What To Wear Ziplining In Summer And Winter

Ziplining is a great way to pack some thrills and excitement into your travels. Whether you’re ziplining in Costa Rica, Maui, New Zealand, Mexico – or anywhere else, here’s what to wear ziplining so you stay comfortable.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, and there’s no better place to do it than on a zipline adventure. You’ll be soaring through the air, feeling like you’re flying. 

But what should you wear? Ziplining is about feeling free, so don’t worry about looking too good—be sure to wear comfortable clothing that keeps you safe and dry. 

Need some tips? Keep reading and we’ll help you figure out the best fit for what to wear ziplining in summer and what to wear ziplining in the cold.

what to wear ziplining
Ziplining through the jungle

What To Consider When Choosing Ziplining Gear

Before you sign up for your first ziplining adventure, there are several things that you should consider when choosing your gear.

Safety First

The most important thing is safety. You want to ensure that the equipment will keep you safe on your adventure. Choose an outfit with padding so that if you fall off or fall on something hard (like rocks or tree stumps), it will protect your body from injury.


It’s important to remember that it’s usually colder at higher altitudes, so if you’re planning on going during the winter, it’s best to pack a jacket or sweatshirt.


If you’re planning on doing some hiking in addition to your ziplining, then sturdy shoes are a must! It’s also helpful if you have pants made of material that can repel water. If there happens to be any rain or dew while you’re out there, your pants won’t get wet and heavy as denim would be.

Personal Comfort

Your gear should be comfortable, especially if you plan to spend the day on the course. If you’re wearing a harness, ensure it fits your body type and that the straps aren’t too tight or loose.

What To Wear Ziplining

whAT to wear ziplining
Ziplining in Mexico!

Consider the following clothing items when planning your next zipline adventure: 

  • Footwear
  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • Accessories

Let’s get started with the ultimate zipline clothing guide.


When it comes to ziplining, you’ll want comfortable, breathable shoes sturdy enough to protect your feet and ankles as you make your way across the zip line. It’s essential that your footwear is flexible, but also supportive. Also, closed shoes will keep you safe.

Many different types of shoes can work well for ziplining.

Hiking Boots

These are great if it’s chilly weather – or if you’re going on a longer trip, doing multiple activities on one trip, or if the zipline requires you to do a bit of hiking that could involve mud or rocky terrain.

Here’s some recommended hiking boots that will keep your feet and ankles protected and warm.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are usually made with lightweight materials and have less support than hiking boots do. They’re probably not the best choice if you plan on doing more than just ziplining with them during your adventures.

However, if all you’re planning to do is go ziplining once or twice during your trip, your favorite running shoes should work just fine.

Here’s some examples of what to wear ziplining if you like running shoes:


Sneakers tend to be lightweight and flexible enough for most activities—including ziplining. Take your favorite sneakers along to your ziplining adventure, or check out these popular styles:


There are things to consider when choosing the right bottoms to go ziplining in. Your pants should be loose enough to move freely but tight enough not to fall off if you fall or get caught in the equipment. They should also be made of something that won’t snag on the wires or parts of the harness. 

Long pants are recommended when ziplining. This will prevent your legs from getting caught in the pulley system of the zip line, which could cause injury, or scratched by branches and foliage as you zoom down the zipline course.

Long shorts are usually okay for men, and women can wear leggings or yoga pants for comfort.

A good pair of hiking pants work well because they’re usually made of tough yet light materials like nylon or polyester and have extra pockets where you can store items like keys, phones, and wallets.

Here are some examples of good outdoor pants for summer and winter for your next ziplining escapade


To have the best time while ziplining, wear comfortable clothing with plenty of room in the shoulders and chest area. Make sure your shirt has sleeves that aren’t too tight or short. Zip lines are fast-moving and can cause friction on your clothes, which may lead to burns or cuts if they’re too tight. If possible, avoid wearing any jewelry as well.

If it’s hot, you could wear a tank top, but a t-shirt is better, and a long-sleeved shirt is better still. This will keep your skin from getting burned by the sun while protecting you from potential splinters in the wood. If it’s cold, make sure to layer up. 

Don’t have too much fabric between your body and harness, so there’s no chance of getting stuck in a tree. It’s also important that whatever layers you choose are made of materials like cotton or wool that are breathable.

Examples of the best tops to wear for ziplining:

Other Accessories You Might Need Ziplining

Don’t forget sunscreen! Ziplining may get your heart pumping, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get burned by the sun’s rays. Take advantage of that free time between runs by applying sunscreen liberally before heading out onto the course.

Read more:

Bring a lightweight rain jacket if it’s raining (or snowing!) —you don’t want to get wet on top of the thrill! Also, don’t forget to bring gloves if it’s cold outside. You’ll need to protect your hands from getting cold while holding onto the zipline handles and zooming down the line.

What Should You Not Wear Ziplining?

Ziplining is a fun and exciting adventure, but it can be tricky to know what to wear. Here are some tips on what not to wear ziplining.


Can you wear jeans ziplining? NO! 

We know jeans look comfortable and casual, but they’re not ideal for ziplining. They’re too heavy and too easily caught in the pulley system, which means they could drag you down with them when they get stuck on it. 

Jeans also tend to be rough and abrasive against your skin, which can cause friction burns or nicks if the lines rub against them as you run through them. And if it’s raining? We don’t need to tell you what getting stuck in wet jeans all day feels like…!

Open Shoes

Wear shoes that have good grip and traction. Sandals or flip-flops are not recommended. They don’t offer any support for your feet or ankles while walking around the uneven ground before getting onto the cable system. 


It’s also best not to wear jewelry while zipping. There could be severe consequences if it gets caught on something or someone else’s clothes. Jewelry can also get tangled up with cables and other equipment used during tours; this can cause serious injuries if not handled properly.


Can you wear a backpack while ziplining? You shouldn’t.

You don’t want anything bulky or heavy on your body. That includes backpacks! It might be to take your camera with you, but remember that it could weigh down your harness or get caught in a pulley system. They are also awkward and uncomfortable hanging from cables hundreds of feet above ground level. 

Long Skirts/ Dresses

What about dresses? Can you wear a dress ziplining? Nope. 

Dresses are also not recommended for ziplining—they’re just too loose and long for this type of activity. You don’t want your dress catching on anything or getting snagged on something while you’re flying through the air! And we all know how embarrassing it would be if you wore something short underneath that dress.

In Summary – What To Wear Ziplining For A Great Day

When you’re ready to embark on your zipline adventure, it’s important to have the right gear. You don’t want to go into this activity without the proper clothing because it can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper protection. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too tight or restrictive. 

You want to move freely while you’re zipping, so shorts or pants with elastic waistbands are a great choice—make sure they aren’t too tight! Also, when choosing footwear for ziplining, comfort is key. It should feel like an extension of your body when you’re in motion on these thrilling rides through nature’s beauty.

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