73 Quirky Things In Digital Nomad Packing Lists

This isn’t your standard blog about items that you should take with you on your travels – it’s the quirky digital nomad packing list! From portable bidets to inflatable dinosaur costumes, here’s what other nomads can’t live without.

I’m a naturally curious person, and often wonder what travellers are carrying in their backpacks.

So one of my favourite questions to ask other digital nomads is:

What’s one weird or quirky thing that you include in your packing list?

It’s a great conversation starter. But also, sometimes you wish you never asked… 😬

I’m currently travelling with an inflatable pool donut, having downsized from a giant inflatable unicorn which was heavy and impossible to pump up by hand. 

I left the unicorn in Poland. It was last seen on stage with a jazz band in Ireland.

You’d never guess I was at a goth festival

Sometimes it can get hard when you have no home base and you’re travelling constantly – so it’s nice to carry some comfort or luxury items that help you get through the day. 

Coffee and tea equipment, massage rollers, and resistance bands are some of the most popular items that people can’t live without.

Ideas for things to include in your digital nomad packing list

I’ve broken these personal must-haves down into categories. You might find some things in here that you never thought of packing, but might come in handy if you’ve got your sights set on long-term remote work.

I’ve tried to include the exact brands of items people have recommended, where possible.







Random stuff 

Hope you got some amusement from these quirky things you can add to your digital nomad packing list. I’d never heard of Monkii bars, but I’m going to buy these and a wine bottle opener because both of them will come in handy. And maybe a USB juicer.

Pro tip: never ask a stranger to give you a demonstration of how a portable bidet works.

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Rachael is a full-time digital nomad and freelance copywriter for B2B and SaaS companies. She’s worked with brands like Unbounce, Biteable, Datacom, Viddyoze, and Owler.


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