How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Wondering how to sell feet pics on Instagram? Check out our step by step guide, plus handy tips and tricks to get started selling feet pictures on IG.

Selling pictures of your feet isn’t as strange as it may seem. Selling feet pics has an unfair stigma attached to it. But thinking about it – feet are everywhere. From ads selling comfortable shoes to products that relieve daily pain. And those feet you look at every day have to come from somewhere.

how to sell feet pics on instagram
Learn how to sell feet pics on IG

It’s understandable to worry about who may be looking at your feet. Or what they’re thinking, for that matter. But believe it or not, having a foot fetish is very healthy. Feet are the most common fetish-based body part in the world. And folks with a foot fetish are usually polite and generous. Which makes it great for you as a seller!

So, whichever way you decide to go with selling your feet pics on Instagram, fear not. You could make a considerable amount of income. And who knows what other opportunities could arise by putting your best foot forward? Let’s take a look at what you need to think about, and how to sell feet pics on IG.

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Is It Illegal To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram?

No. It is not illegal to sell pics of your feet on Instagram. It is legal to sell your feet pics anywhere. These practices ensure you are selling your feet pictures by the book.

Always make sure you own any feet pics you sell on IG. Selling pictures that do not belong to you can land you in hot water for potential copyright infringement lawsuits. Also, ensure your feet pics are of consenting adults and sold only to consenting adults. Don’t post or sell anything obscene. And if you follow those guidelines, selling your feet pics on Instagram is entirely legal.

How Much Money Do Foot Models Make? 

According to ZipRecruiter, foot models earn $46,815 a year on average. Annual income ranges anywhere between $20,000 and $113,500. Professional sessions pay between $20 and $175 an hour. Models hired for pharmaceutical shoots can earn even more.

If you’re looking sell feet pics on IG, the average foot shot goes for about $5 a pic. However, it is not uncommon to earn $100 for custom photos. Some foot fetish models take in six figures a year with their content. The key to their success is building a large fanbase and following.

how to sell feet pics on ig
Wondering how to sell feet pics on Instagram? Keep reading!

Famous Feet On The Internet

We all know about movie director Quentin Tarantino’s famous foot fetish. He puts foot scenes in all of his movies. He’s not alone with his celebrity foot fetish, either.

An entire community of foot fans exists online. There’s even a site dedicated solely (get it?) to celebrity feet. And if you think your feet are too ugly to shine on IG, don’t worry – even your fave celebs have ugly toes!

Wikifeet boasts the largest collection of celebrity foot pics on the internet. Fans are even able to comment on and rate celebrity soles and toes. Ratings for famous feet are: beautiful, nice, okay, bad, and ugly. But these foot fetish aficionado ratings are overwhelmingly selected as beautiful.

The internet is the perfect home for inspirational role models. Celebrities with the most searched feet pics online include Kendall Jenner, Kristen Bell, Kate Beckinsale, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis, Margot Robbie, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Emma Watson. 

Why Sell Feet Pics On Instagram?

Instagram is an excellent site for selling your feet pics. It boasts a community of over 2 billion uses. And 59% of those users log into the site every day. Men aged 18-24 make up 17.9% of the Instagram network. That’s good news because about 20% of all men are attracted to feet. And one in seven men openly has a foot fetish.

There are many sites if you’re looking for other places to post your feet pics. We have a great article about how to sell feet pics in tons of place online here. Other sites and apps include Snapchat, Tinder, OnlyFans, Canva, and Amazon. 

Taking Care Of Your Feet

If you want to sell those feet pics on Instagram, ensure they are getting their proper respect. Regular foot care is essential for having photogenic feet. 

Start With A Good Foot Bath

Give yourself a soothing foot bath at least twice a week for 30 minutes to an hour.

All you need for the perfect DIY foot bath is a large bowl or plastic tub, warm water, one tablespoon of Epsom salt, and Pure Essentials oils. Lemon myrtle oil is popular but feel free to go for whatever oil works for you. 

Add a teaspoon of bicarb soda and a few marbles for a soothing massaging experience. After you’ve gathered everything, sit down with a good book or scroll through social media and relax. Your feet and their fans will thank you.

Pamper Yourself With Pedicures

No foot is complete without a perfect pedicure. Even naked toenails need a great, clear coat on top. Selling feet pics on Instagram requires professionalism and attention to detail. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for weekly spa days.

how to sell feet pics on instagram

Change it up to keep your Instagram feed looking fresh. Maybe one week, rock a black polish or a deep purple. Lighten the mood the next week with a bright orange or vibrant red. Head to a spa for a perfect French pedicure. And while you’re at it, snap a few pics while there for your foot fetish fans. Take a video of your spa experience and even upload it if you’ve felt generous that day.

How To Sell Feet Pics On IG

Now that your feet are ready to go, here’s what you need to know to start bringing in that cash from selling feet pics on Instagram. 

Create Your Account

Before you sell feet pics on Instagram, you need an account. Creating an Instagram account is easy. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Follow the prompts to create your account and bio. Take the time to create a bio that grabs their attention. And make sure to post content every day.

Use Hashtags

If you want those perfect feet to get respect, they need to be seen. Pop into news feeds with just the right hashtags. Popular feet pic hashtags include #feet, #prettyfeet, #beautifulfeet, #perfectfeet #footworship, #footfetish, #feetlovers. That’s just a sample. Use the search tool on Instagram to see what other hashtags are trending.

Build Your Fan Base

Although it would be nice to snap some shots of your toes and soles and the fans come running. But the truth is there is a lot of competition out there. Building a fanbase sets you apart from the other foot models. When followers come, money arrives.

Make sure you interact with followers by liking their comments or adding to them. Host live videos where fans can comment and ask questions. Another great idea is to take requests for photoshoot ideas. Keeping followers engaged is a sure way to build a strong Instagram fan base.

Make Videos

Feet pics are great, and they earn quick income. Remember, the average foot pic goes for about $5. But videos can bring in more followers and more money. If possible, film your photo shoot and add it to your account as a teaser.

Also, think about fun videos that get likes and emojis. Upload a video of you walking along the beach while the waves crash over your toes. Pedicure videos at the spa are always popular. Take requests and see what your followers crave. It’s a great way to raise your prices and generate revenue.

how to sell feet pics on ig

Grab Their Attention

Standing out is the best way to increase your opportunity to make money. Let followers get to know you. If you’re athletic, shots of your feet while practicing yoga might earn you extra dollars. If you like to relax, rest your feet in a comfortable hammock on a sunny day. Perfectly pedicured feet on a warm summer day may bring in more money than you might think.

Mix It Up

It’s all about style when you’re selling feet pics on Instagram. Keep your fans hungry for more. Don’t limit yourself to just shots of bare feet. Think about other ways to show them off. A variety of foot pics increases the odds of selling more photos.

Feet covered with cute or sexy shots are surprisingly popular. Pics with themed socks also sell. Fans of geek culture might love you wearing Baby Yoda socks. It might go a long way. Don’t forget shoes either.

Few people will argue that feet in beautiful heels are irresistible to admire. Shop online for great deals on sexy heels that will look great in your photos. Don’t forget about sandals, too. Even sports fans will enjoy a good pair of Chuck Taylors or athletic Adidas.

When selling your feet pics, never stop thinking outside of the box.

Focus On The Photos

Your feet are great, but with the wrong background or filter, people won’t notice. When taking great feet pics on Instagram, focus on the presentation. Posing makes a difference. There are a variety of poses to use. Professional poses that you see in ads always work. There are also casual and sexy poses that can get you more attention.

Instagram is famous for its selection of various filters. So, use them to make your feet look professional and fashionable. Also, think of great props to include in your feet pics. If your fans love rock music, maybe take a picture of you playing an electric guitar with your toes.

Think of great background shots. Kick your feet up in the air and take a great pic of them in front of a beautiful, blue sky. Go hiking and stretch your feet out over a canyon. These are great ways to sell photo shoots in bulk for more money.

We’ve got an excellent link here on how to take great feet pics.

how to sell feet pics on ig

Getting Paid To Sell Feet Pics On IG

With all this work planning and posing, don’t forget about receiving compensation. Yep, cold hard cash if the main reason for doing this, right?

After you sell those feet pics, you’ll need a way to collect your money. There are many safe and reliable payment providers to use when the money starts to flow. Most social media users rely on a few to send and receive funds.

The most well-known payment app is PayPal. The odds are most of your fans and followers will have a PayPal account. And if they don’t, setting one up is quick and easy. It won’t be long before your hard work pays off with the electronic transfer of funds.

Other popular payment providers are Cash App, Stripe, Wise, Payoneer, and Venmo. Take the time to see which works for you. Sticking with these reputable payment processers will ensure you can collect funds from anywhere in the world. 

Conclusion – How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Hopefully this has answered all the burning questions you have about how to sell feet pics on Instagram!

Selling feet pics on IG is a great way to earn money. Building a fan base loyal to your content ensures a lucrative revenue stream.

Don’t forget that people looking to buy feet pics on Instagram aren’t just foot fetishists. Companies and advertising agents need shots of great feet, too!

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