Can I Bring Deodorant on a Plane? TSA Rules 2023

Remember that one summer when the TSA line was long and short on time? You’ve got a flight to catch! But right when security runs your bag through the scanner for the second time, you wonder…Eek! can I bring deodorant on a plane? 

Can I Bring Deodorant on a Plane?

Whether you’re flying for family, business, or leisure, having easy access to your favorite toiletries can make all the difference between a lovely (non-stinky) flight and a miserable flight wondering if other people can smell you for hours being cooped up in the plane.

Can I Bring Deodorant on a Plane

Before you zip up your bag, I’ll give you the 411 on TSA Rules so that you don’t ever have to feel flustered or setback by the types of deodorants allowed on planes, no matter the size. 

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Transportation Security Administration Rules About Deodorant

TSA supports safe travel with continuously upgraded TSA rules and regulations. TSA employs strategic planning across 440 airports in the United States. Amongst the laundry list of items that TSA allows on airplanes, deodorant is the most common turned-away item at the security checkpoint. 

Deodorants are available as a solid stick or a gel, roll-on, paste, cream, powder, and spray. 

For this reason, airline passengers carrying liquid or gel can throw away deodorants that fall out of the said guidelines or become subject to penalty for non-compliance with TSA security.

Types of Deodorants Allowed on a Plane

If you’re wondering what type of deodorant to bring on a plane, the classic stick deodorant is an easy safeguard. It is spill proof and comes in travel size despite size not being an issue. If you want to bring your favorite artisan-made deodorant bar, toss it in the bag. 

TSA will allow medicated and unmedicated solid deodorants in a checked bag or a carry-on without a size limit. 

However, aerosol deodorant sprays, roll-on, gel, cream, and paste are limited to travel size. If you’re the type of person to use liquid deodorant, the FAA requires you to protect the aerosol release button with a cap to prevent accidental release en flight.

Powdered and crystal deodorants are considered solid deodorants approved for carry-on.

  • Deodorant aerosol yes! Carry on liquid size: less than or equal to 3.4 fl oz (100ml)
  • Deodorant liquids, yes! Carry on liquid size: less than or equal to 3.4 fl oz (100ml)
  • Deodorant solid stick, yes! No size limit is required. 

Carry on Liquid Size

TSA Rules allow liquids through the checkpoint with limitations. Liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes must seal closed inside a quart-sized clear bag. However, bringing liquid as a carry-on will not be accepted through the checkpoint if it is not in a sealed travel container of heavier than 3 ounces. 

Moreover, liquids purchased outside the US must be packaged in a transparent bag, secure, cannot show signs of tampering under TSA screening, and requires proof of purchase. 

  • Limited travel-sized containers must be 3 ounces or less. 
  • Check containers larger than 3 ounces in luggage.
  • Liquid, aerosol, gel, cream, paste, and roll-on deodorants that alarm will be security screen to ensure the safety of all airline passengers
  • Package liquids in transparent packaging

TSA Etiquette 

To save time through the TSA checkpoint, you’ll need to follow TSA etiquette even if you’re walking through TSA’s new precheck expectations. That includes a valid form of ID, your boarding pass, and TSAs listed carry-on rule. 

Being confused about what constitutes a liquid is understandable. After all, is cream a liquid? Yes, it is! For safe keep,  liquids, gels, and aerosol carry-on follow TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid rule: 

  • Each liquid container must be 3 ounces or smaller
  • All items must fit in a clear, one quart-size, zip-top plastic bag
  • Inside one bag 

Can I Bring Spray Deodorant On a Plane?  

Spray deodorants are convenient and allowed through TSA as long as their weight limit falls under the limit. Spray deodorants classify as liquid constituents. Like the other liquids, TSA Rules them as a security risk for airline passengers:

  • Spray deodorant on a plane, yes! Carry on as a liquid
  • Spray deodorant with a button or nozzle cap is required 
  • Spray deodorants that alarm TSA will require further security screening
  • Check spray containers larger than 3 ounces in luggage
  • Sprays must be locked in transparent packaging

Knowing which spray deodorant is allowed on your flight is simple! By having the proper containers and packaging, you’re sure to make your flight on time! 

What Size Deodorant Can I Bring on a Plane? 

Now that you’re familiar with all types of deodorant that TSA will allow, you’re ready to toss the deodorant of your choice in your carry-on. Solid stick, powder, and crystal deodorants of any size are welcome to accompany you on your travels, unlike spray, gel, roll, paste, and cream deodorants that are considered tossable liquids. 

In case you forgot, TSA allows:

  • Liquid deodorants 3.4 ounces or less can accompany any carry-on bag in a quart-sized plastic bag.
  • Check liquid deodorants 3 ounces or more in your bag in a quart-sized plastic bag. 
  • Solid deodorants of any size can accompany either a carry-on or checked bag. 

Accessible Deodorant Options

There are a number of accessible deodorant options that you might consider the next time you are traveling.

Check Your Bag

Spray, aerosol, gel, roll-on, cream, and paste deodorants are all considered liquids. To ensure that your deodorant makes it to the destination with you, double-check to ensure that your liquid deodorant is less than 3.4oz and placed in a quart-sized plastic bag. 

Check Out the Convenience Store 

If the TSA has made you toss your deodorant and you’re in dire need of that fresh feel, buy a deodorant stick after you’ve passed the TSA security checkpoint. Traveling with a solid deodorant bar can save you time flying domestic and international, even if you prefer liquid deodorant.

Buy Travel Size

If you’ve ever wondered why the hygiene racks at Target, Walmart, or your local drug store carry travel-sized toiletries, this is why! Instead, you need to purchase your travel size item, zip it in a quart-sized plastic bag, and mosey on to your flight. Simple as that!

Acquire a Doctors Note

Perhaps you have a medical condition that you’re not federally required to share with TSA, thanks to HIPPA law. So, for example, if you have a deodorant prescription for liquid deodorants, you will get to stay fresh your entire flight. In addition, a doctor’s note can legally protect you from the strict 3-1-1 TSA Rules that the general population must follow. 

If this is you, always carry your doctor’s note or prescription. TSA will ask you for proof of your medical exemption since carrying liquids more significant than 3.4oz will not be allowed past the TSA security checkpoint. 

Conclusion – Can I Bring Deodorant On A Plane?

Now that you’ve armored yourself knowing what deodorants you can check in your bag or bring with you in a carry-on, you can go through TSA stress-free and carry everything you need for comfortable travels. 

Solid deodorants offer you a quick and easy interaction with TSA to skip the headache. And if done correctly, liquid deodorants 3 ounces or less zipped away in a quart-sized clear bag can help you get to your flight faster than a hold-up ever could!

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