Best Arch Support Flip Flops for Women Who Travel

No other shoe quite measures up to summer’s favorite, the flip-flop. These are our top picks for best arch support flip flops for women. Because if you want to keep cool, visit the pool or beach, or just slip your shoes on quickly on your rush out the door, nothing beats the flip-flops!

If you’re like many women, you’re all too familiar with the consequences of wearing flip-flops for a long or extra strenuous day. At best, you’ll be uncomfortable. At worst, you might have some significant pain that will threaten to keep you off your feet in the following days.

So if you’re going to be spending a lot of time standing or walking around–while traveling, for instance–you need some sturdy and comfy flip-flops with arch support.

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Finding Flip Flops with Arch support: The Most Important Factors

arch support flip flops for women

If you’ve been looking for comfortable flip-flops for women, chances are that you’ve seen the phrase “arch support” in the description of plenty of products online.

It’s common for brands to insert this phrase whenever they can but it’s difficult to tell which flip-flops are genuinely high-quality and support your arches well. 

You’re going to be able to tell facts from fiction regarding arch support if you look closer at the footbed shape, in particular. But don’t discount the outer sole materials or style of the flip-flops, either.

There might not be an exact “one-size-fits-all” arch support flip-flop for all women, but these factors are a good place to start narrowing your search.

Footbed Shape

Higher-quality flip-flops are more likely to feature a footbed that’s anatomically molded to your feet. Or, in other words, they aren’t just flat chunks of foam from the dollar store.

You should know that higher arches don’t necessarily mean that the shoes will be more comfortable, however. If your feet don’t have high arches, sandals made for them aren’t going to feel great.

How can you tell if you have high arches? The Cleveland Clinic recommends a simple test: put a large sheet of paper on the floor, step in the shower to wet your feet, and walk across it. Women with high arches will only see wet spots from the balls of their feet, toes, and heels.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that only about 20% of women have this issue, though. So you are most likely to require only a moderate degree of arch support. Every sandal listed here has at least this much support, which means you can keep reading with confidence.

Outer Sole Durability

You want your new flip-flops to be able to take a beating when you’re on the go all day, so the material of the outer sole (the part that hits the ground) matters. Rubber outer soles will be the most durable, but EVA soles are a close second that is much lighter than rubber.

Foam can make for a well-cushioned midsole, but it’s generally not dense enough to absorb shock and withstand wear and tear like EVA or rubber outer soles. Avoid all sandals that tout foam as a comfortable alternative to rubber because they won’t last long.

No clear winner emerges between rubber and EVA soles. They depend on your durability needs and how lightweight you like your flip-flops.

You should consider the terrain where you’ll typically be walking–rocky beaches might need the extra durability of rubber, while you may prefer to avoid that extra weight on pavement or sand.

Outer soles made from something else, on the other hand, might not hold up as well. They may be good shoes in a pinch, but cheaply-constructed soles will probably not be paired with sufficient arch support, either.


Orthotic shoes of any form are not known for being pretty. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to settle for unattractive arch support flip-flops. The sandals listed here range from fully waterproof to dressier varieties with a lower profile and leather straps.

Whether you’re looking for a sandal that’s sporty, classy, or somewhere in between, you can find flip-flops that have arch support AND match your style.

Knowing everything you do now, you should be well-prepared to find a good fit and find it quickly so you can return to your busy life in no time. Let’s look at the best flip-flops with arch support that you’re only a click away from buying.

Best Arch Support Flip Flops For Women

Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flops – Top Sellers!

Reviewers agree that this Clarks flip-flop is extremely comfortable. Over 60,000 women have come to a consensus of 4.7/5 stars on Amazon. They are especially attractive, too, with a dressier leather or faux leather strap, depending on your color choice. They come in a dazzling selection of 39 different colors and styles.

Clarks has packed a lot of support into these flip-flops for how light they are. Three layers work together to provide a soft but bouncy cushion as well as the featherlight durability of an EVA outer sole. You can’t go wrong with a sandal so kind to your feet, yet appropriate for formal situations and casual events.

Plaka Relief Flip-Flops – Our Personal Travel Favorite!

Plaka Relief flip-flops stand out with adjustable braided cords that wrap beautifully around the tops of your feet. These flip-flops don’t just have an interesting design, though–they’re also kind to your feet with medium arch support and lightweight EVA soles that won’t drag you down.

What’s more, Plaka offers sandals in 8 different colors at a surprisingly affordable price. While guarantees in life don’t come easily, you’re highly likely to love these – they’re some of the best-selling flip-flops on Amazon!

Olukai Ohana Flip-Flops

Olukai’s Ohana arch support flip-flops for women are extra durable with a rubber outer sole and water-resistant features. They also have excellent treads for better traction than the average flip-flop.

The extra-tough Olukai Ohana doesn’t look extra-tough, however. The sandals still manage to be pretty, with 33 color combinations and a unique coral-inspired tread design.

The flip-flops are a great choice for women who need a versatile sandal capable of handling the everyday wear-and-tear as well as any trips to the beach.

Reef Water Vista Women’s Sandals

Reef’s Water Vista sandals with arch support may not technically be flip-flops, but their slip-on ease of use makes them just as convenient no matter the occasion. The Water Vista is especially notable for being waterproof yet light and stylish with espadrille-style details. These flip flops are available in 13 different colors.

We’d be remiss not to point out the major advantage of a sandal rather than a proper flip-flop: the Reef Water Vista has an adjustable back strap, so you’ll never have to worry about the flip-flops slipping off while you walk.

Sketchers Women’s On-the-Go 600 Flip-Flops

Sketchers has been known for their comfortable shoes for quite some time, but they also make high-quality flip-flops that women love. They come in a choice of 8 different colors.

Reviewers praise the soft cushioning, molded footbed, and lightweight feel of these sandals. They’re perfect for women on the go, just as their name suggests.

Reef Zen Love Flip-Flops

Reef Zen Love Flip-Flops

Reef has crafted yet another remarkably comfortable sandal with arch support that deserves its place on this list. The Zen Love flip-flops take their name and design from Japanese Zen gardens and their soothing grooves made in the sand.

A faux leather strap completes this stylish look that can be worn anywhere. They’re available in 3 colors.

Zen Love flip-flops offer moderate arch support with an anatomically molded foam footbed and a rubber outer sole that can weather whatever you throw at them in your travels.

You can relax at peace at the end of a long day with these flip-flops, free of gnawing pain that comes from the lack of arch support of lower-quality sandals.

Flojos Billie Flip-Flops

Flojos Billie flip-flops resemble Reef Zen Loves in their rubber outsole, lightweight foam midsole, faux leather strap, and, you guessed it–moderate arch support.

What sets the two apart is that the Billie flip-flops are classier in their more subtly designed patterns and yet they have a noticeably more affordable price tag.

Flojos Billie flip-flops are one of the most affordable choices on this list, yet 82% of Amazon reviewers agree that they have “moderate” arch support. The Billie flip-flops could be the perfect choice for women who need arch support but don’t want to break the bank on a more expensive option.

Closing Thoughts – Arch Support Flip Flops For Women

Don’t let the warm weather drive you to make decisions that’ll cause you later pain. In the same way that applying sunscreen is worth it, so is a good pair of arch support flip-flops for women.

Your mind might be jumping to the shoes of the chunky, unattractive variety that sacrifice looks and convenience for support. But a well-kept secret is that even flip-flops can be cute and have the support you need to walk on pain-free, even after a day waiting at the airport or walking the beach at your favorite vacation destination.

It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. There are excellent sandals out there that take the convenient and stylish flip-flop and somehow (perhaps magically) make it comfortable, too. You just need to know where to look. Find your perfect fit from our list above and enjoy summer without aching feet!

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