How Do Instagram Models Make Money?

The world has changed drastically due to intensive digitalization. Social media platforms have taken the world by storm. Today, it is not uncommon to see many people posting and promoting their brands, businesses and making money using the popular social networking app, Instagram. But how do Instagram models make money? And how much money can they make?

Likewise, an increasing number of models with a good eye for fashion are sprucing up their online presence through Instagram and earning a handsome amount. The popularity of models raises the question: how do Instagram models make money? 

Let’s dive in!

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Do Instagram Models Get Paid? 

As unrealistic as it may once have sounded that one can make real money through social media just by posting glamor shots, making a good amount of money on Instagram is possible with the help of some tactics and network building. In fact, thousands of models have made a career out of modeling on the popular social networking platform. 

how do instagram models make money

Models on Instagram have become fairly popular. Brands and agencies do not go about launching contests for the ‘right one’ or scouring the albums of hundreds of models. They can find their desired face online. Likewise, models do not have to be on their toes to get their dream modeling jobs at an agency as they have a digitalized portfolio. All has changed due to the familiarity of the world with Instagram. 

Fame does not come overnight unless you are lucky. While many content creators aspire to make money modeling on Instagram, it is not as easy as it sounds. Like traditional regular models, IG models have to give their time and efforts until the brands start noticing them. 

The only difference is that they can share their beliefs and lifestyle and influence their followers with the help of their online presence—the more influx of followers and engagement on their posts, the more chances of their credibility in the eyes of brands. 

How Do Instagram Models Make Money?

The following are some of the most common ways Instagram serves as a lucrative platform for models to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

how do instagram models make money


We all have seen countless posts and stories of Instagram models promoting a brand. What happens is that the brand typically purchases a package of multiple posts and stories, expecting the models to endorse their products. In return for their promotion, they have to pay the models a fair amount of money, depending on the number of followers a model has. 

Famous models like Kylie Jenner, who is also the highest-paid Instagram model, can get paid a whopping estimated $1 million per sponsored post on Instagram.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing 

Instagram affiliate marketing has become a great source of income for various models and influencers. The brands collaborate with Instagram models and take their help in generating sales. The models receive a dedicated amount of commission if they drive sales for the brand. Instagram has the feature of keeping track of your affiliate sales within the app. 

how do instagram models make money

Brand Ambassador

Earlier, television would tell us about the brand ambassadors through ad campaigns. We have seen various models endorsing a particular product digitally because they are the ‘face’ of the brand. It could be anything from makeup to a teeth whitener. The brand makes a contract with the model and pays them for promoting their brand on the posts and stories.

Launching a Brand

Apart from mainstream income sources, some models have also launched their products. They use their audience and credibility to promote the brand and generate sales. The most relevant example of this personal brand fiasco is Kylie Jenner. Even someone with no interest in makeup can recognize Kylie and her brand. 

how do instagram models make money

How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

Now we know that it pays to be popular on Instagram. But the question arises how much do these models make? An IG model’s salary primarily depends on its number of followers.

To get paid to model on Instagram, models must have at least a few thousand followers to get recognized by brands and collaborate with them. They can not monetize their account after popping up in the game. It is a struggling ladder that a model has to cross with patience, persistence, and time. 

A model’s earnings primarily depend on the number of followers and engagement insights. There is a pattern that every model has to follow to get recognized by top-tier brands and earn thousands, if not millions. They will need to hit the jackpot to let the money flow into their banks. 


Models with 10,000 or fewer followers do not usually charge for every sponsored post. They have the leverage of getting free giveaways in return for a local brand’s promotion, usually some small business, to maintain their credibility. 

Also, it helps them stay in the game and move forward in the world of Instagram. It is quite hard for them to have different brands on board, so they try to get noticed by brands and other modeling agencies. 

According to a survey, if models with fewer followers charge brands, they can get $88 per post. Most prefer to let the money matter slide and enjoy free perks and special Instagram features like the blue verification tick and swipe-up link options. 

how do instagram models make money


Models with 100,000 followers start getting recognized in their respective fields and many brands. They typically get $1000 for every 100,00 followers they have. It helps them monetize their account and lets them charge for every sponsored post. They collaborate with different brands for affiliate marketing and get a fixed commission when their followers use the affiliate links.

They enjoy free giveaways, including designer labelings, and typically make around $200 per post.

1 Million Followers 

Once the account hits 1 million, it would be safe to say that sky is the limit as to how much a model can earn. Such models are extremely popular among their followers, and various brands reach out to them from which they make quite a hefty amount. With millions of followers, models like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Kendal Jenner are the highest-paid Instagram models.

Top models with 1 million followers and above can earn more than $250,000 per post from brand sponsorships.

With hundreds and thousands of models gearing up on Instagram with expensive designer labels, it does occur to common people how Instagram models make money. For such models, the journey from 10,000 to 1 million followers and from zero balance to earning hundreds of dollars is about dedication, effort, and time.

Conclusion – How do Instagram models make money?

If you’re planning to start your career as an Instagram model, our quick guide has given you an idea about how Instagram models make money, the different avenues in which you can monetize your Instagram account, and how much money you can make as an Instagram model based on your follower count.

Remember that consistency is key – you’ll need to develop your personal brand, and post great content and photos regularly to build your audience. The best time to get started is – today!

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