10 Best Coworking Spaces in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and the country’s capital city. The town is filled with stunning architecture, history, culture, and a booming economy. More people are flocking to this beautiful Polish city to experience everything there is to do there. These are our recommendations for best coworking spaces in Warsaw to get work done and meet new people.

best coworking spaces in warsaw
Old Town, Warsaw

Whether you’re thinking about uprooting your life to Warsaw permanently or on a more nomadic basis, you won’t have a shortage of great coworking spaces to get your work done. Coworking spaces offer remote workers of any kind the chance to work together in a collaborative environment.

It provides you a sense of community without being in a traditional office setting, surrounded by like-minded individuals. If you have work that you need to complete while in Warsaw, here are some of the best coworking spaces in the city.

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Brain Embassy

best coworking spaces in warsaw

For creative individuals, Brain Embassy may be a great coworking space for you. You’ll find Brain Embassy is in the bustling Mokotow district. When you arrive, you’ll see several private offices for you to utilize. They also have meeting rooms if you’re working with other people during your time here. 

By joining Brain Embassy, you can take advantage of their amenities. Amenities include their onsite cafe, a kitchen, high-speed internet, free coffee and tea in the kitchen, showers, personal lockers, and a podcasting room. The space is beautiful, and they have hammocks and other comfortable areas when you need a break from a traditional desk and chair.


best coworking spaces in warsaw

When looking into coworking spaces, having multiple choices can be beneficial. Clockwork is an excellent option with two spaces in Warsaw for you to work at, one near downtown in Ursynow and the other in Mokotow. Once you pay for a membership, you’ll have access to private offices, meeting rooms, printers/scanners, and other open spaces to work at. 

Many of the amenities here are similar to other coworking spaces like a kitchen, fixed desks, etc. Things that set Clockwork apart from the others in that they offer bookkeeping services, public transportation, and medical services. 


best coworking spaces in warsaw

One of the most popular coworking spaces in Warsaw is HubHub. You’ll find it at Jerozolimskie, and it’s perfect for entrepreneurs and those running a small business. The space is modern, with two stories filled with space for you to get to work. They have private workspaces when you need some privacy but plenty of space that allows for networking opportunities too. 

HubHub has amenities like a relaxing lounge when you need a break, complimentary tea and coffee in the kitchen, paid parking areas, showers, personal lockers, chill-out rooms when you need to remain zen, and high-speed internet. Oh, and they’re pet-friendly, so your furry friend doesn’t need to stay at home!

Tu Lubie Coworking

best coworking spaces in warsaw

Tu Lubie Coworking is one of the newest coworking spaces in Warsaw, but that doesn’t mean you should write it off just yet. It’s in a quiet area that’s ideal for work, but it’s a beautiful space that will inspire you to get whatever you need finished. 

Working at Tu Lubie means you’ll have high-speed internet, fast WiFi, a beautiful garden to work in, private and public workspaces. You’ll love the kitchen you can use to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner while you’re working. The owners work there themselves, so you’ll always be surrounded by professionals and other like-minded people.

Art Cluster

best coworking spaces in warsaw

Art Cluster is a coworking space designed for individuals who are pursuing more creative careers. Even though it’s geared towards artists, people in any field of work can post up for the day to get their work finished. It’s in an artistic neighborhood with a creative space to get your creative juices flowing.

The space is modern, with pops of neon color to brighten the place up. They have desks for freelancers, private offices, larger meeting rooms, secure parking, free coffee, a mini library, personal lockers, and other amenities.

Sobusy-coworking Office

best coworking spaces in warsaw

Sobusy-coworking is one of the best coworking offices in Warsaw for families. The space is known for being family-friendly, which can be very beneficial for working parents whose kids are traveling with them or aren’t in school. Even if you’re not a parent, you’ll love this space. 

As parents themselves, the owners understand what it’s like to be working parents and therefore do their best to keep the membership cost as affordable as possible. If you join Sobusy, you’ll get free coffee, have a quiet place to work, be near the city center, and have plenty of desk options.

Humanska 8

best coworking spaces in warsaw

Humanska 8 provides individuals and small businesses with the perfect workplace in Warsaw. The coworking space has plenty of private rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, and comfortable areas to post up and get everything you need to do for the day. Small businesses have a receptionist that can assist you with anything you need.

The atmosphere is designed to boost productivity and allows you to surround yourself with other hard-working individuals while keeping to yourself. They have plenty of desks, showers, a full kitchen, and high-speed internet. The terrace off the conference room is ideal when you need some fresh air.


best coworking spaces in warsaw

People love coworking at Biurco because they provide a professional environment that gives you room to relax and rest your brain. You can choose to work in a room with other people or something more private if you need to focus. All offices are fully furnished for your productivity and comfort.

One of the best things about Biurco is that they often offer workshops to help enhance your skills. They provide virtual offices, private rooms, skype rooms, conference rooms, a kitchen, and showers if you need that amenity while working there.


best coworking spaces in warsaw

Miejsce is one of the most unique coworking spaces in Warsaw. It’s close to several great restaurants and coffee shops which is much needed when you need to fuel your brain while working. It’s a smaller space compared to others on this list, but that’s not a bad thing. 

When working at Miejsce, you’ll have access to a large conference room that has six desks, a lounge area, a kitchen, most tech equipment, and childcare if you have little ones. The best feature of this coworking space is its terrace with beautiful plants and comfortable chairs where you can work and enjoy the fresh air when the weather allows.

Business Link

best coworking spaces in warsaw

For those who work in the business industry, Business Link coworking space is probably the best for you. Business Link offers similar amenities to other coworking spaces, secretarial services, virtual offices, training rooms, and event spaces for your company get-togethers.

Even if you’re not a business person, you can enjoy this space. It’s an excellent opportunity to network with business professionals. They also offer high-speed WiFi, private offices, and other office equipment like printers and scanners.

Final Thoughts – Best Coworking Spaces In Warsaw

Whether you need to write some posts for your blog, handle chat support, or do anything else for your budding business, coworking spaces are great places to do so. 

Coworking spaces allow you to get everything you need done while surrounding yourself with others who are doing the same. No matter how much you plan to spend or the type of coworking environment you’re looking for, there’s a great space in Warsaw for you.

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