How Much Does A Copywriter Make? Copywriter Salary  In 2023

Copywriting can be a lucrative career, especially if you’re a freelancer and can set your own project rates. But how much does a copywriter make in general? Is there a difference between being a freelancer or working in-house? We take a look at the average copywriter salary in 2022.

Copywriting is becoming a well-known career that’s lucrative for many. So, how much does a copywriter make in 2022? While it depends on many factors, with hard work and determination, it’s possible to make a comfortable salary that’s also rewarding. 

You might want to work in-house for a large company or have your heart set on becoming a freelance copywriter. It depends on what work environment suits you best and which income level you prefer. 

how much does a freelance copywriter make
Being a freelance copywriter means you can work from literally anywhere

Working in-house will give you more financial stability, but you’re limited to what your employee is willing to pay you. Working as a freelancer demands more flexibility from you because you need to market your own business, but it has the advantage of unlimited earning potential.

So, if you’ve pondered getting into a brand new career field or want to know more, below is everything you need to know about the job description and copywriting salaries. 

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What Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter is responsible for creating a wide range of written materials (print or online): website copy, adverts, flyers, slogans, billboards, social media posts, etc. In summary, a copywriter produces texts that have a final purpose of selling, persuading, or simply showing off a product or a service to the public. 

But before writing the final text, the copywriter will have to research the product or service in question and the brand behind such products or services. After the copy is sent to the world, they have to analyze the campaign results and make the necessary adjustments.   

how much does a copywriter make

While you may not need prior experience to start your journey, a Bachelor’s degree in journalism or English is helpful for landing a higher-earning corporate job. In addition, a Bachelor’s degree in psychology or communications may also help hone research skills and persuasion techniques.

The more credentials you have, the better off you’ll be in copywriting. Market research experience is also essential to get in the door. 

It’s also possible to land a gig without a non-writing degree. Learning skills through different programs and resources is also a great option depending on your financial situation. Whether you take an online course or in-person training, anything is possible, especially if you want to get into freelance work. 

Job Outlook as a Copywriter

Typically, a copywriter works under a supervisor alongside scriptwriters, graphic designers, and project managers in an office setting. They may work digitally or in print for media outlets such as television or cinema.  

If you’re interested in copywriting, your work duties may include:

  • Creating subject lines
  • Thinking of engaging slogans, headings
  • Providing case studies, stories 
  • Social media ads
  • Newsletters, email marketing 
  • eBooks
  • TV, radio commercials 
  • Product descriptions 
  • Video scripts 

Many copywriters choose to specialize in categories as well, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Medical science
  • Law
  • Education

No matter what you choose, the job outlook is promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in communication will increase 14 percent throughout the decade until 2030. 

Copywriter Skills 

When it comes to being a great copywriter, cultivating the necessary skills is essential. There are specific requirements needed, such as the following traits: 

  • Incredible written skills 
  • Research skills
  • Effective time management, multi-tasking skills
  • Make timely deadlines
  • Write within a particular word limit
  • Understanding audiences 
  • Flexible to learn new things 
  • Attention to detail

Aside from education and skills, experience is vital. So it’s a great idea to contact your local newspaper or take matters into your own hands and start a blog of your own during your downtime. 

It’s never too early to create a professional portfolio, even if you’re new. A portfolio includes blog posts, a newsletter, or social media posts. Always put your best foot forward and retain your best work before you start making money as a copywriter. 

how much does a freelance copywriter make

How Much Does a Copywriter Make?

Like many careers, copywriting provides a broad salary range. So, how much does a copywriter make? A copywriter’s salary in 2022 averages $64,937. However, many factors include skills, education, experience, and location. 

Most copywriters earn between $48,000 and just under $60,000 nationwide. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median copywriter pay for last year, 2021, was $69,510 annually and $33.42 an hour. 

Of course, there’s a big difference between entry-level copywriters and ones with years of experience. For instance, as of May 2022, an entry-level copywriter makes around $53,301. Entry-level includes two years or less in the field. 

According to Glassdoor, the salary of junior copywriters is slightly less than the national average of $51,000. However, senior copywriters make around $80,062 annually, surpassing the average. The more experience and responsibility you have, the higher the salary.

Copywriter Salary by Location 

The salary of a copywriter depends greatly on location. Indeed includes nine of the top-earning cities. The highest-earning cities include the following: 

  • Chicago, Illinois, $75,107
  • Culver City, California, $65,438
  • New York, New York, $64,380
  • Seattle, Washington, $57,053
  • Austin, Texas, $56,940
  • Miami, Florida, $53,214
  • Brisbane, California, $ 52,358
  • San Diego, California, $49,548
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, $45,267

Top Copywriting Companies

Aside from geological location, which company you work for matters too! While there are several excellent choices, many successful copywriters work for top-grossing companies such as: 

  • ClearPoint
  • McCann Health 
  • FCB Health
  • Career Group Companies
  • Compunnel Inc.
  • Block 

However, the numbers vary if you decide to work as a freelance copywriter. 

How Much Does a Freelance Copywriter Make?

A freelance copywriter works independently as a contractor. Freelancers may work alone or through an agency. Agency perks include working on massive projects and maintaining a regular workload. However, nothing beats the freedom of choice and flexibility.

how much does a freelance copywriter make

How much does a freelance copywriter make? The average 2022 freelance copywriter salary in the United States ranges from $48,523 to $60,484. Overall, an average salary comes to $53,710.

However, freelance copywriters have no ceiling on what they can earn depending on their confidence, abilities, and experience. There are a handful of copywriters out there earning hundreds of thousands a year from both client work and selling their own courses and digital products.

If you’re in a popular, competitive industry like finance, health, or tech – the opportunities to grow a thriving freelance copywriting business are plentiful.

Freelance Advantages and Disadvantages 

Freelancers who go out on their own can work for an hourly rate or fixed price per project. Essentially, being your boss is appealing for many freelance copywriters and has a high earning potential. You set your hours and tasks.

However, there are disadvantages to becoming a freelance copywriter as well. First, there’s no guarantee of work, especially steady work which is frustrating. You also may work long hours, and the compensation rate may vary. 

Self-employed copywriters pay for their healthcare, which is costly. Also, paying your taxes apart from an employer creates confusion. Not only do you deduct, but you pay additional taxes as well. 

If you’re passionate about your job and the pros outweigh the cons, then perhaps being a freelance copywriter is for you. 

Networking for Success 

One of the essential components of freelance copywriting, especially without an agency, is networking. The more people you know, the more jobs you’ll secure. Maintaining good relationships is essential, especially for long-term clients. For short-term projects, referrals help secure future work. 

While freelancing is a great way to go above the average income threshold if successful, working as an in-house copywriter is another excellent way to earn a living. 

How Much Does an In-House Copywriter Make?

The salary range for an in-house copywriter is from $48,551 to $60,524. The amount also includes work bonuses, tips, and commissions, which is another bonus working for an employer.

When you work as an in-house copywriter, you essentially work for one company. However, working for a company certainly has perks. For instance, you receive a steady income and work with designers and marketers as a team. 

You’ll receive health benefits, paid time off, and set hours. If you crave structure and routine, working in-house for one company is the route for you. 

On the flip side, you do report to a boss. Usually, copywriters become low on the totem pole compared to co-workers. So, if the company goes south or issues occur, copywriters are the first to get the ax. 

Plus, if the company you are working for isn’t growing, neither will your salary. So unlike freelancing, you may feel stuck in a bubble.

What Does an In-House Work Environment Entail?

In-house copywriters work as a team with other copywriters. Typically, this career option is through larger marketing publishers. 

Management monitors progress, approves ideas, and helps you through the process as you grow. If you’re a beginner, in-house copywriters typically work on collateral copy work such as emails, ads, and smaller projects until you get familiar and gain experience under your belt.

Overall, working at an in-house company is a reputable career with learning opportunities and reliable income while feeling part of a group rather than working alone. However, studies show that freelance jobs are on the rise, which improves creativity and productivity and is beneficial for mental health compared to in-house office jobs. 

Final Takeaways – How Much Does A Freelance Copywriter Make?

As you were able to see, the average copywriter salary is around $53,000, whether you choose to become a freelancer or work in-house. But if you choose to become a freelancer, you’ll have more chances to beat the average as you’re only dependent on yourself. 

Living in a big city or holding more years of experience will also boost your chances of a higher salary.

Now that you have all this information about the copywriting career, you have all that’s necessary to make the best choices.

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