8 Best Eco Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, is a scenic town along the Caribbean Sea coastline, a popular tourist destination. It’s a region synonymous with stunning natural beauty and gorgeous beaches. If you’re looking for somewhere unique to stay, these are our picks for best eco hotels in Tulum.

In recent years, many local initiatives have been made to preserve the land and focus on sustainability. Today, there are many eco-friendly hotels in Tulum. These hotels provide a mix of luxury and comfort while conserving energy and fusing in elements of the natural surroundings. 

When planning your trip, you should consider eco hotels in Tulum for the positive role they have in the local community. They also represent some of the most unique and memorable lodgings in the world.

Here are some great eco hotel options to consider.

eco hotels in tulum

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Best Eco Hotels In Tulum

Azulik Hotel

Started as a community project, the Azulik Hotel is an eco-resort like none other. This Tulum eco resort combines sustainable materials with ancient Mayan tradition. Located right on the coastline, the hotel provides guests with breathtaking ocean views of the Caribbean.

Azulik is on natural wetlands supported by the local ecosystem which provides sustainable nourishment to the grounds. There is no electricity or typical modern amenities such as TVs, ACs, or WIFI. Instead, the resort emphasizes the surrounding nature. 

The resort provides unique comfort with 48 exquisite villas and features excellent local cuisine and shopping.

Planning a romantic getaway? Looking to get off the grid? If so, a trip to Azulik will leave a long-lasting impression.

Hotel Casa Coyote

Another excellent Eco lodge Tulum opportunity is Hotel Casa Coyote. The hotel is inland, nestled among a multitude of greenery, and provides the perfect relaxed setting. 

The hotel features 23 separate private rooms equipped with comfortable beds, full closets, desks, and air conditioning. There is also a rooftop pool and workstations equipped with high-speed WIFI. 

Extraordinary hotel experiences include a sunset experience on a private terrace. The accessibility to nature also makes it easy to plan your own adventures.

The hotel features a world-class spa that offers a variety of healing works designed for both physical and mental wellbeing. It is also just a five-minute walk from some excellent restaurants, bars, and shops, leaving no shortage of fun nearby activities. 

Zamas Hotel

If you are looking for a unique Tulum eco friendly resort on a traditional beachfront boutique villa, Zamas Hotel is a fantastic option. The hotel has a firm capacity limit that ensures its pristine sandy property is never overcrowded. 

While the hotel is primarily electric-free, it does provide limited lighting and access to WiFi in designated work zones. 

Lodging at this Tulum eco-friendly resort offers easy beach access and excellent sea views. Room options consist of 18 different cabins and beach bungalows, each offering its unique characteristics. This flexibility makes the resort an ideal destination for larger groups as some lodging options can house groups of 11-12 people.

If you’re looking to unwind in a gorgeous, relaxed setting that emphasizes the stunning surrounding natural beauty, a stay at Zamas Hotel will match what you are looking for, making it one of the top eco friendly hotels in Tulum.

Amansala Eco Chic Resort & Spa

Amansala Eco Chic Resort & Spa is a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to leave its imprint long after you have checked out. Standout features include:

  • A spa
  • A fitness center
  • Beachfront views and properties
  • Exciting water sports

Amansala ranks among the most notable retreat centers globally, making it a top-rated destination for yoga enthusiasts. Its combination of sustainable materials and serene setting make for perfect relaxation that highlights a “truly unique energy”.

If you are looking for a stunning natural setting to recharge your batteries, change your perspective or even seek enlightenment, Amansala will not disappoint. 

With a range of customizable packages, guests can plan out their own experience and get whatever they want out of the trip. Its impressive facilities and amenities make Amansala a top Tulum eco-resort.

Ahau Tulum

best time to visit tulum

Ahau Tulum describes itself as a “luxurious and rustic beach resort,” fusing natural elements with top-class luxury to provide guests the best of both worlds. 

The hotel’s Mayan jungle location offers an authentic Tulum experience. At the same time, its access to the white sands and beachfront overlooking the Caribbean Sea make it a top draw for tourists worldwide. 

The sustainable approach at Ahau incorporates oceanfront cabanas and huts using biodegradable building materials. The hotel places particular emphasis on limiting food waste and preserving water. 

This Tulum eco hotel commits to environmental preservation. It is also very active within the local community supporting causes that raise money to eradicate global hunger and fund initiatives that help the local economy. 

Habitas Tulum

If you’re looking to strike the right balance between responsible practices and modern luxury, Habitas Tulum has got you covered. The sustainable sanctuary is between the jungle and the coastline. It provides a unique mix of nature and stunning views within the grounds. 

The hotel has an assortment of lodging options, depending on the experience. Standouts include:

  • Refurbished jungle rooms
  • Pool rooms
  • Ocean tooms

Each room includes sleek furniture and outdoor rain showers. Guests can explore a range of hotel experiences, including swimming in the pool or lagoon, full-service spa packages, yoga lessons, and bike rentals. 

Habitas puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainable initiatives by participating in local beach cleanups, maintaining an active recycling program, and reducing carbon emissions wherever possible.

Hotel Boutique Terra Nova 

Hotel Boutique Terra Nova offers a more scaled-back setting approximately 2 ½ miles outside of the famous Tulum Archeological site. The hotel offers excellent amenities, including a swimming pool, spa, and free WiFi. The grounds include a gorgeous garden, lush with natural beauty and greenery.

Rooms include a balcony, air conditioning, and flexibility in size, making the hotel an ideal consideration for families. A free shuttle runs to and from the local airport, making it more accessible. 

The lower prices, fantastic location, and sustainable model make this one of the best eco hotels in Tulum and a great launching pad for planning your adventures in the surrounding area. 

Papaya Playa Project

Last but not least, the Papaya Playa Project fuses local Mexican culture and sustainability to create a unique hospitality experience. The hotel draws on local roots and incorporates the surrounding environment. 

Lodging options include a nifty combination of cabanas, Villas, and Casitas tailored to match your needs/group size. While there is plenty of beauty to explore, the resort also offers plenty of fun with easy access to Papaya Beach, a wellness center, and live music entertainment.

Green initiatives at the hotel include a commitment to zero carbon emissions, a zero contamination community, and responsible construction of all building projects. 

The resort has a rigorous recycling program and emphasis clean and sustainable water use. There’s also plenty of plant life on the grounds. It’s an excellent option for relaxation while supporting important local, sustainable goals. 

Final Thoughts On Eco Hotels In Tulum

The Tulum region is full of hidden wonders and makes for a great vacation spot. Help support local businesses that give back to the surrounding community while cherishing the Earth. Consider this list of eco hotels in Tulum when mapping out your next trip!

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