11 Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico City

If you’re looking for a great coworking space in Mexico, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of the best coworking spaces in Mexico City. These spaces offer everything from shared office space to meeting rooms and event spaces. 

They are perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. So, whether you’re just starting or you’re looking for a new coworking space, check out our list.

Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico City

Impact Hub

best coworking spaces in mexico city

The Impact Hub in Mexico City has a sleek and modern design with bright lighting. It’s the perfect place to work from, not just because it offers excellent amenities but also due to all of its different membership options that will fit your needs. 

You can choose between 25 hours per month or five weeks worth at one time. If you’re looking for something more affordable, then there are also 10-hour packages available on top of everything else.

Plus, they offer unlimited access cards, so digital nomads like me (who love travel) don’t miss out by being able to access coworking spaces around town without any limits whatsoever. The Impact Hub is located at Av Álvaro Obregón.

Coffeefy Workafe

best coworking spaces in mexico city

This coworking space in Mexico City is perfect for digital nomads. There’s a Skype room and printer, fast WiFi with plenty of outlets galore. In addition, there is a seating option that includes individual tables on the first floor or comfortable couches with excellent group meeting spots.

You can also enjoy the ample natural light illuminating from up top. Don’t worry about taking advantage of all this before you even start your workday because Coffeefy Workafe has everything else, too; they’re got it going 24/7, including an excellent hammock situation. 

Coffee is available, and there’s no membership fee.


best coworking spaces in mexico city

Homework Revolución is an ideal space for remote workers in Mexico City. It offers an open floor with lots of long tables and well-arranged desks, as well some comfy loungers if you want to get work done while lounging. In addition, the staff here provides free coffee among many other drink options (including water) so that everyone can enjoy their time spent at this short-term or long-term hostelry. 

Homework is located right beside Plaza de la Revolución, where there are plenty of restaurants nearby that are easily accessible.

The monthly pass starts at $110 but goes up depending on what type or size room/opening you need – check them out today before it’s too late.

The Casai Club Lounge

best coworking spaces in mexico city

The Casai Club Lounge is a beautiful space in the heart of Roma Norte. They offer guests complimentary snacks and drinks, sound-proof phone booths for those who want some privacy while they’re on calls all day long (or even need somewhere quiet to doze off), as well a cozy lounge area with sofas suitable for working or reading books.

The club also provides free access – without membership fees–to any member visiting family members hosted at the hotel complex.


best coworking spaces in mexico city

Cow coworking spaces are designed with security and convenience in mind. You have access to a communal kitchen, general shared areas, coworking spaces with LED lighting and armchairs, and 24/7 CCTV and security. If you need to jump up to take a call in one of the personal cabins (or on the terrace!) or use the restroom, you know your belongings will be safe. Need a personal locker? They’ve got you covered.

If you need to host a meeting (for up to 58 people!) or need professional office space for the day, week, or month, you can get that too with Cow. Best of all, you can bring your pet to work with you as they are a pet-friendly workspace.

The Pool 

best coworking spaces in mexico city

The Pool has three locations throughout Mexico City, including Pool Polanco, Pool Toledo, and The Pool San Ángel. They are, however, actively adding more spaces each year. All their facilities offer large airy open rooms with options for coworking and private offices if you need them.

Suppose outside food isn’t available in your neighborhood. In that case, there’s always a café on-site at every location but be sure to check what kind before choosing that option because it might not suit everyone’s taste buds equally well (who doesn’t love coffee?). Also, monthly passes start at an affordable rate of only $75 monthly upwards.

MIA Co-Growing

best coworking spaces in mexico city

Working women need a place to focus and connect with others in their industry. That’s why MIA Co-Growing was created as an extension of the Revolution Monument (the location near it). 

The space offers working sessions and personal development events like beauty bar services or exercise classes, all designed specifically around helping female professionals make connections while balancing life goals without compromising on either. 

With flexible access plans including one-day passes and 2-day per week memberships at only $14 per month – this one is a fantastic coworking opportunity.


best coworking spaces in mexico city

There’s a new spot in town that all of your friends are talking about. Dosis Cafe has become an approved working destination for digital nomads, with their rustic seating arrangements and mighty strong coffee. 

However, it’s not just some hipster cafe where you can get avo on toast or matcha affogato; they have cultural space and occasionally host events. Sometimes the space is rented out by entrepreneurs looking to network together over some good ol’ fashioned conversation (and maybe even make connections).


best coworking spaces in mexico city

U-Co works to break the routine of a 9-5 life by offering furnished shared houses in up-and-coming neighborhoods. It provides new nomads an office away from home, where you can co-live, co-work, and make new friends. 

Each location has its own impressive design, ensuring that this isn’t your average workspace environment. Instead, U-Co offers bright bedrooms designed as sanctuaries where people can feel comfortable exploring their creativity; spacious common areas free from distraction to focus on what matters most (namely work).

Traveling for work has never been easier, thanks to U-Co.

El 3er Espacio

best coworking spaces in mexico city

El 3er Espacio is one of the pioneering and best coworking spaces in Mexico City, opened to residents and business owners alike. The large open areas offer tons of natural light with plenty of standing room at their hotdesking desks as well.

You can even grab some fresh air by going on over El Terrace, where there are always more food options right around every corner- whether it’s an elegant restaurant or street cart fare designed just right for quick digestion time. 

If you decide this is where you want to stay after your visit, daily rates start at $12 per day.


best coworking spaces in mexico city

Público is a modern, high-quality coworking space with seven locations around Mexico City. With more than 20 global locations and access to the same amenities wherever you are – this allows for a consistent remote working experience no matter where your location may be. 

The facilities include some features that set it apart from other typical spaces like theirs: 

  • Photoshoot areas equipped with blackout curtains
  • Makeup stations are available at all times of day (and night), so anyone can feel prepared before going to work or being photographed.
  • Fresh coffee is always available.
  • In addition, membership is just $170 per month.

Conclusion – Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico City

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, or to get out of the house and be more productive, one of these eleven best coworking spaces in Mexico City might be perfect for you. Coworking has become an increasingly popular option in the area, with new spaces popping up all the time. 

So whether you need a place to work on your projects or want to meet other people and collaborate, there’s a space for you on this list. Have you tried any of these coworking spaces? Let us know about your experience and which ones stood out to you.

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