What’s The Best WordPress Theme for Travel Blogs? 15 Top Picks

WordPress is one of the biggest website design platforms out there, and part of the reason is the number of themes they have available for users. It can be hard to tell which themes are better for the website you want to design, and travel blogs are no exception. We’ve put together our recommendations for the best WordPress theme for travel blogs.

If you’re looking to document your travel experiences and build up an online following, you’ll need an excellent layout for your website that formats text in a way that’s easy to read and displays photos in the best light possible.

There are countless templates on WordPress, and below is a list of some of the best themes for travel blogs. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs

Why Use WordPress? 

Many people use WordPress if they are new to website design because it is super easy to use. However, those with website design experience like it because of the amount of customization offered. With the number of plugins and themes the CMS site provides, you can create almost any website you could dream of. 

There are countless other reasons to use WordPress, but its ease and customization ability are some of the best. 

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Best WordPress Theme for Travel Blogs – Our 15 Top Picks

Many themes work for a travel blog. Some of the themes are made explicitly for that topic. Others are generic but work really great for travel because of their customization options and photo layouts. Here are 15 options for the best WordPress theme for travel blogs.

Journey Theme

Journey is available through Restored 316 – and this is the exact theme that this blog you’re reading is designed with.

The theme encompasses many templates for homepages, content pages, and category silos. The Journey theme also has a handy Instagram page template that will allow you to bring viewers from Instagram directly to your website.

The Journey theme works with the WooCommerce plugin to easily add a store to the website. It’s an excellent choice for travel bloggers, and you can use this theme with either Genesis or Kadence frameworks which makes it flexible if you’re using one of these already.

Travelia Theme

Travelia is a free WordPress theme. It is meant for companies to use as a travel booking website, but it also works for creating a travel blog.

The Travelia theme has CSS effects and animation that will help your blog stand out from the competition. Travelia is also optimized for speed and is mobile and SEO friendly. This free WordPress theme is great for a customized travel blog. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs
Travelia WordPress Theme

Coherent Theme

Coherent is another free WordPress theme. It is a minimal style theme that allows for the content to load fast, and for your writing and travel photographs to speak for themselves. A lot of the features of the Coherent theme make it easy to customize this theme completely.

It also offers the ability to have a business logo on the site and link to your social media accounts with icons. The Coherent theme is excellent for blogs in general but good for travel as well. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs
Coherent WordPress Theme

Publication Theme

Like Coherent and Travelia, Publication is a free WordPress theme for travel blogs. One great feature is that it has a full-screen featured image with every post.

It will help to create a visually engaging travel blog. The publication theme also includes a sliding menu that consists of all social media links through icons. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs
Publication Theme

Trawell Theme

Trawell is best for someone who wants a quick and easy set-up. This theme takes about five minutes to install and get going with.

However, the style and customization of this theme are not lost. There are still many options for customization with the Trawell theme. One great feature of the Trawell theme is the Google Maps integration. It allows you to plot out places you have been on an interactive map. 

Wanderland Theme

Wanderland allows for a lot of creativity. For example, the homepage templates are extensive. It also comes with the WPBakery page builder plugin.

This plugin will enable you to customize all the templates in a drag-and-drop fashion easily. Another plugin is the Slider Revolution plugin. The theme also allows travel bloggers to quickly and easily make fantastic slideshows to include on their website. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs
Wanderland Theme

Zermatt Theme

Zermatt has extraordinary customization abilities without having to code anything. The theme offers transparent navigation menus, which are great for full-screen photos.

It also has a widget that would allow you to add the weather of different locations worldwide. Zermatt comes with stylish templates for slideshows, photo galleries, and page templates. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs
Zermatt WordPress Theme

Tropicana Theme

Tropicana has an excellent vibe for travelers, adventures, beach lovers, and more. The free plugins on WordPress integrate seamlessly with the Tropicana theme.

The theme comes with multiple layouts for posts, image galleries, and more. This is a theme that will quickly draw in readers because it feels like a travel blog all the way through. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs

The Traveler Theme

Traveler was specifically designed for travel blogs, agencies, and tourism companies. The homepage is in a traditional magazine layout, which displays all of your blog posts.

Some other great features of this theme are full-screen background images, Instagram integration, custom widgets, and much more. Best of all, it’s a very affordable $49 to grab this template and redesign your travel blog.

Blossom Travel Theme

Blossom Travel is a free WordPress theme built for websites that focus on travel. One of the features is a newsletter form that will make an email list for you. This feature will help build the number of visitors to your blog.

Like a few of the other themes on this list, it allows you to integrate your Instagram account onto the website. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs

Sitka Theme 

Sitka uses the Gutenberg Block Base and other widgets to make designing your blog easy and seamless. The theme offers many templates for homepages, headers, posts, and footers.

The Sitka theme is also mobile-friendly, so you can reach your audience anywhere at any time. 

Sitka Theme

InHype Theme 

InHype supports the WooCommerce plugin. That means you can easily add a store to your blog to generate more income or possibly bring in more readers.

The InHype theme is also mobile-friendly. It has several templates for all of the pages you want as a part of your travel blog. 

Maaya Theme

Maaya is retina-ready, fully responsive and speed optimized. It comes with the WPBakery, Unyson, Designthemes, and Slider Revolution plugins. Each of these plugins will help you to customize your blog and stand out from the competition.

The Maaya theme has many templates if you’re looking to create magazine style content for your travel blog.

WPVoyager Theme 

WPVoyager is a fully responsive theme. It comes with the Google Map plugin to mark locations on an interactive map. The design is modern and bold, which is the perfect setting for creating your travel content.

wordpress theme for travel blogs
WPVoyager Theme

Love Travel Theme 

Love Travel is designed to be clean and modern. The theme comes with a custom filter that makes it easier for readers to search the blog for specific locations, attractions, or anything else. It also comes with the Slider Revolution plugin. 

wordpress theme for travel blogs
Love Travel Theme

Final Word – Best WordPress Theme for Travel Blogs

With all of these travel blog WordPress themes, you can try them out before committing to you. You can always change the theme as you see fit. However, do not change the theme once you have made your blog public because consistency is key. 

One of the most significant ways to know if a theme is good is by looking at the design. If the way it looks matches the type of blog you want, then it is probably best. However, also consider plugins, customer service, and anything else that might impact the way your blog looks and works. 

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