62 Money Affirmations That Work Fast!

Tapping into the power of positive thinking can eliminate debt and money woes while growing your bank account. These are some of our favorite money affirmations that work fast to help you create more abundance in your life.

Repeating and meditating on money affirmations each day will remove obstacles toward abundance, increase gratitude, and bring calm and confident thoughts about wealth.

Focusing on the right money affirmations is essential to rapid manifesting, so continue reading for proven money affirmations that work fast.

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What Is a Money Affirmation?

Affirmations are simple, powerful statements that can help you attract people, things, or circumstances to your life.

Limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good with money,” or “I’ll never pay these debts off,” will block wealth and abundance from coming to you. Wealth affirmations such as “Money comes easily to me,” or “Wealth flows into my life,” are a conduit for abundance.

money affirmations that work fast

Remember that where your attention goes, energy flows. When you focus on powerful money affirmations, wealth, prosperity, and abundance follow.

Also, pay attention to your mood and vibration. Instead of carrying the weight of worry when thinking about money, imagine how you would feel if you had more money than you needed and then try to feel that way right now.

That positive vibration will put you in a better mood, eliminate stress, and make wealth affirmations work faster.

Do Positive Money Affirmations Work?

There is scientific proof that positive affirmations and self-talk do work. Saying, writing, and meditating on money affirmations will help you become the person who has these qualities.

Affirmations about profitable opportunities will make you more aware of the opportunities that surround you.  

Scientists say positive affirmations including powerful money affirmations can also reduce stress and can act as a suit of armor when we face hardships or disappointments. Affirmations remind us that we can create a better, more abundant tomorrow with the thoughts we have today.

Positive self-talk can also give your health a boost, giving you more resistance to the common cold, stress, and heart disease.

While there may not be money affirmations that work instantly, money affirmations that work fast do exist. Wealth affirmations have been known to work in as little as a month or less.

How To Supercharge Wealth Affirmations

Repeating a money mantra a few times in the morning isn’t enough to make your words a powerful wealth affirmation that works fast. You must be in the right mindset to manifest wealth and abundance. The tips below may help.

money affirmations that work fast

Be Grateful 

To attract more abundance into your life, you first must be grateful for the money you have. Gratitude creates a powerful vibration that will attract abundance and wealth into your life.

When you pay bills, be grateful for the services they represent. Be thankful for the money that will be flowing into your life in the future, too.

Don’t Worry

Thinking about your finances with fear and worry creates negativity and a vibration of poverty and scarcity. Worry works against your money affirmations.

Instead, keep a calm and confident mindset, believing that money is coming your way and that you are taking positive steps toward financial freedom.

Think Rich

If you see a luxury item, don’t immediately think, “I can’t afford that.” That thought creates a negative vibration.

Instead, think “That is not how I choose to spend my money,” which creates a vibration of positive power that will support money affirmations and attract abundance.

Make Your Affirmation Positive

“I don’t want to be poor,” will not work as an affirmation because it comes from a negative thought. Make your affirmation focus on what you want and write it in the present tense as if it is happening now.

“I am wealthy” comes from a positive and confident mindset and will be a powerful affirmation.  Keeping a Law Of Attraction journal can help you focus on your positive affirmations.

money affirmations that work fast

Repeat Money Affirmations Throughout the Day

You can’t repeat a wealth affirmation once or twice and expect fast results. Begin your day by repeating wealth affirmations, repeat them throughout the day, and say them again just before going to sleep at night.

Put Reminders in Your Home and Office

Write your wealth affirmations on sticky notes and post them in locations where you can see them easily. Stick one on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your computer screen – anywhere you’re likely to see your powerful wealth affirmations.

Meditate on Your Wealth Affirmations

In a quiet spot, relax, breathe deeply, and think about your money affirmations. How does it feel to have money?

If you want money for a European vacation, think about how it will feel to stroll along the Seine and enjoy a café au lait in a Parisian café. If you are saving to send your child to college, think about how proud you will feel at graduation.

Make a Vision Board

Create a vision board either from paper or electronically on Canva (it’s free!). You can also buy Vision Board kits from online stores.

Make a collage of messages, affirmations, photos, and images that relate to your wealth affirmations.

If you are saving to buy a home, add a picture of what you want your house to look like. Do you want a new vehicle? Add a photo of your dream car.

Look at your vision board when saying or thinking about your money affirmations to manifest wealth and abundance faster.

62 Money Affirmations That Work Fast!

Wealth affirmations can focus on manifesting money as well as your feelings about money, how much you earn, and how you manage the money you have. All these will bring more money your way.

Affirmations To Manifest Money

  • Money flows to me easily.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • Money is flowing to me at this very moment.
  • Money is my friend.
  • Unexpected riches are coming my way.
  • I am open to all the wealth life brings me.
  • Money is abundant, and I attract it naturally.
  • My prosperity is unlimited.
  • Money is pouring into my life.
  • I am abundant in all ways.
  • People love giving me money.
  • Money chooses me.
  • I breathe in abundance.

Affirmations for Managing Money Wisely

  • I am the master of my money.
  • Money is a tool I use to improve my life.
  • I control money. Money doesn’t control me.
  • I have the power to reach and exceed my financial goals.
  • I can handle large sums of money wisely.
  • I have the power to create a successful financial future.
  • I enjoy managing and investing my money.
  • I have a passion for building wealth.
  • I accept financial success.
  • Financial freedom will be mine.

Affirmations to Earn a Larger Salary

  • I make money easily.
  • I am worthy of a large salary.
  • There are no limits to the money I make.
  • My income is unlimited.
  • I love my work and enjoy making large amounts of money.
  • I believe in my ability to earn a large salary.
  • My income far exceeds my expenses. I have more money than I need.
  • Opportunities to make more money are attracted to me.
  • I am getting rich doing what I love.
  • New avenues of income are opening to me.

Affirmations for Having Enough Money

  • I always have more than enough money in the bank.
  • I can easily afford what I want.
  • I am financially free.
  • Financial freedom is my reality.
  • I am wealthy.
  • As money flows from me to support the businesses of my community, more money flows back to me.
  • I am grateful to pay my bills and am grateful for the services they represent.
  • I am grateful to support my local economy and the businesses of others.
  • Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

Affirmations for Feelings about Money

  • I love money, and money loves me.
  • I am worthy of wealth.
  • Money is the root of joy and comfort.
  • Money and spirituality coexist in harmony.
  • I am grateful for my money.
  • I release fears about money.
  • I release all limiting beliefs about money.
  • My wealth comes from honesty.
  • I am worthy of financial freedom.
  • I am grateful for the money that is flowing into my life.
  • I choose to think positive thoughts about money and what it can do.
  • I am thankful for the abundance in my life.

Affirmations for Using Abundance to Make a Difference

  • I can change the world with my wealth.
  • I am generous with my money.
  • Money makes a positive impact on my life and the lives of others.
  • My money changes the world for the better.
  • My wealth serves me and those around me.
  • I will have a legacy of wealth and kindness.
  • Money is good because I use it for good.
  • My wealth allows me to help countless people.
  • The world benefits from my wealth and abundance.

Final Thoughts on Money Affirmations

Money affirmations work quickly, especially when you repeat them often while in a state of gratitude and positive thought. During the day, if you feel fear or worry over finances, repeat your affirmation to keep money flowing into your life.

Research shows that money affirmations can rewire your brain to be more open to opportunities, reduce stress, and improve health. Wealth affirmations are powerful, so choose one that suits your dreams and put it to work. You’ll be amazed by your results.

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