Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania. It is a major metropolis with cultural and economic relevance. Bucharest offers various adventures for tourists, and many people visit the capital city annually. Additionally, about two million people live within the city limits of Bucharest. 

With the high number of residents, visitors, and digital nomads traversing city streets in Bucharest, local restaurants are expanding to accommodate an ever-growing demand for variety.

Finding vegan food in Bucharest is increasingly easy since vegan restaurants are responding to the growing number of visitors and modern food preferences.

vegan food in bucharest
Old Town Bucharest

Additionally, vegan food delivery in Bucharest is an excellent option for those hoping to spend a quiet night indoors while still enjoying a tasty meal.

Continue reading to discover where to find the best vegan food in Bucharest. Learn more about what it means to be vegan and how to find dishes that cater to that dietary lifestyle. 

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What is a Vegan Diet? 

When a person enjoys a vegan diet, that individual does not eat any meat or other animal-derived product. Vegan people do not eat chicken, beef, or pork, but vegans also do not eat eggs, cheese, or honey. Unlike vegans, those who identify as vegetarian will often enjoy eggs, cheese, and honey.

Interestingly, various naturally occurring fruits are not vegan. For instance, people who consider themselves vegans will not eat figs because the production and ripening of figs depend on a specific wasp that has a symbiotic relationship with the fig tree.

People can become vegans for several reasons; it might be due to animal welfare concerns or varying health conditions that a vegan diet can positively impact. As more people are turning to vegan and vegetarian diets, more restaurants worldwide incorporate dishes or create entire menus to accommodate this growing group of people.

vegan food in bucharest
Vegan noodle salad – so yummy!

Veganism has various categories. For example, an ethical vegan extends vegan choice to all of the products they use daily, choosing to avoid purchasing and using products that include any animal products. 

Another distinct part of veganism is if a person chooses to be a raw vegan, meaning that in addition to abstaining from animal products, the person also does not cook any part of their meal. 

Neighborhood Restaurants  in Bucharest 

The neighborhoods in Bucharest are diverse and distinctive. From the downtown area to communities further away from the city center, each neighborhood has its own personality and that translates to a wide variety of different restaurants.

What’s great about Bucharest is that nearly every neighborhood within the capital city has some restaurant that is focused on a vegan lifestyle with plant-based options and tasty local dishes that incorporate vegetables and fruits.

If you were planning a visit to Bucharest, check out which neighborhoods have the best restaurants, the most attractions, and, the most welcoming accommodations for you and your family.

North Railway Station Neighborhood

In the North Railway Station Neighborhood, try Bistro Raw & Vegan, an eatery that serves all-vegan food and specializes in cakes. Many customers enjoy the Chickpea Masala with basmati rice prepared with tomatoes, almonds, pumpkin seeds, red onions, and garlic. 

vegan food in bucharest
Bistro Raw & Vegan

Visit Arome, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that serves dishes like beet soup and Bulgur Risotto with pumpkin and goat cheese in this neighborhood. Both of these restaurants offer lots of options for vegans and vegetarians that can also be enjoyed by those who have unrestricted diets. 

vegan food in bucharest
A selection of the menu at Arome

Jewish Neighborhood of Bucharest

In the Jewish Neighborhood of Bucharest, by the Unirea Shopping Center, a cluster of vegan restaurants are gaining popularity.

Level Up is one of the best vegan restaurants in the area. The restaurant aims to promote a vegan lifestyle by offering nutrient-rich foods in tasty and familiar combinations. 

The Level Up vegan vibe

Try the Happy Fish Fillet Burger made with tofu, clouds, lemon, mayonnaise, garlic, cornflakes, chickpea flour, and wheat flour. 

In the same neighborhood, visit Restaurant Hanu’ Lui Manuc, a place with delicious Romanian meals and plenty of vegan options served in a historical building alongside traditional music; guests can also dine in a spacious courtyard.

Old Town Neighborhood

The Old Town Neighborhood offers many attractions to enjoy and lots of different restaurants. The interests in this area include the Teatrul de Comedie theater, the Curtea Veche Palace, and the Macca-Vilacrosse Passage. 

For people searching for some of the best vegan food in Bucharest, visit some of the places in Old Town. 

For instance, Aubergine Restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and offers tasty vegan dishes from appetizers to mains to desserts.

Additionally, Sublimmme is a dessert bar specializing in raw vegan cuisine! Try the Orange and vanilla-flavored white chocolate pralines or the dark chocolate coconut pralines. Another popular dessert at Sublimmme is vegan tiramisu. 

Aviației Neighborhood 

The Aviației Neighborhood is near the Bucharest International Airport and offers various dining experiences for people seeking vegan cuisine. Sara Green is a vegan restaurant that offers a rotating daily menu. 

The most popular dishes include the super quinoa burger, the hummus wrap, and the happy burrito with sweet potato, red beans, salsa, lettuce, and chili. 

Unison is another restaurant in the neighborhood that serves vegan and plant-based food. Unison’s all-day breakfast includes a delicious acai granola bowl and a green power smoothie. Additional options include falafel salad and a vegan burger. 

Traditional Romanian Dishes for Vegans 

Many people associate the cuisine of eastern European countries, like Romania, with meat and potatoes; however, vegans can enjoy mini traditional regional dishes.

Notably, some religions, particularly orthodox Christians in Romania, use veganism as a tool for fasting during some portions of the year, so many restaurants are vegan-friendly to cater to locals who are engaged in this practice.

Varza Calita is a traditional dish that is served throughout Bucharest. It is a stewed cabbage that is popular in the colder months and, in some places, might be considered a derivation of sauerkraut. Some restaurants choose to prepare the dish in butter to serve warm. This is a common meal you might enjoy if you’re visiting a Christmas market in Romania.

Another delightful local specialty is called Sarmale. It is a type of stuffed cabbage roll usually filled with rice. Sarmale is very versatile and can be served with other traditional Romanian vegan dishes like zakuska.

Delicious Sarmale rolls

Finally, one of the tastiest simple and authentic Romanian dishes that you can find in restaurants throughout Bucharest is called Fasole batuta.

This dish is made with mashed beans, usually white beans, and is served as a spread or a dip. It is very similar to hummus, and it can be topped with other vegan items like caramelized onions or mushrooms.

vegan food in bucharest

Final Thoughts About Vegan Food in Bucharest

Whether you plan to visit the capital city of Romania or you are on a local search for new restaurants to experience, nearly every neighborhood in Bucharest has a vegan restaurant. 

The reason there are so many vegan options in the city is because of both the diet’s growing popularity and because of the religious customs practiced by many of the people living in the area. 

Eating vegan means that a person chooses not to ingest any animal or animal by-products as part of their diet, so vegans consume most of their nutrients by eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Veganism is a healthy diet, and it is a common choice for many people throughout the world.  

Visit Bucharest and some of the great eateries outlined in this comprehensive list! 

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