Best Coworking Spaces In Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita, a gorgeous village cusped on Mexico’s Pacific coast, glows with picturesque scenes and breathtaking explorations. The town has beautiful beaches and is an absolute haven for surfing enthusiasts. It’s also a hotspot for digital nomads. If you’re planning to visit and work, be prepared with our list of best coworking spaces in Sayulita – whether you’re looking for a dedicated workspace, or a cool cafe, these are our top picks.

From sprawling landscapes that will take your breath away to artsy indigenous markets that will unleash your shopping beast, Sayulita is a destination you’ll fall in love with.

If your digital nomad lifestyle has swept you to this “Magical Town” (as many call it), you’re probably hunting for the perfect work spots here. From professional co-working spaces to cute cafes, we’ve compiled a list of the best coworking spaces in Sayulita. 

best coworking spaces in sayulita

Best Coworking Spaces In Sayulita

Ready to unpack and hit the drawing board? We have six of the best to explore.

Sayulita CoWork

best coworking spaces in sayulita

Avenida Revolución 41A, 63734 Sayulita

The most dedicated coworking space in town, Sayulita CoWork packs the best coworking features a digital nomad is sure to rave about!

As a seaside town, Sayulita has its fair share of power outages. However, Sayulita CoWork solves the issue with its fiber line internet connection. The connection comes with a battery backup so you don’t have to deal with the inconveniences of any power outages. 

The entire space is air-conditioned so you don’t need to worry about grabbing a seat by the fan. Since it’s located in the very center of town, everything (from lunching spots to after-hours drinks) is within quick reach. 

There are dedicated desks, shared hot desks, and private phone booths. So, which you choose, you have convenient options to create a comfortable work environment. Sayulita CoWork offers a monthly membership that gives you 24/7 access. 

Selina Sayulita

best cowkorking spaces in sayulita

Calle Gaviotas Sur 12, 63734 Sayulita

Selina’s coworking premise offers WiFi with high speed and bandwidth. They have an ergonomically built indoor space with gorgeous decor. 

You can choose from Selina’s daily, weekly, and monthly coworking plans. You can expect to pay $13 per day, $45 per week, and $150 per month for access to their coworking space. 

Beyond being a coworking arena, Selina is also a wellness sanctuary where you can unwind physically and mentally. The sprawling area includes a restaurant (where anyone can work in the designated coworking area for 3 hours with a purchase of food) and a well-maintained pool.

Tabachines Cowork Patio

best coworking spaces in Sayulita

Avenida Revolución 27Sayulita

If you’re serious about getting work done, and you need a spacious, quiet, open air place to do it – Tabachines is your spot. You’ll be surrounded by other nomads and remote workers who are friendly and focused.

I spent two weeks in Sayulita and worked from here every day. It’s nice and breezy which is welcome during Sayulita’s hottest days, and it has resident iguanas, squirrels, and birds in the trees which you can watch if you sit upstairs.

Wifi is fast (5G) and stable, and you can choose to sit upstairs (my favorite spot!), downstairs, or further out across the patio.

You can pay per day to work here, so you don’t need to order food. Having said that, the food is great – so if you’re craving guacamole, a burrito, or an icy cold beer for lunch – you’ll enjoy taking a well-earned break and kicking back.

Best Coworking Cafes In Sayulita


best cowkorking spaces in sayulita

Delfines 14, 63734 Sayulita

If you want to take a breather from the hustle and bustle and unwind in a peaceful environment, look no further than ChocoBanana.

Order a coffee here (or one of their signature chocolate-covered frozen bananas!) and you’ll have free access to their reliable WiFi. 

Choose your favorite table from multiple options, set up your workstation, and you’re sorted for the day. If you’re looking for something in the lines of a private outdoor office, you can head upstairs and use their gorgeous event terrace. 

This cafe has made green living a central part of its identity. Here, you can indulge in organic, delicious, and freshly ground Nayarit coffee. The usage of straws, plastic bags, or styrofoam is a big no-no here. 

What’s special and sweet about this place is that they contribute to the environment by donating all their profits to Ser Su Voz charity. The cafe has regular working hours between 6 am to 6 pm and is located at Sayulita Plaza.

Yah-Yah Cafe & Bagels

best coworking spaces in sayulita

Niños Heroes #3, Centro, 63734 Sayulit

Housed in the very heart of Sayulita, this gorgeous little coffee house is one of the best coworking spaces in Sayulita. Travelers can easily access it from any part of the town. The WiFi at Yah-Yah is free and, most importantly, reliable. 

The cafe’s indoor area is cozy and peaceful and the outdoor terrace has a refreshing vibe. Thanks to Sayulita’s moderate traffic, working from the cafe terrace any time during the day should be a distraction-free and relaxing experience. 

The cafe offers Mexican-sourced and freshly ground coffee with an aroma that simply intoxicates. If the hunger hour strikes, you can choose from an assortment of homemade baked foods. They also offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meals. 

You can drop in here at 7 am and stay till 6 pm, ensuring it boasts excellent versatility as a workspace. 

Anchor Cafe Sayulita

best coworking spaces in Sayulita
Breakfast at Anchor Cafe

Casa Marlín 45, 63734 Sayulita

Delicious and healthy food is always a plus when working and traveling in a faraway destination.

Anchor Cafe will satiate your morning hunger pangs while providing you with a productive space to get your work juices flowing. 

There are endless food options, including smoothie bowls, breakfast bagels, grilled cheese, and avocado toast. 

The cafe also has WiFi you and your work can rely on. While this small, cozy nest doubles as a productive workspace, bear in mind that it might get a little crowded during busy seasons.

It usually opens at 9:00 am and closes at 4:30 pm. 

El Break Cafe and Bar

best coworking spaces in Sayulita
Brunch at El Break Cafe

Delfines Malecon, 63734 Sayulita

If you like the idea of working with the beach surrounding you, consider the El Break Cafe and Bar. At this open-air haven, you can take in the fresh beach air and gaze at the waves crashing at the shore.

But before you finalize this place as your work abode, you might want to consider the drawbacks it comes with. Here, you’ll typically see a lot of foot traffic. Some locals also go around selling their products to the people in the cafe. These factors might end up being an unwelcome distraction from work. 

Since the cafe is housed on the beach, you won’t find any sockets to charge your laptop. If you decide to work here, make sure your laptop is fully charged or keep an external battery (or two) handy. This cafe serves scrumptious meals throughout the day. It opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm. 

Ready to Plan Your Rendezvous with Sayulita?

Sayulita has plenty of work opportunities and vast stretches of unspoiled nature. It definitely qualifies for your next work-vacation spot. 

In fact, digital nomads from across the globe are flocking to this land in droves. The reason is more than just pretty vistas. With reliable internet facilities everywhere and an international airport very close by, Sayulita can be your perfect work and play companion. 

With our quick list of the best coworking spaces in Sayulita, you will be better placed to navigate the town’s vibrant, coworking culture.



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