Best Coworking Spaces in Barcelona, Spain 

Coworking spaces have existed for workers of all different levels and careers for many years. If you’re planning to travel to Spain, here are some of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona to meet new people and stay productive.

While working from your hotel room or Airbnb is great, and saves you money, sometimes you need a change of environment to get your best work done. Coworking spaces are also a great place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and nomads

The coworking spaces we’ve listed here range from comfy, familiar, and minimalist to highly private spaces that come with other amenities, like a gym membership or a poolside view. 

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Best Coworking Spaces In Barcelona

La Vaca

best coworking spaces in Barcelona

This was my favorite place to work from during my short stay in Barcelona. La Vaca is a former dairy shop in the heart of the Poble Sec area. It has a bright, spacious layout and a chill vibe with various different workstations and places to tuck yourself away so you can get to work.

If you’re looking to network, there’s a healthy community of local remote workers, foreign nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs here. There are meeting spaces, and a billiard table if you need a break from work.

La Vaca also hosts community lunches, weekly football games, and networking events.


best coworking spaces in Barcelona

OneCoWork is located in Marina Port Vell – the number one place to hang out in Barcelona if you’re into culture and yachting – according to Forbes .

This spaces has incredible views and comfortable work spaces. So whether you only need a day working there, or you want to book a longer term private office, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Coworking packages starting with daily passes at only 25€ and private offices, starting at 350€. 

OneCoWork has two other locations in Barcelona as well, in the Catedral area and Portal de L’angel.

Betahaus Coworking 

best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Betahaus is a comfy workspace environment for those who can’t work remotely from home. The space will give you an at-home feeling while keeping your settings professional. 

They offer many different payment options, from daily passes to part-time fixed or full-time fixed. They even provide an hourly pass for 40h of coworking for only 69€/monthly.

In addition, you will get free coffee, tea, and water with each pass. Also, you get access to the network and video call booths to give you a private space for those Skype or Zoom meetings. 

Betahaus Gràcia has a huge amount of space – five floors in total! – and is located at Carrer de Vilafranca, 7 08024 Barcelona. 


best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Monday is a beautiful, modern coworking space with several locations and plenty of pay scale options to choose from, depending how often you intend to work there – and your coworking preferences.

The lowest price starts at 199€ for the Hot Desk option – which includes shared workspaces, 24/7 access, Monday network access, gym membership, a cafeteria, and personal workouts. 

If you’re looking for storage and your own office space to work at Monday, you’ll have to increase your budget slightly. But wherever you work within the Monday walls, you’ll find it comfortable and productive.

Monday Tibidabo also has a pool and garden area – it’s located at Riera de Sant Miquel, 1 BIS 08006 Barcelona. 


best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Cloudworks has several locations with beautiful terraces and views to choose from in Barcelona. Cloudworks believes in visual spaces to feel peace and reenergize throughout your workday. Studies show that taking breaks to enjoy the scenery throughout the day will increase long-term productivity. 

Their Flex plan is a good start for remote and freelance workers that need a working space and network access. The Flex plan has a part-time option, but their full-time option, starting at €220, is more beneficial for those that need a longer stretch throughout the workday. 

Cloudworks in Passeig de Gràcia has two floors, and is located at Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 613, 08007 Barcelona. 

MOB (Makers of Barcelona) 

best coworking spaces in Barcelona

MOB is one of Barcelona’s most popular coworking spaces, probably because it’s a great space with an affordable price for any budget. MOB is also offering a buy one, get one on spaces. If you buy space at one location, you can use the space at the other location as well. 

Both spaces are modern and trendy, with lots of color and plants. It would be challenging to feel non-productive in this coworking space!

Their Flex Desk plan offers free seating and 2 x four-hour meeting room credits for the month, starting at 90€. They also have a super affordable day pass at 15€. 

Best of all – they’re pet friendly, so whether you want to bring your own pet with you, or get free pats from other peoples’s dogs, MOB is the perfect place.

MOB is located at MOB Bailén Coworking Eixample Calle Bailen 11, Bajos 08010 Barcelona and MOB Caterina Coworking el Born Av. de Francesc Cambó, 17, 08003 Barcelona. 

Apocapoc Barcelona – NestCityLab

best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Apocapoc Barcelona, also known as #nestcitylab is all about sustaining the overall environment. Studies have shown that workspaces with plant life are much more tolerated by workers and have a better productive rate than those places without greenery. 

At #nestcitylab, work surroundings are abundantly green and lush, promoting a sense of peace and comfort in your workspace.

Pricing starts with the Keyholder option at €247.00. This package will give you access to a Fixed Desk, meeting room credits, kitchen access, Skype booths, and more. 

If you are looking to be one with nature in this big city, this could be just the spot. Apocapoc Barcelona Nestcitylab is located at Carrer de Alaba 100, 08018 Barcelona. 

Imagincafé Barcelona 

best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Imagincafé is in the very heart of Barcelona. It is an artistic space specialized for creative people. There are plenty of things to see and do here that don’t exactly pertain to work. This space offers shows and galleries for artists of all kinds to showcase their craft. 

Imagincafé went another step further with the design and purpose of their building, including adding a free coworking space located in The Lab and this space is free to work from. This space gets busy, and there’s no guarantee there will be room if you just show up, so it’s best to plan ahead and get there early.

This hotspot can be an encouraging place for creative minds looking for a push of inspiration with their work. Imagincafé is located at Carrer de Pelai, 11, 08001 Barcelona. 

Produkt Burô 

best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Produkt Burô is a coworking space for artists and designers. It offers a large, fixed working space that is shared with one other person. It also has available internet and a semi-private conference room. 

The studio is open 24/7, 356 days a year, with on-site security.

Each month, you can receive 2 hours a month of screen printing available with the space rental. Keeping up with the elusiveness and the exclusiveness that drive artists’ inspiration, you must contact for price and availability. 

This space is a genuine production coworker space to create and execute art and design of all kinds. The site requests that you email information on available coworking spaces and upcoming courses, but once accepted, the building can be located at Carrer Ramón Turró 154, 08005 Poblenou, Barcelona.

Conclusion – Best Coworking Spaces In Barcelona

Barcelona is a huge hub for entrepreneurs and digital nomads, and there are plenty of coworking spaces and cafes all over the city where you can network, and work.

These are our top choices of coworking spaces (La Vaca especially) – but you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect coworking spot for your needs in this city.

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