These are the online freelancer resources I recommend for beginner freelance writers, and for growing your existing freelance writing business.

Find Freelance Writing Work


A great starting point for new freelance writers and copywriters (plus many other freelance jobs).

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One of the most well known freelancing platforms. It’s ideal for new writers looking to get some experience, but there are also established writers making a full time living on here.

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Cloud Peeps

A freelance job board where you can find writing, design, programming, and other gigs with big brands like L’oreal, Airbnb, Zappos, and Lyft.


One of the most trusted and respected job boards for freelance content writers. You’ll find a wide variety of content opportunities on here.


Finds writing jobs posted by thousands of brands, or pitch any of the companies on nDash with your own content ideas. The earning potential is higher here too.


One of the top job sites to find freelance writing work. All the jobs listed have been hand screened to ensure you’ll get paid – and not scammed!

Remote OK

A great site to find any type of remote work, from content writing to design, development, consulting, and more. Listings are constantly being updated.

We Work Remotely

A job board that lists many types of writing jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world. You can find both full time and contract work on here.

Build Your Freelance Writer Website and Portfolio


One of the most popular platforms for people to start building their first freelance writer website with WordPress. Get clear instructions for set up, and a super cheap monthly hosting price.


Another great option for setting up your first freelance writer website and portfolio. DreamHost is affordable, and makes it simple for you to set up and start creating your site with WordPress.

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As the name suggests, this is one of the cheapest places to buy a domain name for your website.


Design and build a beautiful website and portfolio in WordPress. Drag and drop technology means you don’t need to code, and there are plenty of ready-to-go templates available.


If you don’t want to use WordPress for your website, this is a great alternative. My website at is built with Webflow, and you can see how much more it stands out from other freelance writer sites!

Create Proposals, Contracts, And Invoices

Hello Bonsai

Fiverr Workspace

Formerly And.Co

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Create And Grow Your Email List


The free plan is plenty to start growing your email list. It’s simple to set up, and you can easily create forms and pop-ups to capture leads on your freelancer website.


One of the most popular email platforms out there. Get started with the free plan, and install lead capture forms and pop-ups on your website to grow your email list.


Start with the free plan and build your list to 500 subscribers with landing pages, pop-ups, and website forms to capture those important client details.

Get Paid And Manage Your Finances


One of the most popular payment platforms for freelancers. Get paid from anywhere in the world with super low fees, fast transfer times, and a debit card. My personal favorite for both getting paid and using while I travel.


A fantastic accounting solution for small businesses. Manage your invoicing, expenses, time tracking, and more from the platform. You can also integrate with Gmail, Slack, and Stripe to make running your business easier.

Copywriting Training & Mentoring


Joanna Wiebe is the founder of Copyhackers, and one of the most respected copywriters in the world. Read all the free tutorials first, and then sign up for CopySchool to accelerate your copywriting career.

Copywriter Club

This is where I started my career! Join the Facebook group for 24/7 help and support from other copywriters and content writers, listen to the podcast, and join the paid Accelerator and Think Tank programs if you’re looking for more advanced training.

Social Media Tools


The fastest, easiest way to make graphics for social media or your website.

It’s free and simple to use even if you’re not a designer!


Scheduling your social media posts makes it faster to get content out to your audience. Create a large batch of posts and automate them to drip out over the coming days and weeks.

Writing Tools


An essential tool for writers to ensure your work is free from errors, grammatically correct, and more enjoyable for readers.

Pro Writing Aid

An AI-powered writing assistant that helps you check your grammar and edit for style, plus gives you suggestions on how to improve your work.