What To Wear for Hot Yoga – So You Don’t Die on the Mat!

If you love yoga, you’ll probably want to try hot yoga at some point. If you’re wondering what to wear for hot yoga – it might not be what you think! Check out our recommended clothes and accessories.

What do you get when you combine the heat and humidity of a sauna with the meditative intensity of yoga?

An incredible workout that challenges your body, harmonizes your mind, and leaves you drenched from head to toe in hard-earned perspiration!

Hot yoga, most popularly known as the patented style Bikram yoga, involves engaging in yoga poses in a room where the temperature ranges from 80-100°F (26 – 38°C).

what to wear for hot yoga

Initially, there was a prescribed set of 26 moves interspersed with breathing exercises, but the definition has expanded to include any yoga practice done in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment. 

While this workout burns calories and increases flexibility more efficiently than traditional yoga styles, you’ll want to ensure that your clothes and accessories keep your body cool and dry. 

Otherwise, you risk physical discomfort, the risk of passing out from heat, and the potential for your mat to become a slippery safety hazard. 

So, what to wear for Bikram yoga? Check out these recommendations!

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What to Wear for Hot Yoga

The most important feature when deciding what to wear for hot yoga is that you choose something breathable and moisture-wicking. You’ll be sweating a lot, and having your clothes stuck to your body is uncomfortable and can keep you from maximizing your stretches. 

From your underlayers to your accessories, be aware of how well your choice of attire is conducive to unrestricted movement and stable poses. 

Avoid Cotton Underlayers

Cotton is crazy absorbent and stretches with wear, so you’ll want to leave your favorite sports bra at home. Instead, opt for a medium-compression sports bra that will wick away moisture and stays form-fitting even through every Baksana and Shavasana. 

AKAMC 3-Pack Medium Support Yoga Sport Bra

Not only are these a great deal, but the AKAMC sports bra provides excellent wicking abilities thanks to their 96% nylon construction. They’re also seamless with a criss-cross back, allowing easy, comfortable movement. 

These bras provide excellent compression with zero wires and come in many different colors, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. 

C9 Champion Women’s Seamless Dip Dye Cami Bra

You’ll want to snag a few of these C9 Champion cami bras with Duo Dry Technology and absolutely adorable dye jobs. 

They include removable cups and a seamless design, so you cancan twist and bend without fear of chafing. Just be sure to check the sizing guide before ordering, as these are meant to be form-fitting and may feel a little tighter than you’re used to. 

YIANNA Sports Bra

Form and function come together in perfect balance with the YIANNA sports bra. The Lycra fabric keeps sweat at bay, while the shape-retaining cups hold everything in place for worry-free posing. 

The cross back is available in two different designs, both cute enough to wear out for a post-yoga smoothie but comfortable enough for lounging around on a lazy weekend. 

Think Form-Fitting Tops

Most yogis stick with just a sports bra but feel free to slip on a tank top if that makes you feel more comfortable. You will want to avoid sleeved or loose-fitting shirts, as they can get heavy or stick to your body during your workout. 

Disbest Women’s Performance Yoga Top

If stretchy, comfortable performance is what you’re looking for, it doesn’t get much better than a Disbest yoga top. It’s made of a quality polyester blend that holds its shape through even the most intensive workout. 

The top has a built-in supportive bra with removable pads and wide, anti-slip straps that won’t slide off your shoulders as you move. 

Neleus Women’s 3-Pack Compression Tank

Ideal for slipping over your favorite sports bra, the Neleus tank provides just the right amount of compression and stretch, so you won’t have to worry about your shirt slipping over your face while you’re focused on your feathered peacock pose.

The Gym People Women’s Longline Yoga Crop 

Women’s Longline Yoga Bra – 14 Colors

The Gym People longline crop is the perfect hybrid between a sports bra and yoga top, providing additional fabric below the bust line without the extra weight of a full-length shirt. 

The racerback design and breathable fabric keep you cool without compromising flexibility. 

Skip the Shorts!

As your legs start to sweat (and they will!), even the best non-slip mat will keep you from sliding around if you have shorts on. Yoga leggings are a must-have, preferably a pair with a high waist and thick fabric to avoid showing too much skin when you bend. 

ODODOS Women’s Cross-Waist Yoga Leggings

The crisscrossed waist and opaque fabric of these yoga leggings are perfect for celebrating your curves without feeling uncomfortably tight. They have a chafe-free construction with flat seams and flexible, 4-way stretch. 

Best of all, they include three convenient pockets, including a hidden area in the waistband to tuck away cash or your debit card securely. 

Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Leggings

Dragon Fit yoga leggings are like a second skin! The high waistband sits flat without rolling down and smooths the stomach area, so you can feel confident while staying cool. 

The polyester and Spandex fabric are an extra comfy combination, making these perfect for working out or staying in. Almost 30,000 reviewers agree these yoga pants are the best!

Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants

If you’re looking for a completely opaque fabric that maintains your modesty through every plow pose and downward-facing dog, you’ll want to slip into a pair of Lingswallow yoga pants. The interwoven fabric and reinforced gusset hold their shape without too much compression, so you can breathe easily while maintaining a sleek, sexy silhouette during even the toughest asanas. 

The brand also offers a 30-day guarantee, so you can give your pants a worry-free test run to ensure they’re the right choice for your workout. 

Stabilize Your Mat

While your mat likely isn’t at the top of your list when choosing what to wear to hot yoga, it does the lion’s share of the work, keeping you safe from taking a tumble. 

Unfortunately, most non-skid mats aren’t enough when the temperature creeps up. That’s why experienced hot yogis add a thin, grippy towel on top of their mat or keep one close at hand to mop up excessive moisture. 

Yoga Mate Non-Slip Bikram Mat Towel

Super soft and uber absorbent microfiber makes the Yoga Mate Bikram yoga towel a must-have. It fits standard or extra-large mats, up to 68-inches long and 26-inches wide. 

It’s also machine washable, so you can always have your new favorite yoga accessory ready for even the sweatiest sessions. 

Shandali Stickyfiber Hot Yoga Mat-Sized Towel

Shandali ups the game with a 72-inch by 24-inch microfiber towel that features a silicone web bottom for skid-proof side crows and half-moons. Even with the grips, you can launder the towel at home with your everyday linens. 

You’ll feel more confident going deeper into your poses without the worry of injury keeping you from finding that perfect, meditative mindfulness. 

Must-Have Hot Yoga Accessories

No Bikram yoga outfit is complete without the right accessories! From sweat-proof headgear to matching socks and gloves, these additions to your yoga bag will keep your mind and body in perfect sync. 

Jesries Non-Slip Yoga Headwrap

Sweaty bangs sticking to your forehead can distract even the most dedicated yogi. 

Arm yourself with a broad, elastic headwrap to keep your hair out of the way and prevent wayward sweat from falling below the brow. The Jesries non-slip elastic bands are up to the task and come in a pack with 12 different color options to go with any outfit. 

Wrist Buddy Yoga Blocks

Made with lightweight but durable EVA foam, the Wrist Buddy blocks are a gamechanger for keeping your wrists and hands steady and comfortable during your workout. 

Unlike many yoga blocks, Wrist Buddy has built-in, textured grips that keep your wrist in a more natural alignment and keep your palms from sliding along the surface. 

YogaPaws SkinThin Non-Slip Socks and Gloves

If you prefer a mat-free experience or want to ensure stability without a yoga towel, YogaPaws SkinThin socks and gloves are the answer. They offer a stretchy, terry cloth lining and full rubber grip. 

YogaPaws also include soft elastic finger and toe separators to keep every inch of you safe from sweat and slipping over. You can enjoy the free flow movement of traditional yoga without stressing over accidental slippage. 

Hydracy Water Bottle with Time Marker

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in a good workout that you forget to take water breaks, but hydration is vital, especially when sweating through your Bikram session.

The Hydracy water bottle offers tons of little “extras” that will make it your go-to choice for a yoga class, including a removable infuser, time markers, carrying strap, and condensation-proof Tritan plastic construction. 

Wrapping Up – What To Wear For Hot Yoga

Now that you know what to wear for hot yoga, you can join in for a session feeling confident in your ability to maintain your poses, stay dry, and handle the heat. 

Just remember to keep yourself well-hydrated and choose clothing options that are breathable and form-fitting. While it may require you to invest in a new workout wardrobe, it’ll be worth it to get the most out of your Bikram practice.

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