How to Start a Manifestation Journal

Manifesting is a practice used to attract better things into our lives with positive thoughts, energy, and behavior. Here’s how to start a manifestation journal and kickstart your new, abundant life.

Manifestation is a buzzword that has been circling for years, but interest in the concept has recently reached a fever pitch. Over the pandemic, Google searches for the term “manifesting” skyrocketed 669 percent. 

How To Start A Manifestation Journal

There are many ways to begin your manifesting practice, from manifesting journals and how-to books to online classes and week-long retreats.

It might seem overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. You might feel hesitant to spend a good chunk of money on something you don’t know anything about. 

We suggest starting with the most simple tool – a manifestation journal.

how to start a manifestation journal

Are you wondering how to start a manifestation journal? We have some ideas to help you begin your self-care journey.

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What is Manifesting?

At its simplest, manifesting refers to using positive thought, visualization, and purposeful action to bring the things you desire into your life. 

Manifesting your dreams isn’t as easy as it is sometimes portrayed. Many elements come into play; some are practical and dependent on your participation on a logistical, mental, emotional, and energetic level. And then there is the element of mystery in life, things we can’t explain that no amount of willpower can change. 

how to start a manifestation journal

While often touted as another example of New Age pseudoscience, there is some truth that manifestation often prods us to action by laying out the steps necessary to reach our goals. When the journey forward is clear, it’s much easier to take on the responsibility of pushing forward to achieve our dreams. 

With manifesting, there is a certain level of surrender that is necessary. After doing what you can to achieve your goals, you have to trust that the rest will work out. 

If it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, it helps to accept that perhaps it wasn’t meant to be, and there is something even better on the horizon.

How to Make a Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal is a dedicated place that acts as a catalyst for the thoughts and actions necessary to achieve a particular goal. While there are no hard and fast rules for what it should look like, many people new to manifestation find it helpful to model their own journal on those of others who have seen success in the practice.

We’ll lay out some of the basics, but feel free to put your touch on it as you begin to work on your manifesting journal. 

how to start a manifestation journal

Gather Your Supplies

First, we suggest looking for a notebook that is pleasing to your eye. It can be lined or unlined, with any design you feel drawn to. 

Once you have the journal picked out, commit to only using it for this purpose: to manifest your dreams, however big or little they may be. 

If it is within your budget, you may want to also invest in a nice writing pen, pencils, and even some colored pencils or markers. For some people, creative drawing is more accessible than the written word.

Create Time to Work in Your Manifestation Journal

Look at your schedule and determine when you have at least 15 minutes to sit down and write every day. 

Of course, it would be good if you could write at the same time every day, but if you won’t be able to do so, at least commit to the daily action of writing. Consistency is key.

how to start a manifestation journal

List Your Goals

Now that you have your beautiful journal and writing instrument let’s start with a process that will help you find clarity about what you truly want to manifest. 

For example, you might want to manifest the perfect relationship, dream job, a new house, or more money. Of course, these are all reasonable things to want, but have you ever thought about what’s fueling those desires?

This is where the manifesting journal comes in. Open up your book and write down everything you would like to manifest. Don’t be shy. There is no shame in wanting all the goodness that life offers.

Engage in Creative Visualization

Now, start another page and write down just one of your manifestation desires. For example, you want the perfect relationship. Take a couple of minutes to set your pen down, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Imagine yourself in that ideal relationship. 

You may or may not “see” your partner, or you may have a sense of how it feels to be in a relationship. Maybe you’ll imagine walking through the park together or feeling the emotions you’d have sitting at home knowing they will be coming over for dinner soon. 

Keep your eyes closed and your breath smooth and deep. Spend as much time as you can with this creative visualization. 

If you have a hard time with creative visualization, Shakti Gawain wrote the most popular book on this process, and it might be worth a read to help you dig in. 

Write About Your Visualization

Open your eyes and write down what you saw and felt in your manifestation journal when you’re ready. 

Perhaps you didn’t “see” them, but you felt a certain way being with them or just thinking about them. Do you feel joyful, excited, safe, or connected? What does your body feel like? Is it calm, peaceful, or warm? 

Use your journal to document this information. Be as detailed as you can be. This allows for a clearer picture of what you desire beyond the simple “perfect relationship.”

Keep Your Manifestations in Mind 

Once you have written about your manifestations, you’ll likely notice that certain people and situations either fit in with your goals or push against them. 

For example, you might notice that when you chat with a local barista or hang out with a new acquaintance, you feel many of the emotions that you wrote about in your manifestation journal. 

Stay open to the idea that there may be a connection worth noting because of the emotional response. Your manifestations may show up in unexpected ways!

how to start a manifestation journal

Focus on a Variety of Goals

You can and should work in your journal daily, focusing on different manifestations of your original goal list.

For example, you may want to begin manifesting something new from your career. 

As you engage in creative visualization, imagine you are working at your dream job. Imagine what your office looks like and the entire work environment. Imagine your co-workers and your relationships with them. 

Take as long as you can in this imaginative scene. What do you feel? Is it a sense of being valuable, a sense of belonging? Are you able to express yourself freely? Does the work spark your curiosity? Jot the information down in your manifestation journal. 

Continue this process with all of your desires. Take a few days or weeks and sit with each passion, documenting your visualizations. 

Then, ask yourself more questions – what else do I feel in this scene? What is it I am truly looking for? 

Here you might find that what you genuinely desire to manifest is a community, creative expression, feeling valued, and contributing to something bigger. 

Manifestation Journals

If you’re looking to buy a specific journal for manifestation, goal setting, and attracting more positive things into your life – here are some great options you can buy online:

Wrap Up – How To Start A Manifestation Journal

This practice of time, contemplation, journaling, and questioning leads to a deeper understanding of manifestation and opens up the possibilities for fulfillment. 

Instead of having one particular person or one particular job that you are sure is your perfect fit, you now have a more extensive understanding of what you desire beyond the practical aspects.

Take this information and apply it to your everyday life. Find ways to fulfill your desire for connection, community, and love in all aspects of your life beyond what you originally intended. 

Note these experiences in your manifestation journal as well. As you begin to feel sustained fulfillment in your life, you may find that your ideal mate or dream job shows up in ways you were not expecting. 

Using a manifestation journal is a unique way of getting to know yourself and finding true fulfillment. 

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