4 Best Coba Cenotes In Yucatan, Mexico

Coba cenotes are undoubtedly some of the most breathtaking sites to tour in the Yucatan Peninsula. Coba is the perfect place if you want to explore both ancient Mayan ruins and grab a refreshing cenote swim.

Read on to learn the best cenotes near Coba ruins and how to get there.

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1. Cenote Multum-Ha

It’s the deepest of all cenotes in Coba, making it the perfect destination for snorkeling. You must follow the main road and travel at least three kilometers to reach this cenote. You will be cycling on the road with many potholes. However, you may have a memorable experience because the cenote has fewer crowds than other cenotes on this list.

coba cenotes
Multum-Ha Cenote – image by MBell

The cenote features a tiny hole and is beautiful when the sun shines. Cenote Multum-Ha is known to have the narrowest spiraling entranceway. The cenote has a wooden platform and a circular shape. Visitors love this cenote as it’s more than 60 feet below the earth.

Climb 100 steps to reach the cenote and follow the stairs. Unlike other cenotes in Mexico, Multum-Ha has calm and blue water, making it fascinating to wade in. The cenote has a safety rope that extends through the calm water. You can use the rope as a support when you get tired wading in the cenote.

Recently, the authorities introduced artificial light in the closed cenote. Cenote Multum-Ha is open to visitors between 8 am and 6 pm. It is best to visit the place in the late afternoon as it’s less crowded. Alternatively, you can tour the cenote in the morning if you don’t want to sweat as you explore the jungle.

Cenote Multum-Ha allows you to carry a backpack. You are also free to carry an underwater camera and towel. Store your essentials on the wooden deck. The cenote is worth your investment if you are a snorkeling enthusiast.

The cenotes are always open to the public for a relaxing and refreshing view. It’s advisable to book your spot earlier. You can cancel your booking within 24 hours and ask for a refund.

2. Cenote Choo-Ha

Cenote Choo-Ha is currently the most visited cenote in Coba because of its calm and shallow water. You access the cenotes using a wooden staircase. Once in the underground cenotes, you will notice stalactites and stalagmites.

The cenote is the ultimate destination for families. Your kids can swim in the cenote safely as it’s not very deep compared to Tankach-Ha and Multum-Ha. The operating hours of this cenote are between 9 am and 6 pm. However, it’s better to arrive in the morning or evening because there are fewer visitors.

The authority requires visitors to rinse off in the bathrooms before entering the water. Cenote Choo-Ha is located several kilometers from Coba. It is a 30 minutes drive from Tulum. Visit Coba in the early morning before it gets hot, and tour the cenotes later to cool off.

When you arrive at the cenote, you will notice a ticket booth opposite the main road. Once you buy a ticket at this point, follow the dirt path until you reach Cenote Choo-Ha. Ensure to carry cash when visiting the cenote.

There are no public transport services around the cenotes. Thus, you need a car to reach Cenote Choo-Ha. Instead of using your car, consider renting one. It’s easy to hire private drivers in Choo-Ha. The cenote has spacious parking facilities, so you don’t have to worry when visiting with your friends.

Cenote Choo-Ha has no natural sunlight, and the water is very cold. Walk slowly as you enter the cenote as the steps are slippery. Removing your shoes will work well when walking in the cenote. Make sure to leave all your essentials in the car as the cenote does not have a specified area.

3. Cenote Tankach-Ha

The wonderful underground cenote should be on your bucket list if you love diving. The cenote is only six kilometers from Coba Ruins. The clear water in Cenote Tankach-Ha feels amazing and is ideal for large families and kids.

After paying the entrance fee, the staff will ask you to use the bathrooms. Bathing is aimed at protecting the ecosystem. Removing any chemical sunscreen before entering the cenote is vital to save natural life.

Tankach-Ha cenote – image by LauArdelean

Make sure to leave all your items in the car to avoid potential theft. You risk getting the belongings wet when you carry them in the cenote. Go down with water shoes and a camera if you want to take pictures.

Start by following the steps that lead you into a small hole in the ground. The temperature drops, and the cave gets dark. Once you are in the spiral wooden staircase, walk down slowly. You will view spectacular stalagmites and stalactites along the way.

The staircase has two diving sections, one is eight meters and the second diving platform five meters. You can see clear and dark blue aquamarine water from the first diving platform.

Don’t worry if you are an experienced diver. The water is deep enough and has no rocks. At first, it can be intimidating diving at Cenote Tankach-Ha, but you will get used to it once you dive several times.

4. Cenote Muul Ichi Ts Ono Ot

coba cenotes
Cenote Muul Ichi Ts Ono Ot – image by El Camino Mas Corto

Cenote Muul is not known because it’s hidden in the jungle. You need to visit the hidden paradise in a small village near Coba. Change and rinse off when you arrive in the cenote. Use the spiral stairs to access the closed cenote. The cenote is located deep down in the ground.

The cenote is always closed to protect it from debris and keep the water crystal clear. You can bring glasses to view the clear and deep waters. Avoid using lotions or other chemicals to protect the water and ecosystem.

Don’t forget to carry the items below:

  • Towel.
  • Swimsuit.

Most Mexicans visit the cenote on Sundays, so you shouldn’t come on this day. The best days to visit the cenote are Monday and Tuesday when it’s less crowded. Bring your food as you will not find snacks in the cenote.

Cenote Muul has several bathrooms and changing areas. It’s crucial to rinse off before entering the cenotes. In addition, the cenote opens daily from 8 am- 5 pm. However, the closing hours depend on the flow of visitors.

Coba Cenotes FAQs

Here are the most common questions about Coba Cenotes in Mexico.

How deep is Choo Ha cenote?

Cenote Choo-Ha has a maximum depth of 114 feet. You can dive in the cenote if you have diving skills. Visitors jump into the cenote from the two platforms.

Can you visit Coba cenotes without a tour?

Yes! You only need to pay the parking fee and jump into the cenote. However, you should observe safety precautions as advised by the cenotes staff. 

How can I get to cenotes without a car?

If you don’t have a car, you can consider renting a bike or hiring a taxi. You can also join a group tour that includes transport.

Final Thoughts – Cenotes In Coba Mexico

Coba cenotes are incredible places to visit if you love underground sinkholes. You can visit the above cenotes in Coba without a tour guide. Make sure to book a slot if you visit the cenote on a busy weekend.

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