8 Best Things To Do In Torrevieja Spain

Torrevieja Spain is a historic and often overlooked tourist destination everyone should visit at least once. The beautiful salt mine city overlooks the majestic Costa Blanca (White Coast) in Spain’s southeast province of Alicante. 

Originally used as an ancient guard tower (its name means “old tower”), Torrevieja was a location for the salt mining industry and didn’t become populated until 1803. Today, it is a colorful and bustling city filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. You can enjoy several attractions, a plethora of beaches, and even a naturally pink salt lake. 

Torrevieja Weather and Culture

Torrevieja weather is semi-arid, with mostly dry, hot days and mild winters. Its rainiest month is October, and the hottest month of the year in Torrevieja is August. 

If you’re visiting to enjoy the sun and beaches, the best time to go is the shoulder season between June and August. For those who enjoy cooler weather, the best time to go maybe in January. During this month, the average temperature is in the mid-sixties Fahrenheit. 

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The culture in Torrevieja Spain is predominantly Mediterranean, where people prefer to walk places and take advantage of the outdoors. You will enjoy relaxed beach vibes regardless of the time of year you visit. Like in the rest of Spain, you can enjoy delicious traditional tapas and wine as well. 

Though Torrevieja has Castillian Spanish as its official language, the northern region is bilingual with a mix of Castillian Spanish and Valencian (one of four official Spanish languages). 

However, if English is your native tongue, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting around. The British influence in Torrevieja is so prominent, the city’s nickname is “Yorkshire coast.” The pleasant weather and scenery not only draw many UK tourists but have also resulted in the forming of Irish and British communities. 

Things To Do In Torrevieja

It’s hard to imagine running out of things to do in Torrevieja, Spain. The city’s ancient history alone as the heart of the country’s town industry is a reason to visit. Here are a few of the top attractions you should check out on your next trip.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja

The two vast salt lakes in Torrevieja are an incredible sight to behold. One of these is the infamous pink salt lagoon which gets its color from the Halobacterium that resides in it. These bacteria thrive in saline environments and contribute to the pinkish hue. In addition, some unique algae also give the water a crimson look.

Torrevieja Spain

Salt is still extracted from the magical salt lakes and thus swimming isn’t permitted. However, the gorgeous pink waters make for amazing scenery to talk a walk or take pictures. You can also enjoy sightseeing in the area: around 100 different species of wildlife, including flamingoes, reside there. 

La Mata Beach

La Mata beach boasts pristine waters, pale sands, and over 2 kilometers of boardwalk. You will find several bars and pubs along the way. As you reach the northern side of the beach, you will also notice an ancient watchtower that was once part of a defense against pirates. 

Torrevieja Spain

This is one of the most highly rated beaches in the area for its cleanliness and beauty. It’s also a popular place for families as it’s safe and kid-friendly. 

Aquapark Flamingo

If you want to lounge in the sun and have a picnic while the kids play, this is the place. Aquapark Flamingo isn’t the largest attraction, but it’s one of the most entertaining for young children. It features four water slides, several beach toy rentals, and is always fully staffed with lifeguards. 

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Locals have aptly named the water park “La Siesta Waterpark” for its relaxed ambiance conducive to naps in the sun. 

Delfin Submarine Museum

There are two historic vessels you can board at the submarine museum in Torrevieja and they will cost you a mere 2 euros to wander through. The most popular of the two is a French submarine.

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They built this sub in 1973 and the sub became the Spanish Navy’s first museum vessel in 2003. It was capable of remaining submerged for thirty consecutive days and traveling 4,500 miles without refueling. 

On your tour, you will learn about its history, including how 56 people survived in the vessel, and get a close-up look at the old equipment. 

Dique de Levante

Tourists and locals alike enjoy walking on this scenic pathway. The steel and wood path stretches for over two miles and is one of the best ways to enjoy the view of Torrevieja.

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Its colloquial name is “the cholesterol route” because it is a top recommendation from doctors as a fun place to walk and lose weight. 

You can enjoy the panoramic views on the Dique de Levante on foot, bicycle, or skateboard. 

Playa del Cura

Playa del Cura Beach is another top pick for most beautiful beach in Torrevieja. This gem is near several ice cream parlors, resorts, and restaurants.

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Because of the businesses close by, it has a more metropolitan vibe compared to La Mata Beach. The beach is a big hit with younger children due to its calmer waves. 

Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción

They dismantled the old guard tower that gave Torrevieja its name and used its stones to build the neoclassical Church of Inmaculada Concepcion.

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This historic building is the most popular during Christmas when colorful festivities take place, and they decorate the church with a large nativity scene and ornaments.

Via Verde de Torrevieja

Are you ready for a scenic hike in the countryside? Look no further than Via Verde in Torrevieja Spain. It’s a trail of over 8 miles alongside a peaceful lake.

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It begins at the city’s old railway station and is only a short distance from the port city of Alicante. The trail is an easy, tranquil hike, and it’s worth checking out neighboring Alicante (rich with history, too) when you do. 

Final Thoughts On Torrevieja Spain

Torrevieja is a small, but a fascinating city, and well worth visiting if you find yourself heading towards the south of Spain. The local culture, food, and gorgeous beaches make it a fantastic destination for a quick stop or weekend getaway.

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