What is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect?

What is the law of cause and effect? The principle of cause and effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a predictable source or cause. Therefore, when planning for your future business, growing your existing business, or preparing for a new digital nomad life, everything you do must be inspired by your desired effect.

Law of Cause and Effect Examples

In the simplest terms, an example of the cause and effect law is that if you stay up all night, you will be tired in the morning. If you stop drinking water for a day, you will become dehydrated. Additionally, if you eat fast food every day, you will gain weight.

If you don’t set up business credit for your business, you will get behind in your business plan. If you take multiple days off work in a row, you will fall behind on your business timeline and goals.


While basic laws of cause and effect seem simple, they can be the hardest to motivate ourselves to do each day. To always act on our desired effects and create the causes that will bring those effects every single time is impossible. But, we must push ourselves towards the goal of perfection without punishing ourselves for imperfection. It is a delicate balance.

We give you permission to stay in balance — provide yourself with compassion when you have off days to succeed on great days. As a mountain range, our lives are full of ups and downs.

Now that you are in a mindset of inner peace and leniency, how can you motivate yourself to strive towards positive causes that will produce positive results in your career life?

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We suggest starting by journaling. You might already have a journal lying around or want to go out and purchase a special one. Whatever you think will inspire you the most is what you should do here. Some people gain satisfaction from using what they already have, while others become inspired by sparkly new things! Don’t forget to choose a favorite pen or multiple pens! This part should be fun, creative, and, above all, focused and stimulating.

In your journal, make two columns, or use two pages that are side by side to write down your business-focused causes (tasks you need to complete or habits you need to establish) and their corresponding effects. Include habits you already do or recurring tasks as well.

While this is focused on bettering your freelance, entrepreneurial, or digital nomad life, keep in mind that your mental and physical health play huge roles in your success. Include causes that positively affect your mind and body for optimal performance.

law of cause and effect


Now, execute what you can. Maybe you have been putting off researching a new type of software to use for your business, and you can do that today. Perhaps you would like to apply to some freelance portals or work from home jobs. Remember that small steps will create big movements in your life!

If something seems too big to accomplish, break it down into smaller pieces.


The next step is to evaluate your causes and effects list. Which ones were easy? Which ones did you put off? You can evaluate this list daily or weekly, but we don’t suggest spacing it out longer than that.

The key here is to write down your feelings about the process in your journal. Did you achieve any effects you were super proud of? Is there a cause you actually don’t need that is getting in your way and causing you to procrastinate on the causes that will make a bigger impact? Are there any you can delegate? Do any of them scare you?

Writing down how you feel can often lead to revelations, increase motivation, and spur big changes in your professional life. Evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and update your list if you need to.

law of cause and effect


Now, repeat! It seems simple, but you might need to set calendar reminders, get an “accountabilibuddy,” or change your method. Perhaps you’d rather use a spreadsheet and Google Doc?

Be sure to tell at least one person what you are doing, whether they join you or not. Being loud about your goals means you are more inclined to work towards them instead of giving up or putting them off.

Cheat Rule

The funny thing about the law of cause and effect is that there are sometimes many effects that could happen from a single cause.

You might plan a strategy session with someone you view as a mentor only to have them not show up, cancel, or be less helpful than they originally seemed. You might attend a comedy show expecting to not enjoy the lead act’s humor because it hasn’t been your cup of tea in the past, only to find that you found them hilarious.

Or you might set up a business that you fully expect to succeed, but it fails. You might invest money, believing the investment will cause you the utmost success, but it doesn’t.

The universe can be tricky this way, but it always tends to lead us, eventually, in the right direction. Perhaps just not in the ways we expect. So trust that the more times you try, the higher chance you have of creating the positive effects in your life that you seek.

law of cause and effect

In Summary – Universal Law Of Cause And Effect

You are the driver of your dreams, the maker of your reality. You may not have control over every cause in your life; there are billions of other people on the planet causing trillions of effects all over the world. But you can control what is right in front of you.

Take control of your effects by acting on your chosen causes. Write about what inspires you, why you are doing this, and why you strive towards this goal. Take it one day at a time, and over time, you will see results. Evaluate your life with an open mind and a mildly critical eye. Ask yourself what is serving you and what is not.

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