How To Get From Antalya To Kas By Bus

Looking for a cheap and easy way to get from Antalya to Kaş? It’s as simple as heading to the Antalya bus terminal.

If you’re wondering if there’s a bus you can catch from Antalya to Kaş (pronounced “Kash”), the good news is that this service does exist, and you can basically just show up to the bus station without having to book tickets in advance.

There are a few bus lines that will take you through to Kaş from Antalya, but we chose to get one of the popular local minibuses that leave every hour from the Antalya bus terminal (Antalya Otogar).

At the time of writing, buses left approximately on the hour between 7am and 9.30pm every day.

You can buy tickets online, or just show up at the bus terminal. If you want to buy a ticket online, skip to that section below, as you’ll need to make sure you check the right option on the bus booking website so you don’t catch the wrong bus!

One of the beautiful beaches around Kaş

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Buying a ticket from Antalya to Kaş at the bus station

If you’re staying in Antalya, take a taxi to the Antalya bus station. This will cost around 150 lira if you’re staying in Kaleici (Old Town). All the taxi drivers will know where the main bus terminal is. This trip takes about 25 minutes, depending on traffic and the time of day.

Let the bus driver know you’re heading to Kaş, and they’ll take you to the correct part of the bus station. Drop your bags on the conveyor belt for a quick security check at the door, and you’ll see the bus ticket desk right in front of you.

Bati Antalya is the minibus company that’s best known for going to Kaş, but there are other minibus lines that follow this route as well (pictured below).

Either buy your ticket to Kaş at the Bati Antalya desk, or there might also be a bus driver lurking around telling you that you can just pay on the bus and to follow him. Don’t worry, he’s legit! He’ll point you around the corner to where all the minibuses are lined up and he’ll tell you what time the next one is due.

The minibuses are all clearly labelled, so check that the sign in the front window mentions Kaş, and you’re good to go.

antalya to kas

Buying a bus ticket from Antalya to Kas online

You can also buy your tickets online for the Bati Antalya minibus at https://www.batiantalyatur.com.tr/ in advance to ensure you get a seat at a time that suits you.

Select the Antalya to Fethiye route – BUT make sure you select the route that goes via Kemer.

This specific bus goes through the center of Kaş.

If you select the Antalya > Fethiye option, this bus will take you inland and skip Kaş altogether, meaning you’ll have to get another bus from Fethiye back to Kaş — making it a reaaaalllly long day.

So double check you’ve got the Antalya > Fethiye Kemer line before confirming your tickets online!

The only major downside to catching the minibus as opposed to taking a taxi or one of the more expensive intercity buses is the frequent stops. You can hop on or off these minibuses at any point during the trip between Antalya and Kas, so there will most likely be lots of locals and hikers jumping on and off the bus as you travel.

However! This is also an upside, as there are plenty of toilet stops and places to buy snacks along the way if you need them.

A note if you get motion sickness easily

The main thing I’d mention about this trip is that there are winding roads all the way. If it’s a hot day and you’re prone to motion sickness, be aware that the hills and curves are relentless around this beautiful coast, so (depending on your bus driver) things could get a little crazy!

Be prepared with water, motion sickness bands, or grab some Ondansetron/Zofran pills from the chemist before you leave Antalya if you’re at all worried about travel sickness. Remember there will be plenty of stops along the way as well, so you can stretch regularly and get some fresh air.

In summary – Antalya to Kas by bus

Journey: Antalya bus station to Kaş bus station (in the town center)

Trip time: Around 4 hours

Bus line: Kumluca, Bati Antalya, or Ciçek Tur

Cost: 100 lira per ticket

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