Best coworking spaces in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia, is a beautiful place to live and work. There’s no shortage of amazing things to do in this capital city on the Baltic Sea, like a stroll down the cobblestone streets and visiting a cute cafe or soaking in the history in Tallinn’s historic district. 

best coworking spaces in tallinn
Old Town Tallinn

Tallinn has you covered, too, when it comes time to work, with plenty of coworking options that provide you all the comfort you’d require from a remote office.

It’s a digital nomad hub, and Estonia also offers a digital nomad visa for long stays, so you’ll find there are plenty of working spaces and modern cafes all over the city to suit different working styles and budgets.

So rest assured, Tallinn can provide you with that ideal work/life balance you’re looking for during your visit.

Best Coworking Spaces In Tallinn

Let’s take a look at the 9 best coworking spaces in Tallinn.

Tallinn Creative Hub

best coworking spaces in tallinn

Tallinn Creative Hub is an excellent spot to go if you’re looking for multiple places to work or hold an event. Not only does it have a common area, but you can also go into private rooms to make phone calls or hold small meetings. 

In addition to the typical and expected coworking amenities, Tallinn Creative Hub’s Maker’s Lab is a state-of-the-art workshop where you can print out 3D items of your choice if you’d like, as well as several different workshop areas to work on larger creative projects.

While most coworking spaces have fast WiFi and coffee, Tallinn Creative Hub lets you build and create, staying true to its name.

Parents Co-Working

best coworking spaces in tallinn

Parents Co-Working is an excellent option if you need a full day at the virtual office. It’s also one of Tallinn’s most popular coworking spots specifically designed for parents of small children.

The thing that sets Parents Co-Working apart is the on-site, excellent child care that this coworking space offers. You never have to worry that your little ones are getting into trouble or are bored while you’re finishing up your project.

Additionally, Parents Co-Working has all the perks you associate with great coworking spaces, like complimentary tea and coffee, comfy chairs, and super-fast WiFi. You can book a single visit or multiple ones.

Must Puudel

best coworking cafe tallinn

If you’re looking for a hip and fun cafe to get your work done, Must Puudel is an ideal location. Not only are there plenty of shared desks and tons of space, but there’s also a bar for relaxing after hours.

Must Puudel also has a fantastic atmosphere, with plenty of Soviet relics strewn about. So even if you don’t need to finish up a project or two, you still might want to visit for a coffee.

Speaking of the coffee, it’s second to none at Must Puudel, and there’s plenty of food available too. With great WiFi, comfortable seating, and a fantastic atmosphere, Must Puudel is one of the coolest places on our list.

Must Puudel isn’t ranked one of the best coworking spaces in Tallinn just for it’s environment and location, you can also bring your dog.  

Baltic Cowork

best coworking spaces in tallinn

Baltic Cowork is centrally located near Baltika Quarter, and it’s a fabulous place to get several hours of work done in a relaxed environment. As with many of the top coworking spaces on our list, you can choose a shared table or a more intimate room to do your work.

The only problem with Baltic Cowork is that it’s a bit smaller and can get pretty crowded, so it’s a good idea to get there early. You’ll enjoy great WiFi, coffee, and access to printers and copiers if you need them.

Plus, Baltic Cowork is accessible to all, with wheelchair-friendly spaces to accommodate all guests.


coworking space tallinn

Regus is a larger coworking option where you’re all but guaranteed to get a great space. This popular coworking hangout offers 240 different workstations in its two locations, and you can work at a shared desk or book a private room.

There are also private offices for rent, kitchens, office equipment, and snacks available. Regus is a chain of coworking spaces, so they know what they’re doing. Plus, the costs are relatively low, so you’ll get your money’s worth even if you just go for a few hours. 


This premier coworking space is located right in the heart of Tallinn Science Park. So you will get all of the perks that you’d enjoy from traditional coworking spaces, like fast internet and snacks, and you’ll also have a chance to network.

Tehnopol offers training classes and mentorship opportunities, making it ideal for people in the startup world. So if you need a little bit of help working out that next great idea or just want to work in a space with like-minded people, Tehnopol is definitely up your alley.


A joint event and coworking space, Storytek is an excellent home base for people who consider themselves digital nomads because it offers them a chance to meet like-minded others and find a community in a new city. Plus, Storytek is very centrally located right in the heart of Tallinn.

You can rent a desk or set up a space to work with your whole team. Storytek is open 24 hours daily, so you’ll never have to worry that you can’t make that critical deadline. While most people opt for personal desks, you can also book meeting rooms that can hold up to 30 people.

While you’re working, you can enjoy tea and coffee and high-speed internet.


Workland is another coworking space chain that predominately operates in Eastern Europe, and they have their model down pat. You can choose from a dedicated desk or a private office, and meeting rooms are available for privacy and team building.

One thing that makes Workland unique is that it has dedicated podcast rooms, perfect for recording the latest version of your pod in an acoustically ideal space. 

Workland is right downtown, easy to access, and caters to all your needs.


Lift99 caters to startups and founders and is a highly creative space with plenty of on-site amenities, like continuous access any day or time of the week, dedicated workstations, and private meeting rooms. 

You’ll find a kitchen, a reset and chill-out room, game rooms, and even an on-site shower. This space is relatively ample, making it a great spot to host your next event. If you operate within the startup community or want to start the next big venture, Lift99 is an excellent coworking choice for you.

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Coworking Space In Tallinn

Everyone is different, so it’s essential to consider what’s important to you before settling on a coworking space. It might even be a good idea to sample a few different ones before committing to a month-long package or buying multiple passes.


Amenities are usually on the top of the list. Suitable coworking spaces need comfortable seating, private areas for meetings, and high-speed internet. Many have printers and copiers on-site, and some even have multi-media equipment for presentations. 


Location is also vital. A great coworking space is generally either centrally-located or accessible from public transportation. Think about where you’re staying before making your choice.


Finally, you’ll want to think about your schedule. Are you a morning lark or night owl? Will you need the space in “off” hours? If so, consider signing up for a coworking space that’s open 24/7, where you can burn the midnight oil if need be.

Final Thoughts – Best Coworking Spaces In Tallinn

Next time you find yourself in Estonia, be sure to check out one of these locations for the best coworking spaces in Tallinn. You’ll find all of the comforts of your home office in an exciting new environment.

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