Best Places To Get Vegan Food In Mexico City – Insider Secrets!

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian that’s planning to visit Mexico City, you might be panicking a little about the food situation, and wondering if there’s any vegan food in Mexico City. That’s understandable, as Mexico is traditionally known for using nose-to-tail animal bits which make for some utterly terrifying street food stalls.

But FEAR NOT – there are a ton of vegan restaurants, vegan cafes, and vegan fast food options here – and they’re all freaking delicious. So if you’re wondering – is Mexico City vegan friendly? The answer is yes! These are my personal favorite vegan restaurants in Mexico City, plus vegan stores if you’re cooking for yourself.

I’ve spent over a year in Mexico City, living in all the different areas of this sprawling metropolis so I could get a good feel for the vibe of each neighbourhood – and of course, eat my way through their local vegan food options.

The vegetarian and vegan scene is alive and well here – and not only that, but it’s good. Like, really good.

vegan food in mexico city
La Pitahaya’s iconic pink tacos

So if you’ve been staying away from Mexico based on the fact you’d rather choose death over eating pork-butt quesadillas, or whatever is bubbling away in that meaty cauldron on the street corner – here are my top picks for eating and shopping for delicious vegan food in Mexico City.

Vegan Street Food In Mexico City

Many of the street foods you pass by in Mexico City can be veganized, so don’t be scared to ask!

I always walk past and see if street vendors have bowls of salads, rice, salsa, guacamole, vegetables, potatoes, or beans at their stands – as it’s pretty easy for the stall holders to throw together a tasty taco, quesadilla, or tostada without any animal products.

Just make sure to check your food is sin asiento (without pork lard) – this is often brushed on tacos or tortas to boost the flavor.

vegan food in mexico city
Fat Vegan’s insanely good California burrito

Words And Phrases To Help You Order Vegan Food In Mexico City

As you’ll be spending a lot of time carefully perusing menus, it’s helpful to learn some basic Spanish words to ensure your food doesn’t contain animal products.

Soy vegana: I am vegan (if you’re a female)

Soy vegano: I am vegan (if you’re a male)

Sin carne: Without meat

Sin queso: Without cheese

Sin huevos: Without eggs

Sin asiento: Without pork lard

Sin leche: Without milk

Con leche almendra: With almond milk

Con leche soya: With soy milk

Con leche avena: With oat milk

vegan food in mexico city
Flores de Vegano in Mercado Roma

Best Neighborhood To Stay In For Vegan Food In Mexico City

The Roma and Condesa neighbourhoods have the majority of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes in Mexico City. If you’re not planning to cook for yourself, staying in this area is your best option for finding lots of tasty and healthy vegan food options.

Whether you’re craving some vegan fast food, tacos and tortas, salads, protein shakes, juices, or vegan bowls, you’ll find everything you’re looking for nearby.

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Best Vegan Restaurants & Cafes In Mexico City


Yes the tacos really are this pink. They’re coloured with natural beet juice, and the photos pretty much take themselves.

La Pitahaya has been around for about 6 years now, and their food is consistently bright, colorful, and fresh – you can almost eat it with your eyes.

best vegan food in mexico city
best vegan food in mexico city
Cauliflower, Tofu, and Mushroom Tacos
best vegan food in mexico city

Menu highlights for me includes the vegan nachos, cauliflower tacos, mushroom al pastor tacos, and tofu tacos. Nom nom nom.

In addition to delicious vegan food, they also serve kombucha and other organic beverages. The pink chai latte is especially good, and authentically spicy, which can be hard to find in Mexico.


A great casual lunch spot with an outdoor garden street setting (admire their large weed plant as you sip your coffee!).

My favorite thing to eat here is the falafel burrito, which is quite substantial – so go hungry and ready to feast. Or take a friend and compartir it. Their guacamole with a crispy, edible vegan chicharron bowl is pretty good too.

They have a good variety of stuff on their menu, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste.

best vegan food in mexico city
best vegan food in mexico city
best vegan food in mexico city

P.S. You can get great coffee and fresh pressed juices from the coffee shop next door too.


Gold Taco is located in the hip Mercado Roma food court, along with Flores de Vegano which is also on this list. So it’s easy to stuff your face at both places in one sitting! Not that I would encourage you to do that of course… *cough*

This restaurant has been around since 2000, making it one of the oldest and most established places to find vegan food in Mexico City.

My faves on the menu here are the spicy chorizo tacos, and mushroom quesadilla with vegan cheese.

best vegan food in mexico city
best vegan food in mexico city
Spicy Chorizo Taco + Mushroom Quesadilla
best vegan food in mexico city
  • Gold Taco | Address: Calle Querétaro 225, Mercado Roma Food Court (Roma Norte)


I’m not a big eater of vegan junk food, but sometimes….the craving strikes. This fast food joint came highly recommended by several burger-loving people I spoke to (and over 600 reviewers on Google).

The decor here is adorably kawaii, and if they sold merch I would be all over their cute, tubby restaurant mascots (please make some t-shirts Fat Vegan!). You can sit inside, outside, or takeaway, and they have wifi if you want to snack and work at the same time.

Okay, let’s get into the fooooood.

For your viewing pleasure, I present the Fat Chimichanga breakfast burrito. I didn’t even know you could deep fry a burrito – but now I am armed with this very dangerous information.

best vegan food in mexico city
best vegan food in mexico city
Fat Chimichanga Breakfast Burrito
best vegan food in mexico city

Crispy, delicious, and not too greasy, this is stuffed full of fluffy scrambled tofu, sticky caramelized onion, and a sprinkle of vegan cheese. On the side, mildly spicy salsa verde and the ubiquitous guacamole for some freshness.

Breakfast Tofu Sandwich
Banana Coffee Protein Shake
Caesar Salad & California Burrito

Other menu highlights we tried on our (embarrassing number of) return visits here include the hash browns, California burrito, breakfast sandwiches, and Caesar salad.

If you’re looking for a vegan fast food hit while you’re in Mexico City, this should be firmly on your list.

  • Fat Vegan | Address: Calle San Luis Potosí 130 (Roma Norte)


I overlooked going to this place for ages, as I’d walked past it a few times and hand no idea what it was. What it is…..is Freaking Amazing!

Don’t be put off by its modest exterior. It does everything ten times better than the fancy places in Roma, for a fraction of the price. It also has flawless 5 star reviews on Google (and one of those is mine).

The food is consistently fresh (as you would expect from the name) and ridiculously tasty. In addition to everything on the menu being vegan, it’s also gluten free – hurrah!

Modest exterior. Epic food
Tofu scramble
Avocado toast

Behold this hedonistic, fluffy, and flavorsome tofu scramble with a side of refried beans and crispy gluten free toast! Sure, it will never make the front page of Vogue magazine, but who cares – we’re here for the flaves and nutrients.

Menu highlights here are….well….pretty much everything. The tofu scramble, tortilla soup, red chilaquiles, and green juice are probably my favourites – but I never had a bad meal here.

It’s also really affordable compared to many of the other trendy cafes and restaurants in the Roma district. For example, a delicious avo toast at Fresh & Co will only set you back $69 pesos ($3.30 USD) while tourist favorites like Lalo and Ojo de Agua will charge you around $180 mxn ($9 USD) for avo toast that isn’t anywhere near as good.

It will be a cold day in hell before I pay $9 USD for a scraping of avocado on toast when I can go to Fresh & Co and have something infinitely better!

  • Fresh & Co | Address: Calle San Luis Potosi on the corner of Monterrey & Yucatan (Roma Norte)


I basically lived here during my stay in Roma Norte, because it was close, the food was on point, and it was open later than most other places.

It’s also a nice place to work from, and there were always a few other people there toiling away on their laptops.

Spaghetti Provenzal – muy rico!!
Baja-Style Cauliflower Tacos
Breakfast Molkyetes

The breakfast menu here is okay, but where Forever really shines is their menu from 12pm onwards.

I loved the crispy, baja-style cauliflower tacos that are so loaded they’re impossible to eat politely, but you won’t care because you’ll be too busy stuffing your face. Rich, incredibly tasty spaghetti provenzal, and the crunchy, fresh dragon bowl were my other go-to orders here.

  • Forever | Address: Calle Guanajuato 54 (Roma North)


If you’re a vegan eating out with meat lovin’ friends in Roma, this rooftop restaurant is a great choice for everyone. They have a dedicated plant based menu as part of their wider menu. The cocktails here are also fantastic!

I recommend the roasted cauliflower, all the mini tacos, and the Beyond burger if you’re feeling extra hungry.

best vegan food in mexico city
best vegan food in mexico city
Balmori’s Plant Based Menu
best vegan restaurants in mexico city

Balmori Rooftop | Address: Calle Zacatecas 139 (Roma North)


This is a modest little food joint with two locations serving traditional Mexican fare made with vegan meat substitutes.

You shouldn’t have to miss out on all the wonderful local flavors just because you don’t like chowing down on intestines or pig snouts, right?

The faux meat al pastortrompo outside looks particularly sad and unappetising, but once you get past that, you’ll enjoy the cheap, tasty eats that Por Siempre serves up til late – from enfrijoladas to guac and chips, tacos, tortas, and molcajetes, desserts, and baked goods.

vegan food in mexico city
vegan food in mexico city
  • Por Siempre Vegana  | Address: Corner Calle Manzanillo & Chiapas (Roma Norte)
  • Por Siempre Vegana 2 | Address: Calle Coahuila 169 (Roma Norte)


Another great option if you want to grab some vegan street food on the move. Gatorta is a tiny street cart that’s a little tricky to find, as it’s not well signposted. And if it’s closed, it looks like an unmarked tin shed, which is really helpful…

vegan food in mexico city
vegan food in mexico city
vegan food in mexico city

Once you find it, you can tuck into decent sized tortas, tacos with twist-tie baggies of fiery hot sauce, hot dogs, and gringas – made with your choice of soy meat or gluten-based meat.

Gatorta  | Address: Calle Puebla 182 (on the corner with a couple of other street carts) (Roma Norte)


Looking for vegan desserts in Mexico City? I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do get the odd craving for sugary, cinnamony churros once in a while. And I know exactly where to find them.

While most of the churros I’ve tried in the city are pretty good, El Moro does them best. It’s the originator – cranking out crispy, chewy, perfect, vegan churros since 1935.

Best of all, they’re really cheap 🙂

More Places To Find Tasty Vegan Food In Mexico City

  • Plantasia – Contemporary Asian fusion food in a gorgeous setting! This is located in Roma Norte, and if you’ve been craving food like wontons, gyozas, rice cakes, or butter tofu, you won’t be disappointed.
  • U.to,pi.a – The pizza. The tiramisu. Holy shit. Just go there. This restaurant is in Condesa, and is close to Nosferatu Pizza who also does an epic vegan pizza.
  • Pan Comido – Sandwiches, burgers, bowls, and other super tasty food in a casual, cute cafe setting. You can find them in Roma and Anzures.
  • Vegamo Centro One of the few vegan places in the Historic Center of the city. Go early for their matcha waffle sandwich, and after lunch for their tasty vegan bowls.
  • El Jardin Interior – A beautiful garden restaurant serving fresh, vegan and vegetarian food including soups, salads, tofu dishes, and traditional Mexican food.
  • Yug Vegetariano – Serving breakfast and lunch, Yug has been delighting vegans since 1963. Their menu is large and can be overwhelming trying to choose the right thing. They also offer lunch and breakfast buffets to make life easier, and set menu paquetsˆas well. All their bread is made in house, and it’s super fresh and delicious.
  • Viko Taqueria VeganTucked away underground in the subway next to the entrance to Chapultepec Park, you’d never know this was there if you weren’t looking for it. It’s worth sniffing out, as the tacos are ridiculously tasty, and ridiculously cheap too.
  • Los LoosersA local favorite in Condesa, this hip cafe does some yummy no-fish tacos and burgers.
  • Fakc Yeah Another vegan fast food joint that’s worth a try if you’re drifting around the Condesa/Hipodromo area!

vegan food in mexico city

Do you live in Mexico City? Despite my best efforts, there are still so many places to eat vegan food in Mexico City that I haven’t tried yet – what’s your favorite? Leave me a comment below!

Best Vegan Stores In Mexico City

I love to cook my own food, and I usually stay for several months at a time in Mexico City when I visit, so finding good vegan supplies and fresh produce is essential.

It can be tricky to find a lot of vegan staples here (I still haven’t found a store bought tofu I love yet). For fresh fruit and veges, visit one of the local markets – and for everything else, you should be able to find what you need at these vegan stores:


Not going to lie, I’ve spent a fortune here. Smoked tofu, protein powder, ice cream, tempeh, and all the Beyond Meat and Gardein products you can handle.

I even found some delicious sausages that didn’t turn into powdery, dried up husks when you cook them – the store assistant descirobe then as “not famous, but good”- but don’t worry little sausages, I’m going to help you get the word out, and you’ll be famoso soon enough!

  • Mr Tofu | Address: Polanco, Condesa, and multiple other locations around Mexico


This company has 7 organic supermarkets and 3 restaurants in Mexico City, and is a great place to find fresh produce and organic staples for the pantry.

The Green Corner | Address: Various locations


A great little vegan and natural products store with an adjoining restaurant and bakery

Vegan Ville | Address: Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 811 (Navarte Poniente)


A one stop shop for you and your pets. This market has hard to find meat substitutes, pantry essentials, pet and baby products, beauty products, supplements, and baking goods.

Green Paradise | Address: Av. Popocatépetl 415 Local 8-primer piso, Sta Cruz Atoyac (Benito Juarez)


Located next to Forever vegan restaurant, this is a small store where you can pick up fruit and veges, protein powders, supplements, and fridge and freezer items to keep your cupboards stocked.

Vegetal | Address: Calle Manzanillo 22b (Roma Norte)


In business for 15 years, this is one of the oldest vegan stores in Mexico City. You’ll find prepared meals, meat and dairy substitutes, snacks, baked goods, cereals, and pretty much everything else you’re looking for here.

The physical store is located just north of Mexico City

Super Veganos | Address: In front of the cabbage market, corner Begonia Street and Nueces Street (Nueva Santa María)


A great place to find vegan cheeses, meats, dairy alternatives, desserts, breads, kitchen staples, and personal care products.

Vegan Label | Address: Barragán 604 A, Narvarte Oriente (Benito Juarez)


A vegan marketplace with local and international products for people and pets. You’ll find well stocked fridges, freezers, and shelves full of healthy food, vegan essentials, and tasty, guilt-free snacks.

Bien Mercado Vegano | Address: Sinaloa 164b (Benito Juarez)

Map Of The Best Vegan Restaurants & Stores In Mexico City

You can use this handy map to to find the best places for vegan food in Mexico City that I’ve mentioned in this list.

Want to download the map to your smartphone and use it offline? No problem! Click here for instructions

Final Thoughts – Best Vegan Food In Mexico City

If you’re in the Roma/Condesa neighborhoods of Mexico City, you can barely go a couple of blocks without running into a vegan restaurant or cafe – and most of the regular restaurants here have plenty of vegan options as well.

I never had crappy vegan or vege food here, and honestly – I really miss the food culture in this city whenever I leave Mexico.

If you only have a few days in the city, and you’re stuck deciding which vegan restaurants to visit – my personal faves are Forever, Fresh & Co, and Fat Vegan.

I’m writing this post from Costa Rica, and it’s making me super hungry for all delicious vegan food back in Mexico City!

I’ve written a lot of posts about Mexico, as it’s one of my favourite places in the world to live and work in. Check out these posts below, or browse all my posts about Mexico here.

Which vegan food in Mexico City are you dying to try out? Leave me a comment below!

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