10 Best Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam

Being a digital nomad is a great way to explore the world while working towards your dreams. Even if you don’t have a home base, you need to earn money to fund your travels and take advantage of everything your home-away-from-home has to offer. That’s where coworking spaces come in handy – so if you’re in the heart of the Netherlands, check out our tips for the best coworking spaces in Amsterdam. 

But this lifestyle isn’t all fun and games. If you’re in Amsterdam to enjoy the sights, sounds, and culture, you still need a good place to work to keep your travel funds topped up. Sometimes hostels or hotels don’t have decent internet, or you can’t focus while you’re in your room.

Plus – many of the cute little coffee shops in Amsterdam might not be that productive if you need to concentrate on work!

Best Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam


best coworking spaces in amsterdam

Workspace6 is easy to access since it’s right below Central Station, but don’t worry about the city sounds interrupting your work. The space is quiet and peaceful and has been in business for over eight years. The environment is just right for freelancers and entrepreneurs to get work done.

This location offers more than desks for remote work. There’s a community lunch hosted every day so you can network with others or just kick back and get to know your “coworkers.” Workspace6 also hosts events like movie nights, art shows, and live music.


best coworking spaces in amsterdam

BounceSpace is one of the most flexible coworking environments in Amsterdam. You can rent a desk and get a mailing address for work-related documents. Booking office space guarantees meeting room access, but there’s a free lounge open to anyone working remotely.

If you ever feel stuck and your work isn’t flowing, you can take a break without leaving BounceSpace. There’s an espresso bar, barbershop, bike repair space, and game room. When you’re not at your desk, you can keep your belongings in a locker so you don’t have to worry about your valuables.

A Lab

best coworking spaces in amsterdam

The creators of A Lab consider it a “living lab” instead of just a coworking space. They mean that, in addition to desk space for rent, you can join a community of like-minded individuals at A Lab. The owners host events and also allow members to rent the space at discounted prices.

When you book space at A Lab, you get access to diverse creatives and freelancers so you can take advantage of your time in Amsterdam. Artists, photographers, lawyers, dancers, and more rent space at A Lab and network in the communal areas.


best coworking spaces in amsterdam

StartDock is a coworking space near Koningsplein so you get to experience the hustle and bustle of the square while having a quiet location to work. You’ll always find entrepreneurs and freelancers working in this former bank transformed into a cozy yet professional coworking space.

At StartDock, you can book a flexible desk if you’re just stopping by, or a dedicated desk area if you’ll work there for a month or more. For additional privacy, you can rent office space. There are communal meeting rooms, a printing facility, and complimentary coffee and tea.

Plant 22

best coworking spaces in amsterdam

Plant 22 offers coworking spaces inside at communal tables or outside in a relaxing garden. Members have access to the kitchen to make meals or snacks without having to leave their workspace. Renting a workspace gives you 24/7 access to Plant 22 and the opportunity to use the conference room when needed.

In addition to fast WiFi, you have access to coffee and tea, printing services, and cleaning. The entire building has impressive security, including CCTV, so you don’t have to worry about your valuables if you leave anything overnight.

The Thinking Hut

best coworking spaces in amsterdam

The Thinking Hut has two locations in Amsterdam — one near the Olympic Stadium and one near the Oosterpark. Both let in plenty of natural light so you won’t feel like you’re closed off from the rest of the world while you work.

You can book space to work independently, but there are great opportunities to network with others at the Thinking Hut. You can also take advantage of professional development programs, like optimizing your LinkedIn profile, taking care of your mental health, and learning how to paint.

Mindspace Dam

best coworking spaces in amsterdam

Mindspace Dam gets its name due to its proximity to Dam Square. Housed in a converted bank, this beautiful space features work from local artists to make it unique. It offers shared or dedicated desks for entrepreneurs and freelancers. For extra privacy, you can book a private office, but these usually go to teams with multiple people.

It’s more than just a coworking space — at Mindspace Dam, you can take part in networking events, wellness programs, and professional development courses. The studio provides 24/7 access along with showers and a soda and coffee bar. If you’re a digital nomad, you’ll love everything Mindspace Dam offers in one location.

The Next Web

best coworking spaces in amsterdam

The Next Web has three locations in Amsterdam so you can easily book a workspace regardless of what area of town you’re staying in. There are several tiers of membership depending on your work needs. If you work from a laptop and just need a desk, a basic membership keeps you covered.

People who want a dedicated desk or private office can also get what they need from the Next Web. Check out the hosted events while you’re there, such as branding yourself as a freelancer and financial planning as an entrepreneur.


best coworking spaces in amsterdam

Merkspace isn’t far from the South Axis business district, so you’ll appreciate the hustle of the city around you as you head to your workspace. The location takes care of everything for you, offering printing services, WiFi, 24/7 access, and cleaning service. While you’re working, you can partake in the included delicious coffee to ensure your brain is firing on all cylinders.

Professionals using Merkspace can choose to work in the main room’s open space, where you’ll sit at large communal tables. For more privacy, you can book a private office. If you need to invite other team members to collaborate, you can use meeting space for up to 26 people.

Merkspace has a professional atmosphere, but they also offer something unique: a cocktail lounge. Whether you’re hosting an event or want a laid-back environment for your meeting, they can help customize the space for your needs.

B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is a coworking campus made of four neighboring buildings. Since they have so many options, you can choose from individual desk space, larger meeting rooms, and lounges. There’s also a restaurant and rooftop terrace on-site.

One building includes industrial warehouse space for manufacturers or businesses who need temporary space. Your membership includes access to the parking deck so you can save time commuting and looking for a close spot. 

If you need a break from your daily grind, you can visit the on-site gym to work out, play on a padel court, or take an exercise class. B. Amsterdam gives freelancers and remote workers a space to feel like part of a community by offering them everything they need in one location.

Final Notes – Best Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has plenty of coworking spaces for digital nomads and remote freelancers. Take advantage of everything the city has to offer working professionals by checking out any of the best coworking spaces in Amsterdam that we’ve reviewed above.

Regardless of where you’re staying in Amsterdam, or for how long, you’ll find a coworking space that suits your needs.

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