Is Fiverr Safe for Sellers And Freelancers?

If you’ve ever wondered “is Fiverr safe for sellers?” you’ll be pleased to know that the Fiverr freelancing platform is a safe and reputable platform that’s used by over 830,000 sellers worldwide.

BUT – there are scammers on Fiverr, just like on any other freelance marketplace website. So we’re going to share our best tips to help you spot red flags and avoid any potential problems as a freelancer.

Maybe you have other questions, such as, “Is Fiverr free?” or “can I trust Fiverr?” Read on to learn about Fiverr’s security and how to avoid scams and other issues when you’re selling your freelance services on there.

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Is Fiverr A Safe Website?

One of the first things you may wonder might be, “is Fiverr safe online?” And yes, the Fiverr website has a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, so it encrypts your data, protecting your identity and personal details.

Its website and app are safe to use when it comes to protecting your information. Of course, Fiverr can be vulnerable to hackers, just like any app or website. As long as you keep your account safe with a strong password, it’s as safe to use as any other freelancing platform.

When creating your account, choose a good username and a secure password. That way, you can enjoy freelancing on the platform.

How to Stay Safe As A Seller When Using Fiverr

Scams have more to do with the concerns around “is Fiverr safe for sellers?” As with any platform, freelancing comes with a risk. You aren’t guaranteed any work, and when you do get work, the clients could try to scam you.

Some buyers will try to pay you off the platform. Others might ask for a trial of your writing or whatever service you offer but then not pay you for the work.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself when you use Fiverr. Here are some things to do to stay safe as a freelancer.

Join Over 830,000 Freelancers Using Fiverr

Keep Your Password Private

Sellers and buyers alike should use a secure password to stay safe. As a seller, using a good password can help keep others from getting into your account. If someone hacks in, they could pose as you and take on multiple orders.

However, they might not deliver the orders or deliver them late or with other issues. Those buyers can then leave you bad reviews, and it can be hard to come back from that.

Make sure you use a unique, strong password for your account. And if you ever log into it on a shared computer, log out when you’re done.

Use a Generic Video Background

Fiverr allows you to create a video for your seller page and for each of your gigs. Uploading a video can be a great way to connect with potential buyers. However, it can also be risky if you aren’t careful.

If you want to upload a video, use a generic background. That way, you can minimize the number of features that could identify your location.

Definitely avoid filming somewhere with your street name or address in the frame. You might also want to avoid parks and even unique parts of your apartment complex. Most people won’t know where you are, but some people could figure it out.

Don’t Give Buyers Personal Information

Especially if you receive creepy or intrusive messages from buyers, you might ask, “is Fiverr legit?” Many buyers on Fiverr are safe to work with, and they shouldn’t ask for a lot of your personal details.

However, if a buyer does ask that, don’t give them the information. Most of the services on Fiverr don’t require the buyer to go to your home or office.

If a buyer wants to meet with you in person, decline it. Sure, the buyer might not have any ill intent, but they could try to scam you or hurt you.

When creating your account, try to avoid including your location in your username. Your bio also shouldn’t have your exact location. You might include your state or perhaps a metro area, but don’t be more specific.

Ask Plenty of Questions

If you message a buyer or prospective buyer, ask many questions. You want to make sure you have as much information as you need to complete your gig.

For example, a logo designer might want the current logo you have as well as inspiration pictures to help create the new logo. Consider what you want the buyer to provide before you start working.

Asking more questions now can take time, but you’ll avoid having to do a ton of revisions. Then, you can make your buyers happy.

Making customers happy doesn’t directly keep you safe. However, if a buyer complains about you, you could get a bad review. Fiverr could terminate your account. A buyer could also threaten to find you and hurt you or your business. That’s rare, but it could happen.

is fiverr safe for sellers
Join Over 830,000 Freelancers Using Fiverr

Choose Your Gigs Wisely

Whether you use a platform like Fiverr or Upwork, you want to choose gigs wisely. You might be tempted to offer anything that you can do somewhat well. However, try to stick to your areas of expertise.

On Fiverr, you get to choose what to sell, so be strategic. You might do your own logo design, but unless you’re a graphic designer, you probably shouldn’t offer that to others. But you might be really good at video editing, so you offer that service.

By offering the right gigs, you can ensure you deliver your best work. That can help you avoid customers who report or threaten you. Also, you can make sure you don’t end up doing any tasks that put you or your computer in danger.

For example, you can mention that you won’t go to a specific location to do your work. Sure, you might lose buyers, but the buyers you get will probably be better to work with.

Be Transparent

One tip the platform offers for how to use Fiverr safely as a freelancer is to be transparent. Include as many details in your gig listings as you need to convey what you do. That can help buyers figure out if you’re the right freelancer for them.

You could choose to include that you only work with specific types of companies. Or maybe you have a list of documents you require before you start working. Consider what you’d want to know as a buyer, and cover that in your listings.

This can help keep you from getting buyers who have expectations that you can’t meet. If you’re a beginner seller, setting realistic expectations is especially important to help get your first few good reviews.

Don’t Go Off the Platform

Unfortunately, the answer to, “can you be scammed on Fiverr?” is yes. However, keeping your interactions and transactions on the platform can help. Some buyers might try to convince you to message them through WhatsApp, email or another messaging tool – but this should raise some red flags for you – so be careful.

They might also ask if they can send you the money directly through PayPal. If you work with a buyer a lot, it would seem like a good idea. You’d make more than you would earn through Fiverr since you wouldn’t have a 20% fee.

However, going off the platform means you’ll lose some benefits. You might be wondering, “does Fiverr protect sellers?” As long as you keep your work on the platform, it will protect you and your work.

In its terms of service, Fiverr states that it won’t protect sellers who engage off the platform. If a buyer tries to get you to work off of Fiverr, cancel the order and report them.

Take Advantage of Customer Support

If you run into any problems or feel like something isn’t safe, contact Fiverr Customer Support. For one, you can use the Fiverr Help and Education page. You can also log into your seller account and send Fiverr a message.

There’s also a Twitter account that you can message with questions or issues. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have a buyer who wants you to go off the platform. You can also contact Fiverr if a buyer is asking for extra work that you don’t offer.

One of the benefits of freelancing through a platform is having that support. However, it’s still up to you to determine when you need the help. If something ever seems off about a gig or a message, contact Fiverr to be safe.

is fiverr safe for sellers
Join Over 830,000 Freelancers Using Fiverr

Trust Your Gut

Trusting your gut is probably the best thing you can do to stay safe. You can find other methods for how to avoid being scammed on Fiverr. However, your instincts are there for a reason, and they’re often correct.

If you message a buyer and they seem scammy, listen to that. You don’t have to work with every buyer who comes across your gigs.

Whether the buyer wants you to do something illegal or they just seem weird, cancel the order. It will be worth it to keep yourself safe and maintain a good presence on Fiverr. You’ll eventually get more buyers who won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

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Summary: Is Fiverr Safe For Sellers To Use for Freelance Work?

So – is Fiverr safe for sellers? The great news is that Fiverr is generally perfectly safe for freelancers looking for an extra income stream. It can take time to get consistent orders, but you can make it happen.

Fiverr has a secure website that keeps you and your data safe, and it offers seller protection if a buyer tries to scam you. As with any freelancing transaction online, you need to be aware of potential scams and red flags from clients – so make sure you check with Fiverr support if you have any concerns about a buyer.

However, you have to follow the platform’s terms. That way, you can enjoy seller protection and other benefits.

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