Best Hotels in Sayulita, Mexico For A Boutique Stay

Mexico is an ever-popular and beautiful spot for a vacation getaway. Large resorts are readily available, but there are some of the best hotels in Sayulita for a more boutique, personal experience. 

Suppose you don’t want to spend your time at a large commercial resort and prefer a more intimate, authentic experience. In that case, Sayulita is home to several smaller, affordable boutique hotels.

The Beautiful Beach Village of Sayulita

Sayulita is a village located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range nears the town. Visitors will find a perfect location for a well-balanced blend of cultural parties and a relaxing beach atmosphere. And if you’re a digital nomad or work remotely, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of great coworking spaces and cafes in Sayulita too.

best hotels in sayulita
Wandering the streets of Sayulita, Mexico

The small beach town accommodates local cuisine and unique nightlife. Sayulita’s beaches are known for surfing and fishing. Surrounding jungles offer beautiful hiking and tour opportunities. 

Below are some of the best hotels in Sayulita, Mexico. 

Best Hotels In Sayulita

Amor Boutique Hotel

Image: Amor Boutique Hotel

Nestled on the east end of the sprawling Sayulita beaches, the Amor Boutique Hotel has one-bedroom bungalow-style rooms with thatched roofing. For couples retreats, they offer large three-bedroom suites complete with jacuzzis and private infinity pools.

The hotel offers free yoga classes to ground yourself after a long day. There are two spa retreats available, one situated in the jungle and one by the ocean. A community option is available for those without a private pool. 

Take a walk through the Amor Boutique Hotel here:

Amor Boutique is located near local restaurants and shopping for a day or night out on the town. Local surfing and fishing expeditions are also available. The hotel has the option to host weddings for the perfect destination ceremony. 

Amor Boutique offers villas for sale, making it easy and surprisingly affordable to make the beach town your gorgeous second home for those a little more serious about their love for Sayulita. Amor Boutique is one of the most affordable boutique hotels in Sayulita.

Distrito 88

Image: Distrito 88

Located in the middle of Sayulita, the boutique adults-only hotel Distrito 88 features eight gorgeous suites, all with their own size and flair. Each of the eight suites has an expertly executed art-deco design and is surrounded by ocean and jungle views. 

Each suite has plenty of convenient amenities for a comfortable stay and a luxurious shower to relax after a long day in town or on the beach. 

All eight suites have shared terraces, while four have private outdoor sitting areas. Suites have either a view of the ocean or the beautiful Distrito 88 pool and garden. Each guest has access to the shared pool except for one lucky set of guests who have access to the community pool and a private 3-meter by 3-meter pool. 

The boutique hotel is located in the heart of Sayulita, making daytime shopping and dining a walk convenient and accessible. 

This immaculate property is one of the best boutique hotels in Sayulita, sure to leave visitors awestruck and never wanting to leave.

Avela Boutique Hotel

Image: Avela Hotel

Avela has outdone itself with beautiful Mexican chic decor. It is stationed in a quiet area of the village, making it one of the best hotels in Sayulita. Fifteen rooms in four designer suite options surround a sprawling modern saltwater pool. Each room features bathrooms complete with:

  • Modern features
  • Organic bath supplies 
  • High-quality shower linens

Avela is a very affordable boutique hotel in Sayulita. The Deluxe Master Suite will only set a visitor back about $170 a night, which is a steal compared to some of the other boutique hotels here. Valet and room services are available for guests’ convenience. 

El Pueblito Sayulita

Image: El Pueblito de Sayulita

Located close to the beaches, this larger boutique hotel boasts an eccentric design, combining colorful modern elements with rustic Mexican accents. 

The hotel has three spacious room options available to fit your needs. They have junior and deluxe suites for individual couples and family suites. 

Residing at the hotel, Xymena’z restaurant features five-star contemporary Mexican cuisine. However, the restaurant is open to the public for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

El Pueblito has a beach club in front of a prime Sayulita surfing spot, complete with a beach bar and palm grove for relaxing shade. The beach club is open to hosting private events and weddings. 

The contemporary pool, surrounded by the colorful exterior, lights up at night, creating a magical getaway from the world outside El Pueblito’s walls. 

This hotel has a mix of a commercial and boutique feel for those who still want that larger resort feel without the crowd. El Pueblito is one of the best budget hotels in Sayulita. 

Ysuri Sayulita

Image: Hotel Ysuri

Hotel Ysuri Sayulita is the definition of a romantic boutique hotel. 

The property features a bohemian aesthetic conjoined with luxurious beach views. The grounds are nestled in a palm grove, giving the hotel a secluded feel without compromising convenience to local attractions. 

There are multiple room options to choose from, and the grounds have direct access to the Sayulita beaches. The hotel has small junior suites sleeping two people and enormous two-story penthouse suites capable of sleeping ten people.

The penthouse suites have a spacious living area that leads to a private terrace with ocean views. Each two-story penthouse has a jacuzzi on the lower level and a sizable roof-top infinity pool. 

Casablanca Sayulita

Image: Casablance Sayulita Hotel

Located at the north end of the small beach village, Casablanca Sayulita hosts fourteen spacious villas. Each villa has separate bedrooms, living quarters, and outdoor terraces that overlook the community pool. 

A large three-bedroom house set on a beachfront property is also available. This house has its own private outdoor relaxation area. 

Each suite features traditional Mexican decor. The hotel is only a three-minute walk from popular shops and restaurants, perfect for those wanting to interact with locals. A thatched-roof hut and hot tub give some of the best beach and city views on the roof. 

Villa Amor

Image: Villa Amor

Not to be confused with Amor Boutique Hotel mentioned above, Villa Amor is a unique property that features hill-top villas set along Sayulita’s main beach. It is only a ten-minute walk from the center of town. No two villas are the same. Each one has a different owner and its own unique style. 

Outdoor yoga sessions, a community saltwater pool, and a spa are available on-site for guests. Villa Amor features an intimate restaurant looking over a secluded ocean inlet. The private owners’ group offers numerous villa options based on room and guests capacity. Because these are privately owned, bookings can be made on the Villa Amor website, Booking.com, or Airbnb. 

Haramara Retreat

Image: Hamarama Retreat

Possibly the most unique of all the boutique hotels reviewed, Haramara Retreat is for true adventurers.

Eighteen open-air villas are carefully placed for privacy, perfect for the romantic getaway. Your secluded stay will not compromise an amazing view. 

The property also has a dormitory option available for lodging. The non-coed dormitory has eight beds and two bathroom facilities. The cabanas feature relaxing hammocks, open-air showers, and thatched roofs. 

The retreat utilizes oil lamps instead of electricity. Haramara Retreat has free yoga classes, two event centers, and cooking classes. 

An on-site restaurant offers vegetarian-based meals with some fish recipes. All meals are prepared by an expert chef who uses local organic fruits and vegetables.

Without a doubt, Haramara Retreat is the perfect getaway for the free-spirited person looking to connect with nature.

Final Thoughts – Best Hotels In Sayulita

The above are our top picks for best hotels in Sayulita, Mexico. Whether you are looking for a romantic boutique hotel or a budget hotel, this vibrant Pacific Coast village has something for everyone.

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