Is There Uber in Vietnam in 2023? (+ What To Use Instead)

When you’re traveling, Uber is one of the best transport apps you can keep on your phone to make life easier. But it’s not available in country. Is there Uber in Vietnam? Read on to learn more

The Uber app is one of the applications you ought to download when you leave your home for a foreign destination. Undoubtedly, Uber has become a household name in almost every city because it is the largest taxi company in the world. Statistics even show an increase in customers by a whopping 56% percent in 2022 (Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics 2022). 

But there is a disconnect between the above statement and what is ongoing in Vietnam, leading to the fundamental question, Is there Uber in Vietnam?

The simple answer is: no, there is no Uber in Vietnam. But there are local transport alternatives and rideshare apps to help you get from place to place easily.

uber in vietnam
There are plenty of rideshares and taxis to use instead of Uber in Vietnam

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Uber Alternatives in Vietnam

For many travelers, the Uber app is an essential download when visiting countries they are not resident in. So, what do you do when you discover the uber app in Vietnam doesn’t exist? 

Here are the top rideshare apps available in Vietnam:

  • Grab
  • Fast Go
  • Gojek
  • Vinasun
  • Mai Linh Taxi

1. Grab

Grab is a Southeast Asian super app – offering rides, food delivery, financial services, and mobility services. It’s one of the most popular cab services available in Vietnam. Here are some of its features, advantages, disadvantages, and mode of operation.

uber in vietnam
Grab is a great alternative to using Uber in Vietnam

Advantages of Using Grab

  • Fast Pickup Time: The availability and quick pick-up time make Grab cab services popular among foreigners. 
  • Luxury Vehicles: Grab has luxury cars available to pick up passengers who prefer high-class ride options. 
  • Regular Vehicles: Grab has a fleet of standard cars to meet clients’ needs who prefer to ride in them. It is affordable and also very comfortable.

So don’t be shocked if someone recently returned from Vietnam recommends Grab as the taxi app to download when you ask if uber is available in Vietnam!

Disadvantages of Using Grab

  • Expensive: The high service cost makes it less preferable if you are on a budget. This is why some indigenes prefer to ride in other cheaper cabs.
  • Card Preference: Grab tends to promote electronic transfers over cash. 

Grab’s Mode of Operation

  • Estimate Fares: The Grab app allows you to book trips and estimate fares with your mobile phone. 
  • User-Friendly App: It’s easy to use, as you need not begin another mini-research before you learn how to order a ride or make an appropriate budget for your trips.
  • Security: Grab understands that, as a foreigner, you are concerned about the security of your credit cards. Hence, they created a digital payment platform ‘GrabPay.’ This platform allows you to pay for your fares and secures your details on the digital wallet.

Special Features of Grab

While Grab may be a more expensive option than other rideshare platforms, a slew of unique features come with it.

  • GrabPlay Platform: The GrabPay platform allows you to pay for your fares from the ease of your ride. 
  • Booking in Advance: With Grab, you can book a ride in advance to ensure a driver is ready to pick you up at a scheduled time. 
  • Carpooling: If carpooling is your thing, Grab can split cab fare by picking up other passengers going your route. 
  • Real-Time Tracking: Track your drivers’ location in real-time and share this with your friends to help keep track of your trip.

2. FastGo

FastGo is another rideshare app available on both Android and iOS. Below is a summary of FastGo’s features, mode of operations, merits, and demerits.

uber in vietnam

Advantages of Using FastGo

When selecting a rideshare app, it’s essential to understand the benefits that go along with it. Here are some advantages of using FastGo.

  • Included Insurance: A ride with FastGo includes insurance to protect passengers against mishaps. This innovative feature sets FastGo apart from other rideshare companies, as they are the first cab service technology company to do this. 
  • Consistent Fares: Another advantage of riding with FastGo is that they do not increase fares during rush hours, which is why it remains the cheapest riding platform in Vietnam.
  • Feedback-Friendly: The app is built in such a way as to elicit feedback and comments from each customer. 

Disadvantages of FastGo

  • Limited Drivers: They have a limited number of drivers available.
  • Luxury Cars: FastGo rideshare app is yet to have this option readily available for its customers. 

FastGo’s Mode of Operation

  • Easy Accessibility: You can access this service by booking a ride on their mobile app.
  • Ease of Payment: The mode of payment is usually through the app; you can attach your credit card details to the payment tab on the app.

Special Features of FastGo

  • Affordability: This rideshare service is typically cheaper than traditional taxi companies in Vietnam. You’ll also catch many Vietnam residents using this platform.
  • Uniform Prices: FastGo prides itself in its’ uniform prices market strategy as they maintain the same rates during peak and non-peak periods.

3. Gojek

Here’s a summary of the highlights, benefits, and disadvantages of Gojek’s popular rideshare service in Vietnam.

uber in vietnam

Advantages of Gojek

  • Health Conscious: During Covid, they complied with best practices by mandating all their drivers to get their vaccinations and investing in air purifiers. 
  • Security: The app allows you to share your trip details with your loved ones.
  • Quick Pick-up Time: You can get a ride within minutes of booking.

Disadvantages of Gojek

  • Similarity with Grab: The similarity between both brands cannot be overemphasized because Grab has been around much longer. They tend to have more winning power.
  • Compulsory Vaccinations: Gojek might have lost some drivers to other cab service companies due to this policy. 

Gojek’s Mode of Operation

  • Easy Accessibility: You can easily access Gojek’s service by downloading from your app store or play store using your mobile phone.
  • Digital Payment Service: Gojek makes payment easy and smooth for all its customers, as you can pay for the service using your mobile phone. 
  • The Tracking Advantage: They also allow passengers to track their rides; you can share this with your loved ones. 
  • Advanced Booking: This helps you to arrive at your appointment early and is enabled by their ‘booking in advance service. 

Generally, they employ the sleek, easy accessibility, and user-friendly methods that uber is known for, which is why they are in the winning league with Grab in Vietnam.

Special Features of Gojek

  • Compulsory Vaccination: During Covid, Gojek mandated all its drivers to get their covid vaccinations to prevent passengers from getting infected with covid. 
  • Air Purifiers: The platform invested in air purifiers to disinfect the car during rides and created a distinct barricade between the passengers’ seats and the driver to reduce the possibility of getting infected. 

This additional care they exhibited during covid gave them their popularity and has earned them a spot in the league of preferred cab services in Vietnam. Foreigners no longer have to ask if uber is available in Vietnam because the alternatives are as efficient.

4. Vinasun

Here’s what you need to know if you choose to use Vinasun’s taxi service in Vietnam:

uber in vietnam

Advantages of using Vinasun

  • The Cash Advantage: It allows you to pay cash for your rides, eliminating the possibility of being hacked by dubious people or even a security glitch.
  • On-the-go: You can quickly get into a ride by indicating your interest when you are a vacant one commuting.
  • User-Friendly App: The app is easy to use, and you can book a ride from your phone.

Disadvantages of Vinasun

  • Digital Payment: The preference for cash payment only favors a few customers as most people prefer to use their credit cards for payment which might discourage them from using the service.
  • Branded Rides: Some customers prefer to ride in unbranded cars, which might be why they choose other brands.

Vinasun’s Mode of Operation

  • Unique Rides: Thanks to Vinasun’s special LCD screen and billboard adverts, you can quickly determine the authenticity of your driver.
  • Easy Accessibility: You can equally book a ride from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Special Features of Vinasun

  • LCD screen: You’ll find this ride particularly interesting because they have LCD screens to keep you company during your rides. 
  • Billboard Advertisement: There’s even more as Vinasun rides serve as a moving billboard that advertises for brands that engage their services. 

5. Mai Linh Taxi

Here’s a brief description of the Mai Linh Taxi rideshare service.

uber in vietnam

Advantages of Mai Linh Taxi

  • Easy Accessibility: Customers can now comfortably book rides using their phones, and this taxi company can compete favorably with its counterparts in Vietnam.
  • Rebranding: Since its establishment, the company has spent time and money building a brand that both foreigners and indigenes can rely on. And this makes it one of the best alternatives to uber in Vietnam.
  • Unique Outlook: Most of its taxis are branded just like traditional taxis, promoting brand uniformity and making customers feel safe and comfortable during the rides.

Disadvantages of Mai Linh Taxi

  • Colored Cabs: The newer generation prefers unpainted taxis as they can post cool pictures of the car’s exterior.
  • Luxury Cars: This cab service is not your best option if you prefer riding in a luxury car. As all cabs are painted to ensure uniformity.

Mai Linh Taxi’s Mode of Operation

  • Branded Cars: All their cars are branded, allowing easy identification.
  • Security: Due to their branded approach, customers can quickly jump on an empty ride and be sure of their safety.

Mai Linh Taxi’s Special Feature

  • Joint Stock Company: It has the registered status of a joint stock company. 
  • Innovation: In the past, you had to call the company’s hotlines to book a ride, which was a big problem due to the number of people interested in using their service. 
  • Mobile Application: Soon, they realized they had to ‘move with the time,’ and they birthed their mobile application.

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