Is Duolingo Free To Learn Languages In 2023?

You’ve probably heard of Duolingo if you’re interested in learning another language. Duolingo is available as a web and mobile-based app that lets you study the language of your choice. But is Duolingo free? And does it stay free forever?

Is Duolingo Free?

The great thing about Duolingo is that there’s a free version that stays that way. While the app has a paid version that gets rid of ads, many users are okay with the unpaid plan.

That’s because Duolingo offers a wide variety of exercises, lessons, and quizzes taking you from basic to advanced levels. The app also keeps track of your progress and mastery as you move through your lessons.

is duolingo free

What’s Included in the Free Plan?

According to Duolingo’s website, the app is the world’s number one way to learn a language. PCMag also describes Duolingo as the first free language learning app that stands up to paid versions.

With the free plan, you get access to short lessons that teach you the basics in a different language. You also learn more advanced tips and grammar rules.

One of the reasons why Duolingo rivals paid options is its extensive format. You don’t just learn a few words and phrases.

Say you want to learn how to speak German. Duolingo walks you through digestible lessons that are broken up by subject matter or category. For example, there are separate lessons on words and phrases related to transportation and shopping.

With the free plan, you can also take quizzes that test your knowledge. When you successfully pass these tests, you can unlock more advanced lessons.

But the best thing of all is that Duolingo makes the process fun. It’s the gamification of language learning, making it easier and more rewarding to stick with.

How Long is Duolingo Free For?

Duolingo is free forever whether you use it on iPhone, Android, or a web browser.

Nonetheless, there are a few catches to the Duolingo free plan. You knew there probably were, didn’t you?

Alright, here they are. The first one is standard on most free apps or services. You’ll have to see ads here and there. Without ads from Duolingo’s sponsors, the app wouldn’t be free. Yeah, you probably get the gist of this.

The other catch is Duolingo’s heart system. When you sign up, you get five hearts. However, you lose a heart if you fail an exercise. If you lose all of your hearts, you have to wait to access your lessons. The waiting period is five hours, after which you earn a heart back.

Another way to earn hearts is to spend 350 gems. Gems are tokens you get for using the app.

Having said that, the heart system only applies in the iPhone and Android apps. When you use the web-based version, you don’t have to deal with earning and losing hearts. You can study and practice to your heart’s desire without worrying about failing exercises.

Is Duolingo Free on iPhones?

Absolutely! Duolingo is free on iPhones. You can download the Duolingo app from Apple’s App Store. Then sign up for an account with your email address or link to your Facebook login. As long as you stick with the free plan, Duolingo is free on your iPhone forever.

Some may be wondering about the difference between the iPhone and Android apps. You might be asking, is Duolingo free on both phones? The truth is there isn’t any charge to use Duolingo on either type of phone. The difference between the apps is within the backend programming.

Backend programming makes the iPhone app compatible with the iOS operating system that runs on iPhones and iPads.

The app you get from the Google Play store is compatible with Android operating systems. It will adjust for the Android OS that runs on your phone. That’s because different Android phones sometimes run different versions.

You also won’t pay to download the apps. The iPhone app is available free of charge in the App Store and updates are also complimentary.

What is Duolingo Plus?

According to Duoplanet, Duolingo Plus is the app’s premium version. Think of it like Spotify Premium. You can upgrade to get rid of ads and unlock additional features.

is duolingo free

With Duolingo Plus, you get rid of the heart system on the iPhone and Android apps. You also get access to a progress tracker and the ability to try out an unlimited number of lessons.

With the free version, you’re limited to testing out specific lessons. These are usually basic exercises that test your fundamental knowledge. So, if you know how to greet someone in German, and enough to be dangerous, you can try out those exercises. But if you already have intermediate German language skills, you still have to go through all those lessons.

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How To Get Duolingo Plus for Free

While Duolingo Plus will cost you, the program offers a 14-day free trial. You can test out your premium membership before you commit to it. If you don’t think it’s worth it, you can always cancel your membership by the trial’s end date. Then, go back to using the free version.

You won’t be penalized for doing this. The free plan will remain free forever, even if you switch back from Duolingo Plus.

However, some language learners find Duolingo Plus to be worth the cost after the free trial. They don’t have to worry about getting locked out for making too many mistakes. Others like that the premium version is ad-free.

Conclusion – Can You Use Duolingo For Free?

Duolingo is a free language-learning tool. It’s a fun way to learn how to speak a different language for an upcoming trip or just because you want to expand your knowledge. Once you sign up for the free plan, it stays that way forever. The only downsides are that you’ll have to endure ad sequences and keep a lid on your mistakes.

Upgrading to Duolingo Plus will get rid of those pesky ads. Give it a try for 14 days!

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