Why You Need To Visit Isla Mucura In Colombia!

Isla Mucura is a well-known coral island governed by Columbia in South America. Bordering both the tropical Caribbean and the deep Pacific Ocean, this vacation destination has unique and unforgettable features you don’t want to miss! 

In addition to the clear waters and colorful natural scenery, Isla Mucura in Colombia teems with unique culture, cuisine, and guest activities that are bound to make your vacation the best one yet! 

Here are ten reasons you need to go to Isla Mucura, Columbia, and why it is the perfect destination to visit for vacation.

isla mucura
One of the stunning beaches on Isla Mucura

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1. Go Snorkeling in Clear Waters

With Isla Mucura being named a reef island, this is the optimal spot to see the beautiful coral reefs abundant in a wide variety of colorful and vibrant ocean species. The crystal clear waters and colorful fish will make your snorkeling adventures more than you could ever hope. Once you plunge into the ocean, you will believe you are in paradise!

Snorkeling is a daily activity for tourists in Isla Mucura. With this considered, there are multiple snorkeling excursion options in Isla Mucura, Columbia. 

To have a planned and well-guided snorkeling adventure, vacationers can purchase excursion options at their hosting hotel. Many hotels offer transportation, equipment, and photo opportunities in their snorkeling packages. So get a snorkeling day planned while visiting Isla Mucura, Columbia, and swim on! 

isla mucura
Aerial view of Isla Mucura: photo courtesy Opitours.com.co

2. Explore Tintipan Island 

Tintipan Island is a dreamy getaway for tourists to explore while visiting Isla Mucura, Columbia. Located 15 minutes away from Isla Mucura by boat, Tintipan Island is a popular location where people typically arrive for a day of excursions while on vacation. 

The beaches are the most popular feature of Tintipan Island. Not only do these beaches have the perfect white sand and clear waters, but they offer something quite unusual and memorable at night. 

isla mucura
Take a vacation from your vacation at Tintipan Island

Claimed to be the fireflies of the sea, Tintipan Island offers the sighting of bioluminescent plankton. The plankton at Tintipan beaches charge during the day and light up at night to create a dazzling show. To gain the best experience of these bright blue and green glowing plankton, visit Tintipan Island at night around the new moon. 

Water conditions can also play a part in the brightness of bioluminescent plankton- nutrient levels and water supply being key factors. The glowing creatures will give your eyes an imaginative show if these three factors align correctly! 

3. Drink Tasty Colombian Cocktails 

If you’re vacationing in any tropical destination, there are bound to be numerous cocktails options. The drink options at Isla Mucura will exceed all expectations. You can find social bars with the perfect vacation energy at many hotels in Isla Mucura. Even better, there are multiple bars near the beach with an outside seating area in Isla Mucura! 

Outdoor bar areas are perfect for enjoying cocktails, listening to local music, and socializing by the beach. Some of the most common cocktails in Isla Mucura include the pina colada, the mojito, and the signature Coco Loco! 

isla mucura cocktail
Cocktail time!

4. Experience the Rich Colombian History 

While the sunny beaches and tasty tropical cocktails give an exceptional experience, Isla Mucura also offers a rich and immersive experience of history. The relics of the past located in Isla Mucura are quaint and charming. 

Isla Mucura holds the location of various mansions, palaces, and ancient churches. The narrow, aged local streets will make the journey seem mesmerizing and enchanting! Plan your trip today and explore the tropical and beautiful island that is rich in history. 

5. Visit Islas de Rosario 

Being one of the many national parks in Columbia, Islas de Rosario is a group of islands that Isla Mucura tourists can come and visit by boat ride.

Although this island is a protected territory, which safeguards a vital strip of coral reefs in the Caribbean, there are still numerous activities that tourists can participate in on this beautiful island. The most popular island to visit here is Big Island.

Islas Rosario

Many tourists visit Islas de Rosario with large touring groups. Various hotels located in Columbia offer touring packages to Islas de Rosario that provide transportation and other supplies. 

Once you have arrived, you will be amazed by the open-sea oceanarium located on the island. Islas de Rosario offers additional excursions to touring groups: snorkeling, fishing, and swimming in the clear ocean waters! 

6. Enjoy Fresh, Local Cuisine 

It may come as no surprise that seafood is the most popular menu item at Isla Mucura. Popular seafood menu items commonly found at Isla Mucura include crab, lobster, and various types of fish. Tourists can enjoy freshly caught seafood that bursts with flavor while on vacation in Isla Mucura. In addition to seafood, fresh and juicy fruits are popular meal inclusions. 

isla mucura
Craving some fresh seafood? You’ve come to the right island!

It is important to note that supermarkets are uncommon in Isla Mucura. This factor can limit the options for tourists vacationing for a short time. Thankfully, plenty of local restaurants in Isla Mucura will keep your stomach happy and full!  

It is wise for tourists to plan and select a few restaurants that spark their interest. This planning process can help tourists schedule the restaurants they want to visit! 

One of the most popular restaurant destinations in Isla Mucura is Casa en al Agua. This restaurant (translated to House on Water) is a great dining destination for travelers who like to kick it back and enjoy a delicious meal while on the water. 

After tourists arrive on a boat, Casa en el Agua offers room and hammock rentals, fresh seafood menu items, a tasty bar selection, boat rides, and other water sport equipment rentals. Being the ultimate restaurant location, visit Casa en el Agua to enjoy a good meal, and spend the evening with the beautiful ocean surrounding you! 

7. To Go Kayaking Around the Island 

If you are searching for an up close and immersive experience with the ocean waters at Isla Mucura, Columbia but can not or do not want to go snorkeling, renting a kayak is a great alternative. This experience will allow you to experience the clear waters, colorful fish, and the wild flow of the ocean in a way you have never before! 

Several of the hotels located on the island have kayak rentals available. Like many other watersport rentals at Isla Mucura, kayaks are priced based on the allotted time for the rental. So book your rentals ahead of time and enjoy a kayak adventure around the island! 

isla mucura
Kayaking is a great way to explore this coral island

8. Go on Boat Rides With Locals 

As stated above, there are numerous activities that tourists can participate in at Isla Mucura that require a boat to get there. Luckily, Isla Mucura has several opportunities for tourists to hitch a cheap ride with locals to these excursion destinations! 

Tourists can book boat rides for the entire day to get from excursion to excursion. Booking a private boat for the day can eliminate the hassle of finding boating between activities and make your vacation a breeze! 

In addition to transportation, many locals offer boat rides to host island tours. Private boat tours are available for advanced booking to explore unique locations at Isla Mucura that average tourists would not have the opportunity to see. 

9. Get Pampered in Luxury Hotels 

While vacationing in Isla Mucura, choosing the proper hotel will likely be the game-changer between a good and a great holiday! Numerous hotels at Isla Mucura have direct beach access that will make your experience phenomenal. 

Additionally, there are luxury hotels that are close to restaurants, bars, and spas that will make your stay the best. If you choose the proper one, all these features can be in one luxury hotel location! 

One of the most popular luxury hotels at Isla Mucura is the Punta Faro. This hotel offers the rental of an entire bungalow or individual suites. The rental accommodations at Punta Faro will give you an immersive experience with nature and a private hideaway. 

The Punta Faro has various attractions offered to guests: diving, bicycle riding, snorkeling, tennis, kayaking, and spa excursions. 

10. Lastly, Rewind and Relax!

While the exploring and adventuring possibilities of Isla Mucura are something special and unique, it is essential to remember that Isla Mucura is also an exceptional vacation destination for when you need to rewind and relax! 

The easy beach access will guarantee that those lazy vacation days are possible. Tourists visiting Isla Mucura will always have the opportunity to spend the day doing absolutely nothing! 

The prime time for tourists to arrive at Isla Mucura is in late winter and early spring. These months are when the sun shines the brightest throughout the day

Additionally, holidays and weekends are popular times for locals to spend time in Isla Mucura. Plan accordingly! 

Wrapping Up

Isla Mucura is the perfect destination to enjoy great food, experience the beautiful nature of the Colombian islands, and witness the fireflies of the sea! Snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and more will give you an experience that feels like a dream.

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