14 Best Domain Appraisal Services & Domain Name Value Estimators

If you’re looking to sell your domain, website, or blog – chances are someone out there is looking to buy (and vice versa). These are the best domain appraisal services online to help you calculate the valuation of any domain name for free.

Whether you’ve collected an embarrassing amount of domain names due to late night impulse purchases, or you have a blog, business website, or ecommerce business that you’re thinking about selling – there are domain name value calculators online that can quickly give you an estimate of what you might be able to sell for. And the valuations might surprise you. Many domains can be easily worth 6 figures, depending on the marketplace demand.

Using these free domain name value estimators can help you avoid paying hundred of dollars for personalized domain name valuations.

Let’s take a look at the best domain appraisal websites and calculators online, and see what your domain (or any other domain!) is worth.

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Best Domain Appraisal Services

These are the best domain appraisal calculators and services for both domain names, and domains with live online businesses attached to them.

I recommend using a few (or all of these) to get a better overall sense of what a domain is worth, so when it comes time to buy or sell, you can negotiate in a more informed way and get the best deal.

1. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is an INC 500 company, and one of the best places to sell an established online business. As you can see below, they can help you value and sell many different types of monetized websites.

If you’re looking at selling (or buying) a domain name with a live business attached to it, this is a great place to check out what your online assets could be worth.

best domain appraisal service

Empire Flippers has an online calculator that will value your domain based on dozens of metrics and proven variables.

The domain name value estimator will walk you through the traffic you get to your domain, the age of the website, backlinks, revenue pet month, related social media accounts, email list numbers, and so on – to help you get an idea of what your domain is worth at various selling price points such as 35X, 40X and 50X its monthly income.

In the valuation report that Empire Flippers generates for you, you’ll learn the reasons behind the valuation, and how you can improve your website/business to get the best possible sale price.

Check out their free domain valuation calculator below.

2. Flippa

best domain appraisal service

Similar to Empire Flippers, Flippa also has a free domain valuation tool you can use to check what your website might be worth.

As well as the domain name value estimator, you can also value your domain via the Flippa community. You can sign up free and check out the community to get estimates for your site from members with lots of previous experience in buying and selling websites and domains.

Flippa is the largest global marketplace for selling websites, blogs, stores, apps, SaaS, affilate sites, and other online businesses.

The domain name value estimator compares your inputs to thousands of sites that have previously sold on the Flippa marketplace. It factors in your business model, niche, age, and many other key metrics to deliver an accurate valuation for your domain.

3. Investors Club

Investors Club is another site similar to Flippa and Empire Flippers. Their free domain name valuation calculator gives you an estimate of how much your domain might sell for on their marketplace.

This valuation is based on factors like traffic and revenue trends, website age, whether your site was built on an expired domain, and your methods of monetizing your site.

best domain appraisal service

Simply walk through the valuation questions in the appraisal tool, and you’ll be able to find out what your domain might be worth on this marketplace.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a popular domain name registrar used by over 20 million people, and managing over 84 million domain names. It’s one of the best places to buy and sell domains. Their valuation tool is quite basic, but it’s free and can give you good initial insights into what your domain is worth.

best domain appraisal service

GoDaddy’s domain valuation estimator gives you an estimate on your domain’s price, and also gives you a report on the reasons behind this valuation. It takes into account things like length of domain name, the keywords (if any) contained in the domain name, and how much similar domain names have sold for.

Although basic, this is a pretty accurate domain name value calculator, as it uses data gathered over 20 years. The calculator will give you a range of values for any domain name, and generate an appraisal certificate that you can print out if needed.

Unlike the first 3 domain appraisal services we mentioned – GoDaddy doesn’t appraise the website that’s attached to a domain name. It will only value the URL that you type into the calculator.

Are GoDaddy domain appraisals accurate?

Yes – GoDaddy domain appraisals are some of the most accurate domain name valuations you can get for free online. Their algorithm not online combines their 20 years of data, but combines it with AI and machine learning too.

5. Domain Price Checker

This free domain appraisal tool calculates your domain valuation based on data collected from over 2,600,000 domain sales. Domain Price Checker’s AI creates a detailed report based on many data points.

Best Domain Appraisal

You’ll be able to see estimated value of your domain, get insights into search and traffic volume, keyword and TLD facts, Google trends, similar sales – and more.

Basic search with this domain appraisal tool is free for up to 15 domain valuations per month. After that, you’ll need to jump on the Business Plan for $79 a month (1500 domain valuations), or the Advanced Plan if you need more than that ($799 a month).

6. Epik

Epik is one of the best domain appraisal solutions online for a free domain value estimate. It will give you an estimated amount for your domain based on data from Alexa page rankings and Archive.org. You’ll also get a report with additional useful statistics that you can take into account if you decide to sell or buy that domain.

These stats include metrics such as search volume, average CPC, Google and Alexa rankings, and the amount similar domain names have sold for.

best domain appraisal service

In addition to the free domain value estimator, Epik also offer a professional domain appraisal service for $399, and a complete domain portfolio appraisal for $1,295.

7. Sedo

Sedo has the world’s largest database of domain sales. It offers comprehensive, scientifically-backed domain appraisals – but unlike the other value estimators above, Sedo doesn’t offer a free appraisal option.

You can order either an individual domain appraisal on their website, or get an appraisal of your entire domain portfolio. The appraisal will be delivered to you within 5-10 days of ordering.

Best Domain Appraisal

Individual domain appraisals are $99 each, and include:

  • Domain analysis based on factors like search engine suitabiity, selling or buying prospects, and effectiveness for advertising
  • Comparison to similar domains and history of sale prices
  • Delivered within 5 days

Domain portfolio appraisals are customized to your needs, so you’ll need to request a quote. They include:

  • Valuations for each domain name in your portfolio, and a valuations for your complete portfolio as a whole
  • Domain analysis based on metrics such as suitability for search engines, advertising effectiveness, and buying or selling prospects
  • Delivered within 10 days

Sedo’s paid domain appraisals differ from free valuations, in that the domain calculations are carried out by experts in domain sales and valuations. They personally review your domain based on their knowledge and relevant metrics, and then deliver you a personalized report based on their findings.

If you’re seriously looking to buy or sell a domain and begin the negotiation process, this is one of the best domain appraisal services to consider.

8. Siteprice

Siteprice is another free domain valuation calculator that uses its own algorithms to estimate the value of a domain name.

Best Domain Appraisal

The difference with this domain price estimator is that it looks at ad revenue stats, based on Google AdSense revenue. The valuation tool pulls metrics from site like Facebook and Moz to create a domain report that can give you insights into:

  • Traffic ranking
  • Search visibility
  • Ad revenue
  • Domain age, keywords, and backlinks
  • Alexa ranking
  • Average time spent on site
  • Similar domain names

9. Estibot

Estibot is one of the most popular free tools for online domain appraisals, and processes over 2 million automated domain valuations every day.  The valuations it calculates focus on things like CPC, keywords, previous sale price for similar domains, traffic, and ranking.

When your free report is generated, Estibot will give you a detailed report about any domain’s valuation, and how their bot arrived at this price.

best domain appraisal service

Estibot is free to use for two domain valuations at a time. If you want to check the value of your entire portfolio, or do bulk valuation calculations, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan.

For $29 a month, you can access 150 domain name valuations per day. If you need even more than that, you’ll need the Advanced plan which is $99 a month.

10. Free Valuator

Free Valuator does what it says on the packet. It gives you a free domain name valuation that estimates the price of your domain based on keywords, similar domain sale prices, potential trademark issues, and site rankings. There is also a bulk domain appraisal option if you have a list of domains you need valued.

This tool also offers a “crowd appraisal” option, which lets you source opinions from the Free Valuator community about a reasonable value for your domain. This will give you a great starting point for buying or selling a website, and an idea of price ranges you should negotiate in to get the best, fairest deal.

best domain appraisal service

As well as the free domain appraisal tool, you can also request a valuation from experts. To check the value of your domain, it will cost you $69 – and a complete website appraisal will be $129. These expert valuations include extra information, including advice on domain length, domain extension, and linguistic analysis.

11. Website Outlook

Website Outlook is another free website valuation calculator. It bases its domain name estimations on over 20 different types of metrics in order to determine a fair value

This calculator is particularly useful if you’re looking to buy or sell a domain with a view to the monetization aspect. It tracks insights from top SEO tools such as Semrush, Adwords, and Moz.

Best Domain Appraisal

With your free domain appraisal, you’ll learn about the:

  • Details of a website’s start date, any updates or previous sales, and the expiry date
  • Organic and paid search traffic stats
  • Semrush and Alexa rankings
  • DA and pageviews
  • Backlink details
  • Keyword metrics
  • And more!


12. Valuate

Valuate is another tool for domain appraisals. It’s built by Domaining. This calculator similar to the ones we’ve mentioned above in terms of how it measures domain value, and the information you’ll get with your free appraisal.

However, Valuate also generates a report that includes any trademark issues that might potentially plague a domain if you’re buying or selling it. If you’re buying – it’s incredibly helpful to have this information so you aren’t throwing good money into a domain that could land you in a legal pickle further down the track.

Best Domain Appraisal

In the screenshot above, you’ll get a good idea of what this free domain valuation calculator can show you. Check it out now.

13. My Site Wealth

The MySiteWealth domain appraisal tool evaluates the worth and performance of any website. It’s a free calculator that gives you insights into the estimated price, plus the domain’s traffic ranking, estimated income, pageviews, Google stats, website age, and more.

Best Domain Appraisal

This valuation calculator gives you a really detailed report on a bunch of metrics that some of the other calculators we mentioned above don’t do. So if you’re going to try out a few of these appraisal tools that we’ve mentioned, make sure you include this one.

14. Domain Index

Domain Index is another fairly basic domain name valuation estimator, but it can give you a quick rundown of the main metrics you’ll need if you’re planning to buy or sell a domain.

Best Domain Appraisal

On the free plan you get 7 domain appraisals a day. The reports generated include metrics such as:

  • Sales history
  • Backlink research
  • TLD rating
  • Keyword information
  • Traffic estimates
  • Trademark check

If you need more appraisals, or more detailed appraisals, you can opt for the paid plans which run between $39 a month for 50,000 appraisals – and the $299 a month plan which lets you appraise 1 million domains. Probably too excessive for most people’s needs!

If you want to get super personalized, Domain Index also offers valuation consultations with its team of experts.

best domain appraisal services

FAQs About Domain Name Valuation

How do you calculate the real value of a domain?

Using a free domain name appraisal calculator online is one of the easiest ways to get started. These will give you a solid idea about what’s driving the value of a domain, and how to negotiate a fair price if you’re buying or selling.

There are also paid services and consultants that can help you value any domain name.

What is a domain appraisal service?

This is a website or company that finds out specific information about a domain name in order to estimate the value. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of coming to a fair price for a domain name, and it bases the price estimations on tangible metrics and data.

Is flipping domain names profitable?

It can be! Many people make a full time living (and more) from domain flipping. If you know what to look for, you can resell domains for many times what you paid for them. Of course, on the flipside, there are always pitfalls to this business which can see you losing money. Always do your research first!

Is domain flipping legal?

Yes, domain flipping is completely legal. You can buy and sell as many domain names as you like, unless of course you’re cybersquatting with the intention of profiting from a trademarked entity – which is when it becomes illegal.

What is a good price to sell a domain name at?

Domains can be worth anything from a handful of dollars, up to millions of dollars. Most premium domains on the market fall into the $5,000-$15,000 price range.

What makes a domain name valuable?

The top factors affecting domain valuation include:

  • Popularity of the domain name
  • Length of the domain name (short is better!)
  • Whether it has global potential
  • Market demand
  • Recent sale prices of similar domains
  • Keywords in the domain name

How fast do domain names sell?

Domain selling isn’t the fastest way to make money, and it’s unpredictable in terms of timeframes. It could take anything from months to years to sell a domain on marketplaces like NameCheap or GoDaddy.

Conclusion – Best Domain Appraisal Services & Domain Name Value Estimators

All of these domain name value estimators will help give you a good starting point for what a domain will be worth to buy or sell.

As these are just estimates, and all the calculators base their estimates on different data and metrics, it’s best to use a few of these calculators to give you a better sense of the average valuation and what a domain will be worth in the marketplace.

At the end of the day, a domain is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. If you see a domain you really want, you might be happy to pay a lot more than what these valuation tools are telling you it’s worth – but you’ll have a realistic price to start from, then you can slowly negotiate from there.

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