The Best Smart Water Bottles for Digital Nomads [2022]

When is a water bottle not a just water bottle? When it’s a smart water bottle. Yes, there is such a thing – and they’re perfect for when you’re having a busy work or travel day. I’ve put together a guide to the best smart water bottles for digital nomads to help you learn more about this piece of tech you never knew you needed.

With hi-tech, intelligent features like bluetooth syncing, fitness tracking, and hydration tracking, these water bottles aren’t as cheap as standard drink bottles. But if you’re a tech geek and you want to stay healthy, focused, and track your hydration while you’re working and travelling, these are worth the investment. Plus, they’re kinda fun!

best smart water bottles

What is a smart water bottle?

Smart water bottles typically sync up with a mobile app to track your water intake, give you hydration information, and track your goals. You’re also doing your bit for the environment by not relying on single-use plastic water bottles.

It’s recommended that you drink 8 glasses (around 2 litres) of water each day. This helps your body flush out toxins, improves your mental clarity, and helps keep your weight down. Often when we feel hungry, we’re actually thirsty but we don’t read our body signals properly. 

When you’re busy or on the move, it’s easy to forget to keep up your water intake until it’s too late. This can leave you feeling dehydrated, tired, grumpy, and fuzzy-headed.

With a smart water bottle at your side, you’ll be able to get the right amount of hydration to keep your body (and mind) at peak performance all day. The tracking reinforces good habits and helps you set and stick to your fitness and health goals.

Adequate water intake improves your stamina, vital organ function, and pH balance. It also promotes clear skin, and can reduce the risk of health problems such as kidney stones and gout.

Smart water bottle features

The best smart water bottle is one that you’ll actually use. There are a few things to keep in mind, based on what you’ll mainly be using it for.

If your main concern is getting fit and staying hydrated, you might consider getting a bottle with a fitness tracker that syncs with a Fitbit or similar device.

Planning to travel to distant places where you might be off the grid for a while? No problem, you can get smart water bottles with power banks. This means you can also keep your other tech gadgets charged when you’re on the move.

Is it high quality? As with any tech gear, you get what you pay for. You want your smart bottle to be super durable and to do what it promises, which is keep you healthy, safe, and hydrated.

Will it hold enough water for your needs? A tiny bottle might be fine if you’re at your desk all day and can top up easily, but it might not be enough to keep your hydration levels stable — for example, if you’re training or running long distances.

Best smart water bottles

best smart water bottles

1. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle 

This is my pick of the smart water bottles. It gives you constant reminders about your water intake by glowing like you’re at a warehouse rave party and it’s still 1997. It’s designed for style and fun in a choice of 5 colors, and has a sleek, modern vibe.

Sensors track your water intake as you use the bottle, and your progress is synced to the free hydration tracker app with bluetooth. It’s compatible with iOS and most Android devices and syncs up with Fitbit.

This smart bottle is safe and BPA free, with a silicone sleeve and finger loop to improve grip when you’re running. It fits standard cup holders, backpack pockets, and bike bottle holders. The lid and bottom ring are dishwasher friendly, and the bottle and sensor can be safely washed by hand.

The Hidrate 3 also has a handy location tracker, so if you tend to leave things at cafes like I do, or absent mindedly lose it around the house, the app can locate it to where it was last synced.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • A great choice for runners, athletes, and cyclists
  • Mesmerising, like a giant glow stick for your desk!


  • The price! This runs a little higher than some of the other smart bottles, but the built-in features more than make up for it.

My personal choice:

I use the Hidrate Smart Steel – it’s robust, keeps my drink cool, doesn’t leak, and has glowing hydration reminder lights so I can pretend I’m still in the 90s.

best smart water bottles

2. Icewater 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle 

Another glow-tastic smart bottle, the Icewater has a few different models available to choose from. 

It steps up the tech features from the Hidrate with…a built-in Bluetooth speaker! For a small speaker, the Icewater gives a crisp, clear sound which is also surprisingly loud.

This bottle brings the party everywhere you go with loud, clear, surround sounds for your beach party, camp site, picnic, or yoga session. Do I need to mention it’s also water resistant? Being that it’s part of a water bottle? 

The speaker has a resonance function, so when you’re outside and place it on a wooden table, it creates strong bass beats. Need more? There’s a dance mode function which syncs the pulses of your smart bottle to the beat of your tunes so you can keep hydrated and keep feeling the music.

Aside from all this fun technology, the Icewater bottle features a non-slip grip for when you’re jogging or outdoors and glows on the hour to remind you to top up your water intake when you’re having a busy day. It fits easily into your bike bottle holder, backpack, and most vehicle cup holders.

If you’re travelling and working remotely, this smart bottle is also a great conversation starter!


  • Very affordable!
  • 100% BPA free materials to ensure your water is non-toxic
  • Charges with USB, no batteries needed
  • Built in 5W Bluetooth speaker with surround sound
  • Glowing lights dance to your music

best smart water bottles

3. Hydra Tech Bottle

If you’re looking for a smart bottle with slightly different features, the Hydra Tech is a popular choice. It has the familiar glowing reminder to keep your water levels up, but lacks the hydration tracking features.

Despite this, it has a ton of other excellent features. It can be used as a water bottle, portable power bank, lantern, and emergency beacon. 

It has a rechargeable 5 watt Bluetooth speaker that you can sync with your smartphone to keep you motivated while you work, and entertained while you’re on the move. You can also pick up FM radio with it. Even better, you can use your bottle to take hands-free phone calls!

The design of the bottle is a bit like a camping lantern, and you can even use it for this purpose. The lantern option gives a soft glow for evening beach gatherings and camping adventures, and it has a flashing red light mode if you need it for roadside breakdowns or wilderness emergencies. In addition, it has vibrant, color-changing mood lights to brighten the mood of your workspace, or chillspace.

Need more? The Hydra has a USB charging port and power bank in the base that lets you easily charge your bottle, plus your bottle’s Bluetooth speaker and any other smart devices you’re travelling with. You won’t have the hassle of running out of batteries and having to order replacements like some of the other smart bottles.

The hands-free microphone lets you record clear voice notes while you’re out and about. Although it might seem a little weird talking to your water bottle, this function comes in really handy when you have a brilliant idea and you’re away from your laptop.

A generous 600 ml capacity is the perfect size for hitting the gym or going for a long jog. It’s made of hard-wearing, durable plastic and comes with a sturdy clip so you can attach it to belts or backpacks when you need to travel or work out.


  • Rainbow mood lights
  • Built-in power bank lets you charge other devices
  • No batteries required
  • Lantern and emergency light functions
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Durable and non-toxic


  • No hydration alerts
  • Doesn’t keep fluids as icy cold as stainless steel smart bottles

best smart water bottles

4. HydraCoach 2.0 – Sip & See Smart Water Bottle

This bottle is simpler than it’s techy counterparts, but has everything you need to reach your daily hydration goals. It’s an effective way to ensure you’re getting enough water.

Unlike the other bottles, it doesn’t sync with devices such as your smartphone or Fitbit. You just add water, take a drink, and view your hydration stats on the bottle’s screen. No complicated setup is required here.

The bottle is super simple to use, with three buttons (start/stop, mode, and setup). Once you’ve dialled it in to your weight, the bottle tracks your drinking over a 24-hour period and gives you the percentage of water you’ve consumed out of your daily total requirement.

If you’re having a desk day, you can set the hydration tracking to normal, but if you’ll be at the gym or on your bike, you can scale up your intake levels accordingly.

Perhaps one of the best features of the HydraCoach is that you can pop it in the dishwasher to keep it clean and sanitized without worrying about destroying the bottle or its tech hardware


  • Non-toxic, BPA free material
  • Soft, silicone mouthpiece to avoid spills
  • Easy to set up
  • Built-in hydration calculator
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Doesn’t sync with other smart devices

best smart water bottles

5. LifeFuels Smart Bottle

This smart bottle switches things up a little from standard water, so if you find that keeping yourself properly hydrated is kinda boring, this bottle is for you. 

LifeFuels comes with FuelPods that are stored in the base of the bottle, which make up to 90 drinks that are packed with essential vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and flavors. 

If you want to step up your hydration game but aren’t a fan of the nothingness taste of water, this bottle is for you. Simply fill the smart bottle up with water, dispense your pod, and enjoy! You can adjust the strength of your functional drink with the Light, Standard, and Strong taste settings.

The LifeFuels app syncs to your bottle, letting you set and track personalized hydration goals, and order new pods when you run low. Ditch all your single-use plastic water bottles and give this one a try.


  • Recyclable FuelPods that you can return through a send-back program
  • 500ml capacity
  • Carrying lanyard
  • Bridges the gap between hydration, nutrition, and technology


  • Not as durable as other bottles
  • Might be too chunky for your car cup holder

best smart water bottles

6. Bellabeat Spring Hydration Smart Tracker Water Bottle

Bellabeat produces a range of health-focused wearables. If you already own one of their Leaf smart jewellery trackers, the Bellabeat Spring is a great choice for your first smart water bottle. Firmly targeted at the female demographic, the bottle tracks how much water you’ve had to drink throughout the day, and how much more you’ll need.

This bottle lets you program in your weight, age, height, activity level, and even your local weather. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you can add these details in too. Sync

The Bellabeat encourages you to form healthy hydration habits as easily as possible. With a stylish, sleek design, it measures how much you drink when you shake the bottle. This syncs with the Bellabeat app to give you a progress update.


  • Syncs with Android and iOS
  • No charging – the replaceable battery lasts 6 months
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable glass body
  • Easy to set up, use, and carry


  • On the pricey side at $80 USD

best smart water bottles

7. Joseph Joseph 81053 Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle

Simplicity and sophistication make this smart bottle a consumer favorite, and for many people it’s equally as effective as one of its hi-tech counterparts.

There’s no dedicated app and no personalized goal setting or hydration tracking. Simply fill the bottle with water and one of the four lights on the bottle will activate. Fill it up again, and the second light will go on. Once you’ve had four bottles, all the lights will be on, which ensures (for most people) your daily hydration game is strong.


  • The simplest smart water bottle out there!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Impact resistant, BPA free material


  • Zero tech features, so nowhere near as trendy as the other smart bottles

Conclusion: Best Smart Water Bottles For Digital Nomads

We all need different levels of hydration due to our specific body types and activity levels. Eight glasses a day is adequate for most of us, but not enough for some people. A smart water bottle lets you calculate the levels of hydration you’ll need on a daily basis, and then helps you achieve them.

While nobody really needs a smart bottle, they’re a fun, portable piece of tech that can improve your health and wellness, and they make for an awesome conversation starter!

Hopefully this review of the best smart water bottles has given you a good insight into which hi-tech bottle is a good fit for your remote work, fitness, or travel goals.

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smart water bottle digital nomads
smart water bottles digital nomads
best smart water bottles

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