Best Coworking Spaces in Paris

If you’re an ex-pat, a digital nomad, a French native, or somewhere in between that needs to optimize your workspace and time – Paris has a ton of coworking spaces to help you. Knowing your priorities will narrow down the list of the many options this city has to offer in terms of the best coworking spaces in Paris.


Paris has an impressive array of coworking spaces. Here, we’ve listed some unique coworking spaces for the most niche interests. These spaces have a specific skilled worker in mind. However, most accept daily (or even hourly) payments, so all are welcome to test the amenities offered.

What Top Things Should You Consider Before Deciding On A Space?

Consider your budget, the surrounding atmosphere, and the types of businesses sharing your space. Ultimately, the atmosphere is a vital element that needs to create a balance between employee productivity and comfort.

Hubsy: Casual Comfort and Unlimited Caffeine!

If you're traveling and working in Paris, these are our recommendations for best cowkring spaces in Paris to get work done and network with like minded people

Hubsy’s cafe and coworking space is perfect for students, out-of-the-office business days, work-from-home days, or even just a change of scenery.

Its features include:

  • All-inclusive drinks/snacks;
  • Affordable daily, weekly, or monthly solo seats or private rooms;
  • Fast Wifi, charging stations, private phone booths, and a printer;
  • And bright lighting, great views, and minimalist modern art accents.

Its concept centers around house-roasted coffee, plenty of light, modern touches, coffee, and artistic inspiration – and did we mention coffee? 

The two owners boast (or, should we say, “roast”?) a house-brewed pure arabica coffee ground. The rest of the venue and amenities display a clear understanding of how to maximize a productive day.

The owners’ three locations in Paris include unlimited barista-made drinks and a buffet of healthy snacks. Every station has a plethora of outlets for charging electronics. Private phone booths, a printer, and an onsite library round out the extra resources that show a thoughtful design. Booking is flexible with affordable daily, weekly, or monthly time blocks.

Guests have the option to rent either a solo seat in the common area or several seats together. A group may rent a private room for a day (24 hours) or longer. Their rooms delight the senses with beautifully lit views, modern artistic accents in each area, and a bright, cheerful vibe. Working in any of their three locations promises to make work a treat.

L’Archipel: Unique Converted Chapel and Work-Life Balance

If you're traveling and working in Paris, these are our recommendations for best cowkring spaces in Paris to get work done and network with like minded people

This fantastic coworking spaces is most suited to individuals or businesses involved in socially-conscious and charitable activities, or craving unique surroundings to work from.

It hosts:

  • “Feel Good” Sunday brunches, featuring different chefs each month;
  • Sunday yoga;
  • Holds a library of 8,000 books;
  • And hammocks for napping.

A converted chapel, L’Archipel, utilizes its space to the max. Its parent operator, Aurore, deftly adapted this space into a panoptic foundation. Entertainment, coworking, social gathering, and comfort are all part of the package deal under this refurbished chapel. This venue makes utopian ideals not seem so unrealistic.

Any business wanting to give back to the community should take advantage of this venue. L’Archipel delivers a unique offering of many amenities. Its cafe provides a standard service. However, many other activities off the clock provide team-building opportunities.

Its Sunday brunch features a different chef each month. The cafe stays open during brunch hours. With private rooms to rent for co-working or entertainment events, this venue keeps a broad spectrum of incoming guests. Its history of charity is no secret, and contribution is encouraged. Aurore has formed a genuinely efficient community outreach establishment.

Draft: Free Think Space and Affordable Hardware

If you're traveling and working in Paris, these are our recommendations for best cowkring spaces in Paris to get work done and network with like minded people

Draft is both a traditional coworking space for freelancers, and a creative lab.

The Fab Lab space is designed for artistic craftspeople who need a collaborative space to work from, a place to test new tools, or a place to meet other like-minded artists.

Its amenities include:

  • A wide variety of tools onsite,
  • Free-to-use space (pay only for the use of hardware),
  • And niche networking/equipment.

This venue offers the literal tools for success with hardware on-site for rent. Trainers are also available on-site for those out of practice using its hardware or those looking to learn a new facet of skills.

You can share ideas, skills taught, and projects collaborated, all amongst like-minded individuals with varying skill levels. This quiet workspace offers artisans the benefit of free networking. 

Along with heavy machinery, this workspace offers sewing machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers. Innovation can thrive here. This space is a playground for the creative mind to explore new ways to create boldly. The opportunity to practice on a 3D printer or table saw earns this venue a place on any list involving the unique. 

There are three payment tiers for creatives wishing to rent its tools. The first, lowest tier allows renters to use the tools for half-days, full days, or ten (10) days at most. The two highest levels are for more long-term renting.

We Art From Paris: Artists Showcased, Networking Encouraged

If you're traveling and working in Paris, these are our recommendations for best cowkring spaces in Paris to get work done and network with like minded people

This bold space is best suited for the up and coming professional artists, or the artist with no marketing knowledge. It’s also ideal for videographers or photographers with no studio space of their own.

It holds:

  • Photo and video studio space
  • Events and training.

We Art From Paris does much more than rent space, and their services go beyond standard amenities. It supports and spotlights artists, encouraging them to find their big break. All income goes to the artists. No commission fees go to the venue. We Art From Paris doesn’t stop there. The venue’s founders also publicize and feature the artists to the public as well.

This space is a proper coworking space encouraging collaboration. However, it also welcomes solo artists. All the amenities of a standard coworking space are available: a kitchen, resting area, and fast wifi. However, this venue’s most excellent amenity is the founders’ drive to patronize the arts. The founders personally understand the obstacles for up-and-coming artists.

At We Art From Paris, artists find networking tools, studio space, theater space, and creative workshops. These things can be daunting for beginning professional/tech-illiterate artists to nail down on their own. This space also offers master classes and conferences.

This venue would give any artist cause to consider relocating to Paris. If there were another step after art school and graduate school, We Art from Paris would be it.

The Bureau: Serious Business and Elite Meets Elite

If you're traveling and working in Paris, these are our recommendations for best cowkring spaces in Paris to get work done and network with like minded people

This space is perfect for the up-and-coming professional without connections of their own, leaders with a mind to mentor, and those who want to do purposeful networking.

It features:

  • High-end networking,
  • A concierge,
  • Heavy attention to detail

On first look-over of this space, elitism comes to mind. That’s precisely the point of this particular venue. However, take away the image of stuffy “old money” or long-time elite families, and magine fresh minds coming in, finding a way to connect in circles otherwise closed to them.

Networking can prove challenging for fresh graduates in elite circles. Without built-in family connections, this can go from challenging to impossible. Enter, The Bureau.

Amenities include a cafe, a concierge, a gym, and a wellness center. The details are carefully curated, with high-end furniture and artistic accents.  The goal is to “create a place of reference,” as their website states. 

It houses co-working spaces even for some Forbes companies with world-class design and events. So, if you’re newly graduated from business school, and your goal is to gain contacts, rub elbows (from a safe distance, of course) with your future employer at The Bureau.

Remix: Get Things Done 24/7

If you're traveling and working in Paris, these are our recommendations for best cowkring spaces in Paris to get work done and network with like minded people

The amenities at this comfortable venue best fit groups of professionals in town on business who need to get things done.

This venue offers:

  • Several offices,
  • A conference room,
  • A mutual kitchen with a large dining table,
  • And 24/7 access.

The atmosphere of these coworking spaces is right in the title. Remix’s website states that one of their buildings is a former artist’s squat; another is a former brothel. Quite a fun concept. It will be interesting to see how much further this brand takes itself.

The spaces are warm and comfortable and very much built to maximize work output without draining the worker, making this workspace one of the best coworking spaces in Paris. 

Remix accommodates the worker-away-from-home with three (3) locations, each with its own unique atmosphere. One has a cinema and radio studio. The second resembles a “cozy” apartment. The third has a brightly lit ground floor and a more open-space concept than the other two.

In Summary – Best Coworking Spaces In Paris

If you’re traveling through Paris, or staying there for a while – there are some incredible coworking spaces tucked away in this city.

Whether you’re a sole freelancer looking for a quiet desk space for a day, a group of professionals needing a large space for meetings and conferences, or a creative artist – Paris offers world class coworking to help you achieve your goals.

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