you need to know to write for a digital nomad blog and how to get started, including:

  • What is a digital nomad blog
  • Why writing for a digital nomad blog is a great idea
  • How to come up with great blog topic ideas
  • How to pitch your ideas to a digital nomad blog
  • How to write a great article for a digital nomad blog
  • Pro tips to ensure that the digital nomad blog owner loves working with you!
  • The best digital nomad blogs online

What is a digital nomad? 

Although the definition of “digital nomad” varies greatly (even between nomads themselves!) – it essentially means a person that’s able to work anywhere in the world and live a location independent lifestyle. They might be employed by a company that lets them work freely from any country, or they might be a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner.

Nomads might have a home base somewhere that they travel from regularly, or – if you’re a nomad like me, you can carry everything you need to live and work in your backpack, and have no home base at all!

write for a digital nomad blog
Working by the lake in Guatapé, Colombia

Why live a digital nomad lifestyle?

All the nomads I know chose this lifestyle for different reasons. Some were tired of office politics, others hated the commute, and even more just wanted to run their own business and feel truly free.

The benefits of becoming a digital nomad are huge, and while it’s not the lifestyle for everyone, the long-term digital nomads I know who enjoy the life of work and travel say they feel mentally healthier, less stressed, and fitter now that they’re not tied to an office chair from 9 to 5.

How can you become a digital nomad with no skills or experience?

You may be desperate to become a digital nomad, but have no idea where to start. You might also think you have no skills that translate to being able to work and travel. If this sounds like you, check out these articles that you might find helpful to get some ideas:

Remember that all the travel bloggers with digital nomad blogs started from scratch, and many of them started out with ordinary 9 to 5 jobs. They just made the leap into freelance writing, or focused on learning how to work remotely and create their dream nomadic lifestyle.

What is a digital nomad blog?

Nomads love to read stories about other nomads! And people that aren’t nomads also love reading travel blogs to dream about the life they want to have some day, look at the gorgeous travel photos, and maybe get inspired to change their lifestyle.

Since Covid, more and more people are discovering the freedom that remote work has given them, and are ready to pack up a bag and start travelling.

A digital nomad blog is a blog written by somebody who is already a nomad. It’s usually set up on WordPress (like this one!) – and documents things like what to see in a certain country or city, local foods and traditions, where to stay, coworking and coliving options, and of course – a ton of travel photos!

Digital nomad blogs also help people to find nomad communities as they travel, as this lifestyle can get lonely and isolating sometimes, especially if you’re travelling alone.

write for a digital nomad blog
Coworking in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Why write for a digital nomad blog?

The amazing lives of other nomads, and the beautiful blogs they create, can be daunting – especially if you’re just getting started with your writing career and nomad life. But starting out by helping write for digital nomads with established blogs comes with lots of benefits.

When you write for digital nomads, it’s faster and easier than starting from scratch with your own digital nomad blog!

One of the best ways to get known as a nomad, and potentially become a travel blogger yourself, is to pitch ideas to blogs and travel influencers that already have a good following. This can help get your work read, and increase your own following online. It might also be the step you need to take to get you noticed by potential clients who want to pay for your travel experience!

It takes years to build up a blog audience, so rather than struggling to build one yourself, writing for an established blog is a good shortcut to get your travel articles out into the world.

It can boost the popularity of your own website

If you already have your own website or blog, getting a backlink from a popular, well-established travel website is a great way to increase your website ranking.

If you want to know how popular any travel blog is, simply go to this link and enter in their URL: https://ahrefs.com/website-authority-checker

For example, if you type in the website address for Nomadic Matt “www.nomadicmatt.com” – you’ll see that this travel blog has an domain rating (DR) of 77. The DR is a measure of a website’s authority online. The DR scale runs from 0 to 100, and generally speaking – the higher the DR number of a website, the stronger and more authoritative the site is. So when you’re looking for blogs to pitch, the higher their DR is, the better their backlink will be for your own site.

It can help you get freelance writing clients

If you’re a writer, or if you want to be one, many travel blogs and digital nomad blogs will pay for unique, well-written travel stories. But even if you don’t get paid, and just write a guest post for one of these sites, it can help you establish yourself as a writer online.

Travel writing is tough to break into, so writing for a well-known nomad blog can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

These are some of the benefits when you write for a digital nomad blog:

  • You can earn extra money for travel
  • You can become known by the big names in the travel and digital nomad spaces
  • You can establish yourself as a writer online
  • You can build a portfolio of published travel writing to get paying freelance writing clients
  • You can network with other travelers and nomads around the world
  • The blog owner will share your work around their social media profiles, so you can get more followers
  • People will like and share your articles around the web
  • You’ll get more traffic to your own website
  • You can share your photos and travel stories with the world!

You can see if blogging is right for you

If you’re not sure whether writing is your “thing”, or you don’t have the time and money to invest into starting your own digital nomad blog – writing for someone else is the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of blogging. If you find you love blogging for other nomads, then it might be the right move to start your own website!

write for a digital nomad blog
Working from Costa Rica – bliss!

How to write for a digital nomad blog

Now let’s get into the “how” of writing for a digital nomad blog.

There are two main ways to go about this:

  • Ghost write for a blog: this means the owner of the blog will take credit for your article. You won’t get your name published as the author, and you won’t get a backlink to your site. Blog owners are always looking for new content, but some of them don’t like to feature other writers on their website. This method of writing for a digital nomad blog can pay quite well though!
  • Become a contributor to a blog: this typically means that your blog is a guest post. You may not get paid, but you will get your name published as the author, and usually a juicy link back to your site or social media account. Read this article to find out how guest posting can build your freelance business!

If you’re looking to build up your authority and get known as a digital nomad, I would recommend the guest post/contributor option. Having your name published with the article you’ve written is also a fantastic way to point potential clients to work you’ve have published online so that they can see the quality of your work.

Next, you’ll need to find a digital nomad blog to pitch to.

Find digital nomad blogs that you’d like to write for

This can be tricky, so you’ll need to do a lot of Google searching! You can also search in places like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and on digital nomad Facebook groups.

Check in the footer or header menu of websites, where you’ll often see a link to click that says something like “write for us” or “contribute to the blog” or something similar.

For example – you’ll see in the header menu of my site “Work With Me” and a drop down that takes you to the guest posting link.

Come up with some great ideas for your blog article

Once you’ve found a few blogs you can potentially write for, it’s time to brainstorm some story ideas!

Go through each digital nomad blog that allows submissions, and see what’s already been covered in their existing blogs. Is there a gap that you can fill? Is there a country or city they haven’t covered yet? Can you offer them an article that will be valuable to their specific audience, and fits with their own style of travel?

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you do your research and pitch the right ideas to the right blog. Your idea needs to be specific and relevant to every individual blog owner.

For example, don’t pitch an article about “7 best backpacking cities in Turkey” to a luxury digital nomad blog. And don’t pitch anything about 5 star hotels to a site that covers how to be a digital nomad on a budget. You get my drift. Always read through every digital nomad blog to get a feel for what they write, and who they’re writing for.

Write your pitch. And send it!

Trust me, this is the difficult bit. And it takes way longer than you think. I always double quadruple check everything in my email before sending it, in case I’ve made a typo. And hitting the send button always makes me grit my teeth!

If you’ve never written a pitch before, check out this post and some examples on SmartBlogger to help you get started.

Always make sure your pitch email includes:

  • The blog owner’s name
  • Your name
  • Your blog/website URL if you have one
  • Previous examples of your writing
  • Your contact details
  • A clear summary of 2 or 3 blog topic ideas
  • Why you think these article ideas are unique, and why they’d be a perfect fit for this particular blog

Most importantly, make sure your pitch talks about the benefits to the blog owner, and how your article can help them. Don’t make your pitch all about how great you are – this is one of the sure-fire ways to ensure your email will end up in their trash without getting read.

If your pitch doesn’t get replied to, make a polite follow up in a week or two, in case it got overlooked. Don’t harrass the blog owner if they don’t reply right away! It’s normal for blog owners to not respond, so if you never hear back, that’s okay. People are busy. Make a note to pitch them again in another 6 months and don’t get disheartened.

And always remember – rejection is a GOOD thing! If the blog owner says “no” to your idea, it means they’ve read your email and taken the time out of their day to get back to you. It might not be a good time for them to accept guest contributions, or your ideas might not be what they’re looking for at the moment.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! Pitching article ideas is a game of numbers – so the more pitches you send, the more likely you are to eventually get a YES!

How to write a guest post for a digital nomad blog

Congrats! You’ve had your digital nomad article idea accepted. Now for the fun part – the writing!

Always think about who will be reading your article before you start writing

It’s easiest to write a great blog when you imagine you’re writing for ONE reader. Who are they? What do they enjoy? What do they struggle with? How can your article help them? How can your specific travel experiences inform or entertain them?

Obviously your audience will be digital nomads when you write for a digital nomad blog, but there are different angles you can approach every story with to suit the audience. Write in a way that’s natural, structured well, and encourages readers to comment and share on your article.

A handy structure to think about is this:

Introduction: Tell your reader what you’re going to tell them

Article sections: Tell your reader what you said you’d tell them in the introduction

Summary: Tell your reader what you’ve already told them

Make sure your blog is friendly, conversational, and easy to read. Stick with short words and short sentences, and avoid overcomplicating things. It’s helpful to read previous articles on the digital nomad blog that you’re writing for, to see what the tone and writing style is.

If you’re unsure what type of tone you should be writing in, ask the blog owner if they prefer a professional, polished style, or a more relaxed and down-to-earth tone. This will help you nail your article and ensure the blog owner doesn’t need to edit or rewrite it. It will also ensure that the blog’s regular readers don’t feel alienated by a totally different article style than they’re used to.

Ask the blog owner when their deadline for the blog post is, and if they’d like you to add sources and high quality photos when you deliver your amazing article.

And the big one: make sure you edit your article before you send it! Read it out loud to check it flows nicely and doesn’t sound too stiff and weird. And double check for typos.

Share your published guest post!

Woohoo! You’re now one of the esteemed, published digital nomad bloggers! But it doesn’t stop there. Once your article goes live, make sure you share it everywhere. On your own site, on social media, tell your mum, and your friends.

This helps build your authority as a nomad and writer, and it also builds goodwill with the owner of the digital nomad blog who might ask you to write for them again.

write for a digital nomad blog
My mobile office in Tanzania

Important things to remember when you write for a digital nomad blog

Now you’ve read through the steps on how to write for a digital nomad blog, there’s a few extras that can really make your article shine, and leave a good impression on the owners of the digital nomad blogs you write for.

Things to remember when you’re writing your article:

  • Make sure the article you’re sending in is YOUR VERY BEST WORK. Give yourself plenty of time to meet your deadline so you can create a high quality article that the blog owner will be happy to publish
  • Use Grammarly to check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes – it’s free!
  • Read your draft article out loud. This sounds weird, but it’s a trick that professional writers use all the time to improve their work. Reading your work out loud helps you pinpoint things that could be shortened, things that don’t make sense, and things that could be worded better.
  • Check for typos again!
  • If the blog owner has asked you to include photos with your article, you can use your own (but only if they’re high quality), or find free stock images online. I recommend Unsplash – but you can find a great list of royalty-free photograph sites here. DO NOT do a Google search for an image and include that in your article, as many images online are copyrighted by their owners, and this could land you and the blog owner in hot water. Always ensure you source your blog images through a reputable, royalty-free source.
  • Don’t ever write for a digital nomad blog and then repost the article on your own website, or any other website. This can damage your reputation as a writer, and harm the digital nomad blog owner’s site as well.
  • Always be professional at every stage of pitching, writing for, and getting your work polished and published for another blog owner. Take any edits or constructive criticism of your work in the manner with which it’s intended – which is to help you get better! Taking feedback (and acting on it) is all part of being a writer, and it helps you do better work in the future.
  • Use your published blog article to get more guest posts on other sites, or paying work from brands or freelance clients. Don’t stop at one article!

If you decide you love blogging, it might be time to start your own digital nomad blog…

Write for your own blog

Many successful bloggers started out writing for other people’s digital nomad blogs. If you get a few posts published and enjoy the process of writing and sharing your travel experiences, it might be time to get started on your own blog and document your digital nomad journey.

You can easily build your own freelance writer or digital nomad blog with WordPress. It’s cheap to run, and you can set it up in a few hours. But you’ll need to factor in whether you can make enough time to write and publish consistently to grow the traffic to your blog. If nobody’s reading it – that’s not much fun!

Once you have your blog live, open a spreadsheet or Google doc and make a list of topics you can write about. Check out a few digital nomad websites to get a few ideas.

These might include:

  • The top digital nomad destination you’ve been to
  • The best digital nomad cities that you’ve travelled to
  • Best digital nomad destinations for solo female travelers
  • Traditional food you need to try in different countries
  • Things to do when you have a week/month to spend in a city
  • How you stay productive as a digital nomad
  • The pros and cons of the digital nomad lifestyle
  • The rise of digital nomadism
  • Tips from other travel writers on how to become a content creator
  • What a week in your life as a digital nomad looks like
  • How to meet other digital nomads
  • List of other popular digital nomad blogs
  • Travel tips for new nomads
  • Helpful tips on travel gear for different climates and countries
  • Which is better – fast travel, or slow travel?
  • Best adventure travel destinations
  • How to go from digital nomad wannabe to living the dream!

You can also interview other digital nomads to create content, like I do on this website, as it’s fascinating to see how fellow digital nomads are living and working remotely.

While starting your own digital nomad website can take time to get traction, it can also be a big money earner once you have lots of readers, and once you have work published, you can get easily clients as a freelance writer.

The best digital nomad blogs and travel blogs that accept guest posts

If you’re looking for a great digital nomad blog that accepts freelance writer contributions, here’s a few to get you started. Keep in mind that things can change frequently in the world of online business, so always check on these sites to see if the owners are currently accepting guest submissions!

Best digital nomad blogs that accept guest posts right now:

If you’re not sure whether a website accepts contributions for digital nomad guest posts, simply email them and ask! And don’t forget to do your own research on the hundreds of other digital nomad blogs that are out there.

In summary – how to write for a digital nomad blog

Hopefully these steps on how to write for digital nomad websites have helped you take the steps you need to get started!

Guest posting on other established blogs is a fantastic way to share your nomad experience and hone your writing skills. It can also help you get known as a digital nomad writer in your own right if you start your own blog and share your unique digital nomad experiences. And who knows where your writing will lead you in the future!

If you’d like to submit a guest post to the Taco and Bean blog – click this link for the details

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