13 Best Digital Nomad Reddit Channels For 2023

Reddit is a fantastic place to crowdsource information and ideas. These are my top recommendations on the best digital nomad reddit channels right now.

Reddit is a social platform that lets users discuss content that other people have submitted. It’s a site where people can upvote and downvote content, which means you can find the best, most useful information when you search for topics. With 52 million daily active users, Reddit is currently the 7th most popular website in the United States

There are small communities within Reddit (“subreddits”) where you can find groups that bring like minded people together. If you’re a nomad, it’s the perfect place to start learning the ropes of the nomad lifestyle, and finding digital nomad communities, events, jobs, and accomodation as your travel.

best digital nomad reddit channels
Looking for the best digital nomad reddit channels? Read on!

Digital Nomad Channels On Reddit

It’s hard to be a nomad alone. Reddit has channels that help you stay connected with other people who work and travel. I’m pretty sure there’s a subreddit for absolutely everything you want to know about remote work!

You can learn about:

The best things about Reddit is that you can learn and get advice from freelancers and digital nomads who are living the lifestyle and succeeding. So whatever questions you have, you can drop into a subreddit like the ones below and get answers and help from people who understand and genuinely care about helping you create your dream nomad life.

Best Digital Nomad Reddit Channels

I personally belong to all of these channels, and I search them regularly to get advice and inspiration from other travelers and remote workers.

1. Reddit Digital Nomad Channel

With 1.2 million members and around 300 people active in the channel at any given time, this is one of the best channels to start out with on Reddit if you’re a digital nomad, or looking to start your nomadic lifestyle.

It has everything you need to know – from getting started on your remote work journey, to where to go, digital nomad cities and communities to join, what to carry, and how to find work online.

2. Reddit Freelance Writers Channel

My second choice of Reddit channels for freelancing nomads. 

I’m a freelance copywriter by trade, so this is one of the best places for me to discuss all the ups and downs and strategies involved with being a successful freelance writer that wants to earn serious money while I travel.

3. Reddit Writers Channel

Fiction writers, copywriters, poets, nonfiction writers, bloggers, content strategists, journalists, and all other types of writers are welcome here.

You can get critiques on your work, share resources, ask questions, and help other fellow writers. It’s a great place for all kinds of freelance writers to hang out.

4. Reddit Freelance Channel

Everything to do with the freelance lifestyle. No matter what sort of freelancer you are, whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been your own boss forever – you can find and share relevant information here that will help and inspire other people.

5. Reddit Work Online Channel

This is your place to go if you want to talk about making an income online. Jobs, online employers, ways to monetize websites, and general ways to earn money online are all accepted topics here. 

You can search for ideas and strategies that will help you earn a decent amount of money to travel and live well with.

6. Reddit Entrepreneur Channel

For serious entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals who need to solve problems, network professionally, collaborate on projects, and make the world a better place while they do it. 

This is a place to talk about side hustle and small biz ideas, startups, working from home, and the nomadic lifestyle.

Because channels like these can be prime targets for self-promotion and hustle bros, the channel moderator will ban you if you try to sell consulting services, books, podcasts, MLMs, website, blog, dropshipping stuff, or any spammy ‘get rich quick’ scheme. 

Don’t do any of that – and you’ll have a great time in this channel.

7. Reddit Backpacking Channel

This channel covers all types of backpacking – so whether you’re a city-bound nomad or a hardcore wilderness backpacker, you’ll find useful information in here including the best backpacks to buy as a nomad, and best places to stay.

8. Reddit Travel Channel

A community about exploring the world – however you choose to do it! Share pictures and stories, ask questions to get advice from fellow travellers, or simply browse the channel for information and inspiration on your next destination.

9. Reddit Remote Work Channel

Share news, experiences, tips, tricks, and advice about anything related to the remote work lifestyle. This channel is a great source of information whether you’re an individual or part of a team.

10. Redditors For Hire

This is a well-established Reddit channel with 288,000 members. It contains many years worth of advice for both new and experienced freelancers, and for people looking to explore remote work opportunities.

11. Work From Home

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of remote work (whether you’re planning to work from home or pursue a digital nomad lifestyle) this is a great Reddit channel to follow.

It’s an active channel with over 30,000 members, and the community discusses everything from productivity to keeping sane as a remote worker, and much more.

12. Beermoney

This is another great channel to join if you’re looking for different ways to make money online. It’s more tailored to exploring new income streams and side hustles than building a freelancing career or a large business.

13. I Want Out

If you’re already doing the digital nomad thing, it will probably be only a matter of time before you want to slow down and settle in one of the places you’ve visited on your travels.

This channel shares country-specific information about residency rights and costs, and how to get started applying for residency in the country of your choice. It will also help give you a perspective of what it’s like to live in specific countries from the point of view of expats who are already there.

There are a ton of other subreddit channels out there, but these are my recommendations on the best Reddit channels for digital nomads right now. Let me know if I’ve missed any in the comments!

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best reddit channels digital nomads
best reddit channels digital nomads
best reddit channels digital nomads
  • Find cheap flights
    I use Kayak, Skyscanner, and Expedia to find the best deals on flights. This often means flying late night or early morning – so if you’re working remotely, make sure you plan around this.
  • Book accommodation
    I always use Booking.com for my first stop in any city. These tend to be hotels, so it’s easy for your taxi or Uber drive to find them, which is a huge relief if you arrive in a strange city at 3am after a 19-hour flight and just want to sleeeeeep. For longer stays, I use Airbnb (always, always filter these listings by superhosts and make sure to read the reviews before you book), Hostel World to book budget stays, and VRBO (the new challenger to Airbnb – way less fees and great accommodation options),
  • Housesitting
    If you’re a pet lover, you can stay FREE in a local house anywhere in the world with Trusted Housesitters. I’ve used this a couple of times and it was awesome. If you travel long term and miss the companionship of fluffy friends – borrowing other people’s pets (and saving $$$$ on accommodation at the same time) is a huge win.
  • Transport
    If you need a rental car, I recommend RentalCars.com or Kayak to find the cheapest options and compare companies.
  • Travel Insurance
    Yes. You need it. I recommend both SafetyWing and World Nomads to keep you and your gear protected. These companies have monthly policies specifically for digital nomads and long-term travellers. I’m currently using SafetyWing, as it’s one of the only companies that covers travellers for COVID-related issues right now.
  • Book a tour
    I’m not big on guided tours, but I check out Get Your Guide and Viator to find must-see places in every new city I go to. If you love tours, these are the two top sites to search for and book tours around the world.
  • Luggage storage
    Stuck in that awkward zone between two accommodation points – or waiting all day for a flight? Stasher has 1,000 locations in 250 countries that you can store your luggage in while you go out and do fun stuff. Because carrying everything you own with you all day is not fun.

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