The Best Apps To Find Cheap Flights In 2022

In this article, we’ll discuss the best apps to find cheap flights from your mobile or desktop, and when you should start looking for flights if you want the best deals possible.

Flights can be expensive or inconvenient if you go through airline websites and traditional travel agencies. Luckily in the internet age, there are many apps where you can find super cheap and convenient flights to fit your budget and your schedule – so you can book your next trip right from your laptop. These are especially good if you’re a digital nomad that’s trying to keep costs down!

best apps to find cheap flights

What Are The Best Apps To Find Cheap Flights?

Here’s our list of personal favorites for the best apps to find cheap flights on the web.

Google Flights

Google Flights represents a service much like Expedia or Travelocity that brings together flight information from across the web and presents it in a very easy-to-use list. Unlike travel agencies, Google Flights also brings in countering offers from other travel agencies to give you good deals.

The downside of Google Flights is that it only supplies searchers with the information provided by travel sites and airlines. Depending on when you are looking for tickets, prices can fluctuate dramatically.

However, one positive aspect of Google Flights is its algorithm that tells you if the tickets are currently cheap or expensive for your intended flight. You get a good idea of whether or not you could get overcharged.


With an easy-to-use interface and a lot of great in-app deals, Hopper is a personal favorite app for finding cheap flights.

To get started on Hopper, plug in your intended flight information and the app will automatically assess when you should buy your tickets.

By telling you when to buy, Hopper takes the Google Flights algorithm and pushes it just that one step further to be handy for finding cheap flights. Set up push notifications so Hopper can tell you the very moment when tickets are as low as they’re likely to be. 


best apps to find cheap flights

Cheap flights, hotels, and cars are all rolled into a single bundle with Skyscanner, available on the App Store, Google Play, or wherever you get your apps. 

Skyscanner processes data from hundreds of airlines across the world and delivers inexpensive bundles that can help you choose where to stay and how to get there once you get to your destination. 

The downside of Skyscanner is that it’s less useful if you do not need a car or hotel once you get to your destination; you may as well use the easier Google Flights if you just need a cheap plane.  


A relative newcomer to the flight-hacking scene, this website can often find cheap deals on flights that other apps can’t.

You can also download the app to your Android or iOS phone – you’ll find it’s a smooth experience to use, and has a great search engine function.

This flight app is great for people on budgets, as it will search for all the cheapest possible routes, even if it means switching airlines during your trip. It also has a special “nomad mode” which helps you plan the cheapest itinerary for your trip if you’re going to travel to more than once place.

If you’re wondering if is legit, the answer is yes, it definitely is. Kiwi has a built-in guarantee that covers things like flight cancellations, delays, and time changes, which is a huge weight off your mind if (and when) something goes wrong and messes with your plans!

Last Minute – Cheap Flights

best apps to find cheap flights

Last Minute – Cheap Flights is an app that, despite its name, is great for procrastinators and heavy planners alike. 

With a really beautiful interface and data from nearly 800 airlines worldwide, Last Minute is awesome at finding great deals, both in the short term and long term. 

Like many of the apps on our list, Last Minute offers absolute convenience by allowing you to book your flights directly from the app. 

What sets Last Minute apart? In addition to allowing users to shop for and ultimately buy their cheap plane tickets, Last Minute offers evergreen travel tips. When is the best day to travel if you want a cheap flight? Last Minute has the answer. How far ahead of your flight should you book? Last Minute has the answer. 

Secret Flying

best apps to find cheap flights

The dream team at Secret Flying is great at finding unbelievable deals online. When using Secret Flying, you can subscribe to specific departure cities and wait until the best deal becomes available.

If you’re someone who likes to travel but doesn’t tend to have a specific destination in mind, Secret Flying is a great app for you. The team at Secret Flying regularly posts deals online that are, in a word, mind-boggling. For example, a flight from Los Angeles to West Palm Beach, FL recently cost only 66 dollars on Secret Flying.

Secret Flying is partnered with several travel sites, including Skyscanner (listed above) and CheapOair (listed below). When they find you a good deal, they’ll redirect you to the third-party vendor.


best apps to find cheap flights

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, CheapOair is an all-inclusive travel service designed to give its users the best deals online. 

Via the CheapOair app, users can browse different airlines, select the cheapest flight, book hotels, and rent cars all at once. The app looks great and is a go-to for frequent flyers.

One thing we love about CheapOair is that you can turn on notifications for price drops. This keeps you in the know about your flight and helps you strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

More than the easy-to-use app, CheapOair also has a highly reputable and available customer service wing, something of a rarity in the travel business. Using their expertise, CheapOair agents are often able to earn their fliers double points. With the CheapOair Visa Credit Card, rewards points flow like a river on every in-app dollar spent.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

best apps to find cheap flights

Though not an app, we figured we’d mention Scott’s Cheap Flights as a possible source for cheap flights. 

What turns many people off about Scott’s Cheap Flights is that it is a paid service. To even find the deals, you have to get past the paywall. That said, you can try for free for 14 days, and if you like it, you can keep paying. If not, cancel.  

However, once you get past the paywall, Scott’s manages to find some insane deals, sometimes as much as 90% lower than competitors. If you’re a US-based traveler who is frequently in the air, we would recommend giving Scott’s Cheap Flights free trial a go (if even to get just one cheap flight).

Conclusion – Best Apps To Find Cheap Flights

The internet has no shortage of travel websites selling flights. However, finding a great deal requires a bit of sleuthing. By using the apps listed above, the dedicated teams will do the sleuthing for you and often find excellent deals for their customers.

As the wise say: it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Keep that journey cheap with any of the apps we have listed above. Happy travels!

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