Things To Do in Beautiful Lo De Marcos Mexico

Whether you want to reinvent your artistic aesthetic at your new favorite gallery or sit by the pristine sandy beaches and watch slow-crashing waves, Lo De Marcos Mexico provides the ultimate outdoor adventure.

This downtown city is Mexico’s hidden treasure and tranquil refuge for the perfect getaway. You can expect an adrenaline rush as you hike through the jungles and feel the rhythms of the night.

There are countless activities you could spend your time on when in Lo De Marcos. However, very few could be as memorable and exhilarating as those discussed herein.

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Where Is Lo De Marcos, Mexico?

Nestled along the scenic Riviera Nayarit coast, Lo De Marcos is a timeless portrait with an endearing laid-back vibe. In Nayarit, Mexico, this town is a small sleepy village that bursts to life during the night.

Below are the top activities Lo De Marcos Nayarit offers.

lo de marcos mexico

Visit the Beaches

The beautiful beaches along the Pacific provide idyllic scenes and a serene ambiance. You will find unique activities like jet-skiing, jumping in the calm waters, and exciting beach volleyball along the beaches.

The atmosphere here is tranquil, and the weather is reliably warm during the summer seasons. So if all you are yearning for is therapeutic sun along the beach, this is the right place for you. Soak yourself in the salty water as you sample the surrounding green hills and swim with the dolphins.

There are two popular beaches in Lo De Marcos, Mexico, that promise endless tranquility and rustic ambiance.

El Anclote Beach

At El Anclote Beach, the waves are gentle, the beachfront immaculately clean, and the sea very calm.

The surrounding restaurants serve excellent dishes, and surf charters are easily available. The atmosphere is peaceful, the environment authentic, and the decoration customized to match the rustic ambiance of the distant green hills.

Enjoy margaritas as you watch your kids paint their bodies with the golden sand.

Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Nuevo Vallarta is one long sandy yet beautiful stretch of beach. It is expansive enough for any activity and has millions of golden speck decorations. The waters are calm, and the waves are gentle for adults and kids.

The restaurants here promise top-notch services with exquisite cuisine. Therefore, you can skim rocks across the water or enjoy the scenic views from the foreshore, knowing your favorite dish is available.

Enjoy Coffee at El Café De Lo De Marcos

Located near the public square, El Café De Lo De Marcos is the place to go if you want to have a cup of steamy coffee. The cafe offers an intimate setting enriched by various art on its walls. Moreover, there is a balcony for a better view of the surrounding area.

The friendly staff and easy music create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for recharging your batteries or making plans for the day. It’s also not uncommon to see people playing a game of chess while sipping their beverages.

There’s something charming about small-town destinations, as even a simple visit to a cafe may surprise you with unique details. So whether you’re a morning coffee person or want to grab a drink after your adventures, the primely located El Café De Lo De Marcos will likely fit in your itinerary.

Delicious food from Café De Lo De Marcos

Experience Exhilarating Nightlife and Sunset cruises

When the fiery golden sun sinks on the western horizon, the spirit world convenes near the crumbling pyramid in a spectacular world-class show that is magical to watch. The sunset paves the way for short-lived silence.

During this period, you can hear the whistling sounds of palm trees swaying overhead and the inviting sounds of the ocean lapping against the shores. The streets pave the way for the skillful acrobats and astonishing fire jugglers. As the performers knit up a web of a mystical spell, you can begin to relive the ancient spiritual world.

Moreover, the Rhythms of the Night is a glamorous showcase of the incredibly rich history of Lo De Marcos, Mexico. It’s also an excellent choice for spending the night indoors if the weather is too chilly to go outside.

Take a Horseback Ride

A fun way to experience the mesmerizing beauties of the Pacific Coast is on horseback. Whether you wish to ride along the beach, venture into the jungle, or go up a hill for a perfect view of the surrounding area, a horseback ride in nature is always a thrill. In addition, you can ride through the town of Lo De Marcos and explore every corner of this Mexican jewel.

The local guided tours vary in length and difficulty based on your experience and preferences. They can take you through rugged terrains and several waterways as you ride past the groomed trails.  In most instances, it will take you about two hours to ride through the whole town, go up the small mountain, and cruise past the jungle.

Before you bring out your riding pants and boots, keep in mind the following:

  • While all the horses are trained to be beginner-friendly, it’s prudent to book a riding lesson first if you are new to horseback riding.
  • Children under 15 aren’t allowed to go on a horseback ride without an adult in their presence.

Go on Vive El Sueño Adventures

Los De Marcos might have several exhilarating outdoor activities, but this adventure tour is exceptional. If you are ready to step out for adrenaline outdoor adventures, a visit to Vive El Sueno will revitalize the senses.

Here, you go out on group rides, piercing through jungles and navigating narrow paths and trails that lead to vast farmlands. The Punta Raza ride along a narrow path that weaves through the hills and into the secluded beach is a fantastic experience.

The tours are usually small groups, around six or fewer. Spend enough time as you want before finally returning to town. You can also extend your tour to the neighboring Lo De Marcos beach if time allows.

The tour guide, who also doubles up as the owner, adheres to time schedules and allows for additional requests.

Enjoy Privacy at Punta Raza

Punta Raza is one of the rare pristine beaches that is popular among tourists and locals alike but still manages to provide uncompromised privacy. The dirt road leading to this secluded beach is home to singing wild birds and pineapple plantations.

There are also moderately challenging trails if you wish to get to the beach faster or simply enjoy hiking the surrounding area before dipping into the ocean. So if you’re looking for an intimate spot to relax with your loved ones or enjoy exploring the outdoors, don’t miss out on Punta Raza.

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Conclusion – Things To Do in Lo De Marcos Mexico

Lo De Marcos Mexico, might not be big and famous like other Mexican cities, but it has many exciting activities and unique attractions. From exploring the area’s points of interest on your own to taking different guided tours, you won’t regret taking the time to visit this hidden gem.

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