If you’ve ever wanted to chat to someone about freelance copywriting, travel, or how to combine both of those into a full-time, location independent lifestyle – you can book a 60-minute coaching and mentoring session with me where we can talk about your ideas, plans, or anything you need help with 🙂

rachael pilcher coaching mentoring work with me
(I can’t help you with your photography skills though)

I’m a freelance copywriter that’s been travelling the world since 2016. I started my business from scratch with nothing but a laptop (and some intense Google searching), and I now earn over 6 figures a year.

I’ve grown this solo copywriting business while backpacking across 20+ countries, which has not been easy. But it’s also been super rewarding – and I can’t imagine life any other way.

You can visit my copywriter website over at Mighty Fine Copy to get an idea of how I make money online with copywriting. Even if you’re not into writing, you can still play around with the animated Godzilla and flying space toaster 🙂

I’ve worked with well-known SaaS brands like Bynder, Biteable, Viddyoze, Datacom, and more. I’ve partnered with brands like Zoho, Unbounce, and Wynter for webinars, ebooks, and training – and I’ve been featured on such illustrious podcasts as The Copywriter Club and Yours In Marketing.

So basically, I like to think I know my shit when it comes to running my freelance business 🙂

If you’re dreaming of creating your own remote work business, or you’re already earning money working online but need that extra push to pack everything up and start travelling – I’m here to give you the advice and reassurance that whatever you want to do is possible!

Over the past 6 years of travelling and working, I’ve made huge mistakes, had huge wins, and only been horribly sick one time (in Egypt. They call it “The Pharaoh’s Revenge”…eww...) – and I’m happy to talk to you about any freelance work or travel things.

Feel free to extract all my brain juices on our one-hour coaching call – and get some helpful shortcuts to designing the life you’d rather have.

What can we talk about?

Honestly, anything you like – it’s your call!

People typically ask me about:

  • How to…you know…start being a nomad
  • How I keep a routine while travelling
  • What a typical day looks like for me
  • Travel advice (and amusing travel stories)
  • Best places to live as a nomad
  • How I stay focused enough to run a 6-figure business
  • How to manage shifting time zones and client work
  • How to manage finances and save better
  • How to get started as a copywriter
  • How to find new (high paying) freelance clients
  • How to increase your freelance rates
  • Mindset
  • Productivity

Does it cost anything?

Yep. Time is money for all of us. I get about half a dozen requests a week from people who want to chat on a call. That would be at least 6 hours out of my week – which eats into my work time, taco time, and going outside to squint at the bright light now and then.

Any coaching and mentoring that’s truly valuable is an investment in the future of your life and business. I take my time (and your time) incredibly seriously, so you’ll walk away with solid suggestions and advice that you can implement to help you get closer to your goals. I’m happy to be your biggest cheerleader, but I also keep things refreshingly real – I’m pretty BS free.

I only book one of these coaching sessions a week, so you’ll get my full brainpower and undivided attention on our call.

Look forward to meeting you 🙂