7 Best Travel Writing Courses Online In 2023

Travel writing provides a flexible job opportunity that can take you literally anywhere you’d like to go. Check out these top selling travel writing courses to start your freelance writing career, or advance the writing you’re already doing in the travel niche.

Freelance travel writers typically write long, lyrical essays about faraway places and practical visitor’s guides to local tourist attractions. Whatever your writing style, it’s important you understand how to hook a reader into your story so they can picture themselves in the place you’re talking about.

Taking a travel writing course can help you master the techniques needed to become a successful travel writer.

travel writing courses

Our list of the best online travel writing courses features a variety of classes for a well-rounded travel journalist. Today’s freelancers must understand not only the mechanics of writing but also effective marketing and personal brand management. 

These effective and highly recommended travel writing courses provide the information you need to identify stories, pitch ideas, and write engaging articles, blogs, features, and other travel articles. Continue reading to explore our top seven picks for online travel writing courses.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Travel Writing Course

Travel writing represents a very large and diverse collection of freelance writing opportunities. It’s important to understand where you are in your career to determine the best online travel writing course for you. 

Also, consider your dreams for this career. Examine your inner desires to help choose the most effective travel writing courses that fit your goals.

The travel writing courses on this list can be both held in-person and virtual or exclusively online opportunities. Some of these classes cost about $100 while others can cost more than $1,000. While some courses take only a few hours, other travel writing courses featured here require weeks of commitment. 

Some of these courses listed here can present an official certification or other credentials upon completion of the class. Many of the travel courses featured on this list deliver expertise from famous travel writers with long lists of published works. 

Consider your priorities when choosing an online travel course. There are many opportunities available to learn about becoming a travel writer. Examine what matters to you to find a fit that will inspire you in your exciting new career.

Best Online Travel Writing Courses

These courses provide exceptional content and access to influential travel writers. Within these courses is wonderful information about marketing your pieces, discovering your unique voice, and other practical insights into becoming a freelance travel writer.

Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class

travel writing courses

This online class provides an affordable alternative to attending the popular live travel writing master class from Roy Stevenson. Stevenson has sold thousands of travel articles to many of the most prominent travel magazines and publications in the United States – racking up an impressive 800 feature articles in the last 5 years!

Available topics within this master class include special sessions about marketing and building relationships with editors. Experts from prominent travel magazines host every panel within this masterclass, enhancing the quality of this overall package of presentations. 

This master class is available on-demand in an online format. For a one-time price of $799, aspiring travel writers can access the wisdom from this course over and over. This online travel course also includes a Success Panel featuring former masterclass attendees to inspire you to continue on your freelance travel writing journey.

Travel Writing Overdrive

travel writing courses

Prominent travel writer Tim Leffel delivers the popular class Travel Writing Overdrive. For just under $200, Leffel provides a 12-module video series teaching his wisdom from over a decade of travel writing. This series is available on-demand for students for a lifetime after purchasing.

This class requires diligent self-direction as you study at your own pace. There is no available personalized coaching or mentorship available with this online travel writing course. A Facebook group is available to help keep fellow Travel Writing Overdrive students stay motivated and share insights.  

Students who dedicate two hours weekly to this course will finish in six weeks. If you can only commit one hour each week, this course will take you about three months to complete. Leffel provides modules on self-promotion, productivity measurement worksheets, and more.

You’ll learn:

  • What readers want from your articles
  • Where to find low hanging fruit for travel articles
  • Why focused travel writers earn more money
  • How specialized travel writers win at blogging and freelancing

Gotham Writers Workshop

Since 1993, Gotham Writers Workshop has supported New York City writers with their creative goals. Now, virtual writers can benefit from the expertise of this successful writing workshop. Gotham offers many writing classes, for fiction, nonfiction, comedy, and scriptwriting both in-person within New York and virtual writing courses.

Gotham offers a regular travel writers workshop. This course provides a basic foundation to travel writing. Additional tracks for travel writing take your skills past the 101 level. Explore online travel writing courses like Memoir I for travel memoirs and Feature Article I for long-form writing about your adventures.

This Gotham class provides in-person, online, and Zoom class options. The Zoom class is held live and in real-time for students who wish for more personalized coaching and accountability. The online course is done at your own pace. Both online courses cost $419 for a 10-week workshop. Returning Gotham students enjoy a reduced price.

Write Your World: Express Your Creativity through Article Writing, Blogging, and Essays

travel writing courses

The Write Your World course provides a terrific basic introduction to your freelance travel writing career. This course asks such helpful questions as, “how do I start?” and “is blogging still relevant?” If this sounds like where you are with your travel writing career, check out this online travel writing course.

This six-week course runs in real-time and costs about $330. Weekly 90-minute Zoom meetings are included as well as personalized workshopping of written travel writing pieces. This course encourages lively discussion and participation with class attendees within a virtual environment. 

If sharing a piece is not within your comfort zone, this online travel writing course may not be appropriate for you.

This course is taught by Rudri Patel, a prolific freelance writer. Patel has published in The Washington Post and ESPN. This course is developed for writers at any stage of their career who are seeking frequent feedback. True beginners are welcome in this online travel writing course.

Morris Journalism Academy

travel writing courses

The Morris Journalism Academy delivers the most extensive, professional operation to support freelance travel writers. This Australian institution is specifically designed to appeal to freelance writers in Australia and New Zealand but is relevant for students anywhere. Students in more than 80 nations have taken courses with Morris Journalism Academy.

This online travel writing course offers a professional, credentialed program for a dedicated freelance journalist. Over the course of a year, 12 tutorials arrive via email to all distance learning students. These modules cover diverse topics like finding your topics, maintaining professional discipline, and following up on payments from editors.

This Academy presents the highest financial investment for an online travel writing course. At nearly $1,000 U.S. dollars, the Morris Journalism Academy provides a professional-level choice. After the successful completion of this course, students receive a certificate of completion for Professional Freelance Journalism.

Writer’s Digest University

travel writing courses

Successful travel writer Jack Adler delivers this online travel writing course from Writer’s Digest University. Adler wrote travel pieces for places like the Los Angeles Times and Travel Weekly

This course provides a concise, structured class for beginning travel writers. This course covers the comprehensive gamut of information, from gathering ideas and drafting an article to finding an appropriate market. 

A six-week travel writing course, this class does not require any live classroom sessions or virtual workshops. Students follow along with weekly lectures and receive feedback on written assignments. Adler’s course costs about $380 and does not feature any on-demand video modules.

Great Escape Publishing

travel writing course

Practical travelers will enjoy this online travel writing course from Great Escape Publishing. Called the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, this class focuses on the straightforward tips you need to get a freelance travel writing career up and going.

This program delivers more niche information than other programs on this list. Choose Great Escape’s courses for information on current trending topics and other techniques to get practical travel stories to sell quickly. The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program offers more than 400 pages of content as a helpful resource for your budding travel writing career.

Practicality is key for this online travel writing course. Great Escape offers templates for writers and provides samples to help writers pitch articles. Learn money-saving tips from Jennifer Stevens, a successful travel writer who boasts a six-figure freelance travel writing income. 

Stevens can advise you on how to secure free meals, free transportation, and even free vacations with her years of travel writing expertise.

The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program costs around $400. However, many times this course is offered with a heavy discount reducing this class by more than half. This course also frequently comes with free books and other perks.

Books On Travel Writing

As well as online courses, there are also some great books you can read to help you unravel the mysteries of being a successful traver writer, and set you on the path to earning great money from your travel stories.

These are a few of our favorites:

Conclusion – Top Travel Writing Courses

Learning travel writing provides a rewarding career for beginning and advanced writers alike. Travel writing offers creative people a way to see the world and share their unique perspectives on all of the thrilling attractions and natural wonders around the globe. 

Many people may not be able to ever see far-flung places, so travel writers are necessary to share the beauty and amazement of these exotic locations.

Many exceptional online travel writing courses exist to provide technical assistance for writers. Learn marketing techniques, receive writing feedback, understand the travel writing market, and more with these exceptional online courses. Learn from travel writing experts and even receive official certifications with these online travel writing courses.

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