27 Awesome Blog Post Ideas for Beginners – Topics To Write About In 2023

Blogging is a great way to get information out to others, whether the blog post is information about your family, information about a craft, product, or service, or just information. It is also a potential way to earn some money and maybe even become a primary source of income. If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our list of blog post ideas for beginners to give you some ideas on topics to write about.

Starting a blog is not difficult. There are plenty of blog platforms for those who want to start small, and WordPress makes it possible to host a blog personally if desired. It is easy to set up the blog. Choosing a theme for its graphics is a simple part. Choosing a niche to fill is not as simple but is essential.

Some may find the next part more difficult. Once the blog is established, the blogger must decide on topics about which to write. One may end up staring at a blank blog post creation screen, wondering what some personal blog topics or high-demand blog topics might work. Below are several blog post ideas for beginner bloggers to jumpstart their brand-new blog.

blog post ideas for beginners

Blog Post Ideas for Beginners


1. Create a list of jokes that illustrate the writer or the theme of the blog. Making visitors laugh is a sure way to get them to come back again and again.

2. Share obscure holidays. A list of these unique celebrations may surprise and delight the readers.

3. Compile a set of memes that relate to the blog’s theme or are popular or amusing. Memes have become a popular way to share opinions with humor.

4. Compare popular topics, such as different types of music, different superhero characters, or some other thing that has comparisons and contrasts. Consider things like jazz vs. classical music, soccer vs. football, term vs. whole life insurance, Norton vs. McAfee, or pretty much anything that is not apples vs. oranges (although that could be an amusing blog post, too!). Mention the pros and cons.

5. Make lists that feature things that interest people. Keep them organized and fill them with quality content. Topics might include things like:

  • 6 Safe Ways to Get a Tan
  • 8 Ways to Build a Better Blog
  • 15 Free Apps to Improve Memory
  • 22 Favorite Hashtags on Social Media

6. Giveaways, either personal or curated, create posts that are likely to be shared with others. Nearly everyone enjoys having a chance to win something. 


7. Interview an expert in a related field and post a transcript. Reading about others’ success and the process to reach it can encourage and inspire people.

8. Write about personal accomplishments, including how they were achieved.

9. Make a list of things learned over the past year. Others may not yet have discovered these things.

10. List bloggers that have inspirational blogs or offer positive content. The reader is likely to be inspired by similar things that the writer finds inspiring.

11. Suggest a variety of random acts of kindness ideas to encourage readers to pay it forward and do good.

12. Discuss ways to be better organized and push toward goals by managing time and resources wisely.


13. Create a “how-to” that explains the process of achieving a goal, whether it is a physical project, a particular skill, or an emotional or mental experience.

14. Compile information or advice from experts to help readers to learn from a variety of people. This could be a topic related to the blog or something the readers want to see. For example, if the blog is about family life, topics could include “8 Experts’ Parenting Hacks” or “16 Great Sites for Learning Cooking Skills” or “12 Ways to Beat Debt According to Financial Experts.”

15. Write guides about specific familiar topics. Research, include sources, and share experiences. Guide visitors to build a website, create a craft, or learn a skill. Bring the information to people of all levels, including beginners.

16. Offer ways to maintain an even disposition and handle stressful situations.


17. Product reviews are a great option for a blog post. Choose any sort of product from software and books to clothing and tools. Anything that can aid a reader to decide on a future purchase will be useful. You could even create cool unboxing videos for YouTube that you could add to your physical product reviews.

18. Compile a list of favorite things. Include affiliate links wherever possible to increase potential revenue.

19. Do a write-up about a non-profit or charity. A local organization or one that helped the writer or a loved one is an excellent choice.

20. Infographics about the blog’s niche are good for sharing information colorfully and pleasingly.


21. Discuss family life, including events such as birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and household topics.

22. Tell readers about current goals and plans to meet those goals. Explain why the goals are important and what encourages reaching for them.

23. Talk about recently finished books and whether they were enjoyable or not, and explain why.

24. Share holiday traditions, including recipes, games, movies, and other things that make the holiday unique in the family.

blog post ideas for beginners


25. Offer an unpopular opinion. Anger is an emotion that tends to result in visitors engaging with the content, either by commenting or by sharing, or both. Engagement is good for adding followers.

26. Almost any specific diet information will have opposed readers. Having comments open on diet-related posts are likely to result in conversation, but be aware that it may be heated.

27. Political opinions are sure to cause an enormous emotional response, whether readers agree or disagree. These, too, might be divisive and could alienate some readers, so be aware of potential consequences before taking the blog into the political arena.

Conclusion – Blog Post Ideas For Beginners, and Topics To Write About

Choosing topics to write about can be difficult. Some of these awesome blog post ideas for beginners may be exactly what a blog needs. On the other hand, depending on the theme of the blog, other ideas may be necessary. This list can be used as a jumping-off point to create unique blog ideas for whatever specific blog theme is desired.

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