What Are The Best Crystals For Safe Travel?

As summer nears and people set out on vacations, the anxiety of travel may rear its ugly head. These are the best crystals for safe travel to take with you for a stress free, enjoyable journey.

From finding a sense of peace while packing for the road ahead to dealing with the hustle and bustle of a crowded airport lobby, many factors can interrupt your energy or misalign your chakras

Using crystals to maintain balance and well-being during an excursion is nothing new.

In ancient times, when much of the world, its phenomena, and people were unknown outside of one’s own home, crystals helped instill a sense of calm and confidence when journeying to parts unknown. 

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best crystals for safe travel
What are the best crystals for safe travel?

Crystal healing and protection can stem back to several cultures, including Indian, British, and Native American origins. Ancient Sumerians 6,000 years ago used crystals to boost recovery, encourage safe travels, and maintain a level head in stressful situations. 

As you set forth for new adventures, consider bringing along a few of the best crystals for safe travel along for the ride. 

The Best Crystals For Safe Travel

Crystals and their uses are up to interpretation, and many have overlapping qualities, so picking the right one will depend on which crystals you feel most attracted to. 

When picking crystals, many practitioners suggest relying on intuition and a general understanding of crystal characteristics to choose the best ones for your particular situation. 

If you need a little help with your choice, though, keep these crystals in mind:


Known as a protective stone, labradorite is a stunning, colorful stone from the feldspar family. It is typically dark gray or black with flashes of opalescent green, blue, and white. 

Labradorite is notorious for helping treat eyesight disorders. Because of its ability to help assuage eyesight issues, labradorite is especially important for those who travel by car, as it can keep your eyes and mind clear and allow you to forgo any danger when driving.

Additionally, it’s known for its ability to help people see through lies or illusions by honing mental acuity and is especially useful for those who are anxious about traveling in areas known for targeting scams at unsuspecting tourists.


Pyrite, commonly labeled as fool’s gold, is responsible for boosting willpower and confidence. You may feel a better sense of energy and strength, as well. 

This crystal can help keep you focused on driving and more in-tune with particular tasks, preventing any danger while on the road. 

Pyrite may also attract wealth, success, and overall vitality, making it ideal for traveling because it can ensure that your trip is full of excitement, safety, and fun.


Resembling in turns both a pearl and an opal, moonstone is another member of the feldspar group. 

Moonstone boosts your intuitive power by making you more aware of your surroundings, needs, and the world around you. This enhanced awareness can help you stray from trouble, danger, or poor fortune. 

Moonstone is ideal for giving inspiration, promoting business success, and manifesting romance. If you’re journeying to find love or professional growth, you may find your ventures going smoothly with moonstone close at hand. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz can help emotional stability and fend off depressive moods by purging negative spirits, allowing for more positive and healthier energy. 

When you are free of emotional instability by using smoky quartz, you may be more aware and present during your travels, leading to a safer and happier time while on the go.


With its gorgeous green and black swirls, malachite is one of the most notorious crystals thanks to its ability to boost connection with all the body’s chakras. 

Keeping your chakras clear and aligned is essential, especially when traveling when anxiety and stress are common enemies to having a good time. 

Malachite can help open the heart to love, healthy risks, and pattern-breaking behavior, so you may be willing to plunge into a new experience.

Finally, malachite will also help you take responsibility for your actions and keep you attuned with your thoughts, contributing to better connections with your loved ones and yourself. 


Satiny selenite is a colorless gypsum mineral that helps foster a sense of calm and peace. This crystal can help clear your mind and keep emotional well-being intact. This crystal can also remove negative energy and help you connect to higher realms of consciousness.

Selenite is ideal for travelers since it can help prevent anxiety and boost a natural sense of tranquility. Just be aware that it has thin, fibrous layers that may chip if mishandled. 


The violet-colored amethyst is associated with a person’s third eye. Although this may not make sense to some people, a third eye can help a person connect with more profound wisdom and power. Using amethyst can help people see their deeper passion and purpose in life.

It may also assist with enlightening crystal users and giving powerful visions. Amethyst is one of the best crystals for traveling because it can help you make the best possible decisions and stray far from danger.


While it lacks the distinctive colors of many crystals, ink-black hematite helps quiet thoughts and enhances focus and concentration. 

This crystal can also help with memory and focus. This crystal is perfect for traveling because it can help drivers remain focused on the road and less prone to outside distractions. 

When flying, hematite is invaluable as a catalyst for creativity and problem solving if you like to work on projects while in the air. 


Aquamarine is a crystal used for discernment and can help the wearer boost their insight, see the truth, and enhance their wisdom. 

The gorgeous green blue crystal can also keep anxiety and nerves at bay, making traveling a much more appealing experience. 

Place aquamarine on a chain and wear it around your neck to get the most of your crystal.


There is scientific evidence to suggest that silvery shungite has many beneficial uses, such as purifying water and aiding in the treatment of allergies, kidney problems, and constant fatigue.

Because shungite can be used to help physical ailments, it is an ideal crystal to help when traveling. 

Consider investing in a shungite water purification bottle or pendant to make the best use of this crystal’s physical and spiritual healing properties. 

Crystal Set For Safe Travels

To make your travels easier, you can also buy travel crystal sets that are ready to pack for any journey!

How To Use Crystals When Traveling

Crystals are easy to employ. Although many believe you must cleanse crystals with a smudge stick or sage smoke, this is not entirely necessary. However, smoke cleansing may help clear any negative or lingering energy in the crystals.

When traveling, place the crystals of your choice in your pocket, luggage, or purse, or hang them around your neck. Having the crystal in your presence can help protect your positive energy on the go. 

Final Thoughts – Best Crystals For Safe Travel

Crystals are a fun and reassuring way to take the tension out of travel. 

There are dozens of options for crystals, all with unique uses and purposes. Placing a crystal, or set of crystals, in your car or luggage as you travel can help keep yourself and your family safe on the journey.

The best crystals for travel can help you maintain peace, balance, and serenity when adventuring far from home. While there is some debate about the healing properties, anything that enables you to feel at ease is worth looking into. 

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