8 Best Coworking Spaces in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a vibrant city for nomads and travelers. These are our top picks for best coworking spaces in Budapest if you’re looking to get work done and meet like-minded people.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to get some work done or a more social environment where you can meet other freelancers and entrepreneurs, there’s a coworking space in Budapest that’s right for you.

best coworking spaces in budapest
Budapest, situated on the glorious Danube River

Here are 8 spots we’ve rounded up as the best coworking spaces in Budapest:

  • Impact Hub Budapest
  • KAPTAR Coworking
  • Loffice
  • EcoOffice
  • Mosaik
  • The Other WorkSpace
  • Muse Coworking
  • FRoffice

Best Coworking Spaces in Budapest, Hungary

Ready to dive in? Here are the best of the best coworking spaces in Budapest. 

Impact Hub Budapest

best coworking spaces in budapest

Impact Hub Budapest is a coworking space that’s all about social good. They offer a variety of membership options, including flexible memberships for those who don’t need a permanent desk. In addition to coworking space, they also have event space and a cafe.

Impact Hub is located in the heart of the city and is close to public transport as well as the gorgeous Danube River, making it a prime spot for commutes and an inspiring area.

Impact Hub Budapest is just one of the many locations within this network of coworking spaces, and becoming a member grants you access to all of their global clubs, including places such as Dubai or Myanmar.

One thing to note is that Impact Hub runs like a typical business, with hours from 9 am to 6 pm. If you tend to work outside of this time frame, it might not be the best choice for you since it would limit your access.

KAPTAR Coworking

best coworking spaces in budapest

KAPTAR Coworking is a modern coworking space located in Budapest’s business district. They offer private offices, dedicated desks, and coworking memberships. They also have several events and workshops throughout the year.

KAPTAR’s coworking membership includes access to all of their spaces, which is handy if you’re looking for a place to work while you’re traveling. They also have meeting rooms and event spaces that can be rented out.

KAPTAR’s vibe is light and airy with plenty of natural light spilling in. It also includes a self-service cage so you can refuel with coffee or snacks throughout the day as needed.

Set up shop wherever is most comfortable for you, including comfortable armchairs by the window, a high-top seat at the counter, or a standard desk with charging capabilities. You can also opt for a standing desk or even get situated in a Skype room if you need to take calls.


best coworking space budapest

Loffice is a creative coworking space located in the heart of Budapest with other locations throughout Hungary and Austria. They have a variety of membership options, including day passes, which is handy if you’re only in town for a short time.

Their space is spread out over two floors and includes plenty of natural light, making it a bright and welcoming place to work. There are also outdoor spaces, such as patios for working or lunch, and gorgeous balconies overlooking the city.

You can tell the designers of Loffice put a lot of time and energy into making the office environment aesthetically pleasing and stimulating to productivity. It feels hip and young but leaves some room for guessing about comfortability. Some of the chairs were beautiful, yet far from ergonomic.

It’s something to keep in mind if you plan to spend long hours working at your coworking space.

It’s also open during business hours (9 pm to 5 pm), so there’s no chance of getting in any overtime here.


best coworking spaces in budapest

EcoOffice is a coworking space with a focus on sustainability – right? Think again. The name itself is a bit misleading, but if you can get past the greenwashing marketing in their title, you may find it a pleasant place to work.

EcoOffice provides a relaxing, zen atmosphere filled with tons of greenery, natural materials, and soothing colors like green and yellow. It’s designed with creativity in mind and is inspiring in itself. If you were to cross a shared office space with a chill local coffee shop, what you’d get is something akin to EcoOffice.

EcoOffice is a place where individuals and small groups who work better around others can come to thrive.


coworking space budapest

Mosaik is one of the best coworking spaces in Budapest. Its amenities are pretty competitive with the others on this list, but Mosaik has something that gives it an extra edge.

Mosaik, in addition to a coworking space, is also a learning center where workers who want a career change can take on new skills through events and classes. Their tech skills workshops are the most popular among members.

They also host a weekly event with Microsoft software engineers where members meet and learn from these experts to grow their network and learn more about the industry.

It also offers 24-hour access to its members, a bonus for any night owls or early birds looking for a place to work.

The Other Workspace

coworking space budapest

The Other Workspace is a bit different than anything else you might find, and the designers intended for it to be that way. 

The space is simple and quiet with comfortable desks and chairs, but it’s free of the frills or extra decor that some of the other coworking spots on this list have.

As its name suggests, The Other Workspace offers an alternative to other pricier, flashier options.

While the prices are lower for this spot, they may not be low enough to distract you from the glitz and glamour some of the other places offer.

If affordability is at the top of your list, however, you’ll likely find that The Other Workspace is better for your budget.

Muse Coworking

coworking space budapest

Muse Coworking is a downtown Budapest-based coworking space that’s home to a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and digital nomads – and it’s in one of the most beautiful spaces we’ve ever seen.

The space is modern, whimsical, contemporary, and fashionable. There’s a very open floor plan and lots of natural light. It also has private offices for those who need more focus or privacy while working.

Some other more attractive amenities at Muse include:

  • On-site showers
  • A terrace
  • A cafe
  • A mini-golf course 

Who doesn’t love the chance to hit a few golf balls in between meetings to blow off steam?


coworking space budapest

FRoffice is a coworking space that’s smack-dab in the middle of Budapest in a safe area that’s easy to get to.

It’s dog-friendly, a huge plus for those who don’t want to leave their furry friend at home all day while they work. You’ll find prices to be reasonable, especially when considering the location, staff, and amenities you get for the cost!

Other amenities you’ll enjoy include:

  • Flexible workspace types
  • A communal kitchen equipped with whatever you might need
  • Lightning-fast WiFi

If you want something that’s beautifully inspiring, while also affordable and easy to get to, it’s a great choice.

Wrapping Up – Best Coworking Spaces In Budapest

Budapest is a city with a lot to offer, and that extends to its coworking spaces as well. Whether you need a pet-friendly spot, something centrally located and easy to get to, or simply a beautiful, inspiring place to get your work done, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a place to set up shop and get some work done, any of the best coworking spaces in Budapest would be a great option.

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