How To Avoid Being Lonely As A Freelancer

Freelancing opens a world of opportunities that being employed can never give you. But it can come with downsides as well, including isolation and loneliness. Here are our top tips on how to avoid being lonely as a freelancer.

For many people, freelancing gives the image of the ultimate dream job. And in many ways, it is. There are so many perks that come with the career, such as setting your own schedule, being your own boss, and having your pick of work assignments.

Unfortunately, there are moments when freelancing isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Working independently can quickly become lonely if you don’t have the proper channels to combat the emotion. Knowing the tricks to avoid freelancer loneliness is vital to your success.

How To Avoid Being Lonely As A Freelancer

If you have come across this article because this is a situation you are currently experiencing, or even if you are considering making a move to freelance work in the future, we have some pointers and suggestions for you.

Continue reading for our tips on working through this common struggle that freelancers everywhere battle.

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How To Avoid Being Lonely As A Freelancer

Change Your Surroundings

One of the greatest perks of freelancer life is the ability to work from literally anywhere. The world has even penned the term “digital nomad” to describe the freedom that those in the freelancing world have when it comes to their home and work environment.

Have you been feeling a bit down as of late? Pick up your laptop and move to a local coffee shop. You could even coordinate to meet another freelancing friend there to socialize with while you work.

There is no limit to where you can set up shop for the day. Do you have a hotspot for your phone to access the internet wherever you have reception? Drive until you find a peaceful and serene park. Pack a blanket to sit on or scour the area until you find a picnic table. Aim for shade so your laptop doesn’t overheat! 

A change in scenery can make a huge difference in your mental health as a freelancer. Being among other individuals or in nature can give you a natural serotonin boost when you need it most.

Online Groups

Because of the massive shift in people working remotely, many online support groups have provided avenues for bouncing ideas off of people, venting, or just seeking camaraderie. You can also find several therapeutic resources services specific to the freelancing and remote working community members. 

It isn’t hard to find these resources. Typically they are just a quick Google search away. You can find a surplus of options on social media networks like Facebook, but many have grown so large that they have moved to their own website to accommodate the rapid growth. 

The great part about the many options is that you can continue checking out different groups until you find one that you feel is a good fit. You don’t have to settle for the first one you see. Additionally, you can often find local chapters or groups that provide frequent meet-ups.

Create a New Routine

I once met a person who had a 100% remote position and never had to go into an office. However, to switch up their mundane routine that was making their mental health plummet and figure out how to avoid loneliness as a freelancer, they started acting as if they did have somewhere else to be in the morning.

To start, they woke up and got completely ready for the day. After letting their dog out, they got in their car and drove around for a bit. Afterward, they would go home and start their work.

avoid freelancer loneliness

This routine evolved, and they then started implementing a stop at their local coffee shop. This stop allowed them to check in with local community members and have some external communication before beginning their workday. 

Some days, they still change things, especially when they notice the loneliness sneaking into their day. They might take a random day off of work and do something fun with a friend or family member. On other days, they might just work from the coffee shop for the whole day. 

Schedule Self-Care

As freelancers, we all know that self-care is the first thing to go out the window when you have a bunch of deadlines back to back. What’s more, sometimes we are so mentally exhausted from the day’s work that the thought of putting energy and effort into one more thing is almost painful.

For those reasons and many more, it is vital to schedule self-care much as you would a meeting or a doctor’s appointment. Without the appropriate structure in place, you will continually push it off until you’re at a breaking point. 

Starting small with 15-20 minutes is an excellent place to begin. Scheduling a quick journaling session, a walk around the neighborhood, time for meditating, or even a short workout can drastically change the level of your mental health and combat those feelings of loneliness as they arise.

Avoid Social Media

While this may seem like an odd suggestion within an article on avoiding freelancer loneliness, it comes with its reasons. Frequently, social media will increase whichever emotions you have going on, even if it isn’t intentional. The amplification will substantially add to the distress you’re feeling. When you are trying to figure out how to avoid being lonely as a freelancer, social media isn’t the way. 

For example, say you’re feeling very secluded in your independent work structure. All of this emotion is causing you to avoid work, so you decide to peruse social media. On Facebook, you see a group of people from high school that recently got together for drinks, and you feel a twinge of envy. 

how avoid avoid being lonely as a freelancer

What does that do for your current state of mind? It causes it to plunge even deeper than it once was. Seeing others have what you are currently longing for can almost be excruciating at times. Avoiding outlets that can trigger this feeling is the best route at times. 

Conclusion – How To Avoid Being Lonely As A Freelancer

Freelancing is a career choice that has many perks. Freedom is the most significant component and is often the driving force behind people choosing the freelancing route. However, even though you have many positive aspects in your career, you are still human. Knowing how to avoid loneliness as a freelancer is an integral part of the job and one that you should be prepared to confront at some point in your career.

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