Nomad Living: How To Keep Your Sanity When You Live A Nomadic Lifestyle!

Nomad living has become all the rage in recent years. From Instagram worthy posts to in-depth TikTok vlogs, more and more people burnt out by the corporate way of life have set their sights on a nomad lifestyle. It is a modern act of rebellion against the 9 to 5 way of life that’s been cemented in Western culture since the dawn of the Industrial Age. 

However, though nomad living has brought solace for many, it’s not without its caveats. Nomad life, like any other way of life, can test your sanity. A certain lifestyle will always have its challenges and limitations – and nomad living is no exception. Here are our top tips for how to survive a nomadic lifestyle and stay sane as a nomad.

nomad living nomadic lifestyle

What is a Nomadic Lifestyle?

Before diving into the concept of how to stay sane as a nomad, the roots of the nomad lifestyle and its definition must be defined.

While nomad living, or a nomadic lifestyle, seems like a recent digital phenomenon, it has been an essential and normal way of life for many since the dawn of time. For thousands of years, humans migrated from place to place in search of where the grass was truly greener.

Nomad living can be thanked for one’s family history, ancestry, and genealogy. Everyone’s ancestors were nomads at one point in time.

Today, the digital nomad prevails. Digital nomads, much like traditional nomads, are free of locational restraints and can move freely from place to place – except they use digital technology to work so they can afford to keeping living a nomadic life.

nomad living nomadic lifestyle

Oftentimes, digital nomads afford their way of life through jobs like niche-specific freelancing, digital customer service, affiliate marketing, and digital entrepreneurship.

Most people can take their first step toward a nomad lifestyle by choosing independent means of income or remote work. In fact, nomadic ‘influencing’ or ‘influencers’ have become dominant in recent years – using social media platforms to monetize their way of life!

Focus on Finances

People’s main and primary concern when trying to adopt the nomad lifestyle is financing this new way of life and staying afloat. As many have been conditioned from a young age to climb the corporate ladder as they enter the workforce, the idea of remote work and income can seem daunting and unconventional.

Much like any other lifestyle, finances are a central component. In order to survive a nomadic lifestyle, focusing on finances is critical not just to survive, but thrive.


Chances are whether you’re a seasoned nomad or looking to embark on the journey of nomadic living, budgeting has been central at one point in your life or another.

Budgeting is a critical skill while traveling to ensure you’re living comfortably. This can look like setting aside money for travel expenses (gas, flights), food (dining out, groceries), lodging, and emergency funds.

Allocating time to figure out your budget based on your income can help you not only save money, but avoid financial hardship and stress. Creating spreadsheets or using budgeting apps are very common skills and tools among digital nomads.

nomad living nomadic lifestyle

Making Money

As previously mentioned, there are a plethora of ways to make money as a digital nomad. As COVID-19 introduced the concept of remote work, many have realized that you don’t need to be confined to a cubicle to earn a substantial income.

Today, all you need to make money remotely is a decent wifi connection, a cell phone, and a lightweight laptop. Many modern nomads enjoy employment as freelancers, digital entrepreneurs, and even influencers.

However, there are plenty of viable options for nomadic living that don’t include digital means of income. Plenty of nomads use job boards and sites to find one-time gigs like house-sitting or catering to earn income while traveling. 

Monetize Your Lifestyle

There are plenty of ways to monetize your nomad lifestyle and earn a decent side income! From starting your own blog or using social media like Instagram and TikTok to document your travels, many nomads monetize their lifestyle by sharing their love of traveling with the world!

Your passion for nomadic living can bring in extra dollars by simply sharing it with the world. It’s easier than ever to earn a feasible side hustle/income through blogging and vlogging on YouTube.

nomad living nomadic lifestyle

Practice Minimalism

One of the main principles of not only a nomad lifestyle, but also to stay sane as a nomad, is to practice minimalism.

Minimalism can be defined as focusing on and keeping around only what really matters. Minimalism goes beyond avant-garde musical movements and artistic methods. It is a vital part of how to survive a nomad lifestyle. Our ancestors only carried and packed what was of the utmost importance to them – both in sentiment and survival. 

While minimalism is incredibly important to successful nomadic living, it’s also vital for your mental health. In materialistic Western culture, consumption of capital is normalized and even promised to bring happiness.

nomad living nomadic lifestyle

The nomad lifestyle is a way for many to feel free, happy, and unlimited in their endeavors. Minimalism is a key component of nomadic living, much because it forces you to leave behind what doesn’t really matter.

According to Psychology Today, minimalism can help encourage people to focus on their psychological wellness instead of material goods and products.

Listen to Your Needs, Practice Self-care, and Reframe Your Mindset

Every lifestyle has its stressors. If you find yourself feeling unlike yourself, frustrated, anxious, or stressed, it’s important to listen to your individual needs and practice self-care. This can look like moving your body in a way that feels good, indulging your senses with a comforting bath or shower, or hunkering down for a few days to recenter yourself.

Sometimes taking that extra rest or taking a step back can help you move forward. It’s important to stop before you go. The best part of the nomad lifestyle is owning your freedom and autonomy – don’t be afraid to do exactly that!

nomad living nomadic lifestyle

As humans have become conditioned over decades to succumb to corporate interest and the 9 to 5 lifestyle, one of the most important aspects of being a nomad is reframing your mindset. Unlearning what you’ve accepted and been conditioned to think from a young age is crucial in order to stay sane as a nomad.

Reframing your mindset and attitudes about life is key to successful nomadic living. This can be done through self-education: reading books, watching vlogs, and meditating can help you successfully reframe your mindset so you can thrive!

In Summary – Nomad Living: How To Keep Your Sanity Living a Nomadic Lifestyle!

All in all, while nomadic living does have its issues (as does any other lifestyle), it can be easily managed with the right tools, mindset, and passion.

Today, it is easier than ever to break free from societal expectations and embark on the journey of your life. Keeping your sanity and surviving a nomadic lifestyle just takes a little extra thought and attention. The result? Endless travels, freedom, and genuine happiness.

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