How To Get An Airbnb Monthly Discount

Not everyone who travels can afford to stay in a high-priced hotel, especially in dense urban and touristy areas. Airbnb offers an alternative to hotel stays with a lower price tag and more offerings. However, being price conscious is a reality for many travelers. Here’s how to get an Airbnb monthly discount.

Knowing how to get a monthly discount on Airbnb can mean more money for other vacation treats. Read on to learn the ways how to get cheaper Airbnb rates. 

airbnb monthly discount

What is Airbnb?

Most travelers have either heard of or experienced renting out an Airbnb in the last five years. For those who haven’t, Airbnb is a service that connects people traveling all across the world with property owners looking to rent out their spaces. 

The site boasts almost 8 million properties, so there’s sure to be something for everyone, even the most experienced traveler. 

You typically get more living space in a local neighborhood with easier access to restaurants, shops, and attractions. Plus, most Airbnb properties offer a range of amenities that you can’t find at hotels, like a full kitchen. 

How To Get an Airbnb Discount

Knowing how to get cheaper Airbnb rates could make a massive difference for your next trip. While the difference might not be enough to spring for another vacation, it might let you splurge on an ultra-nice restaurant or catch a special show. 

Book New Listings Versus Established Ones 

The first bit of advice to save a little cash through Airbnb is to book newly listed properties instead of established postings. New hosts or hosts who have just posted a new property are much more likely to offer a discount on their listings to attract visitors and get reviews. 

You can save 10 or 20 percent on new listings. However, these properties typically don’t have any reviews to glean any information about the property. Not to worry. You can always reach out to the host and ask questions or even read reviews on their other properties (if they have any). 

monthly discount for airbnb

Book the Airbnb for a Month (or More)

Long-term pricing is a perk offered by many hosts. Individual properties can offer special weekly or monthly rates. Hosts set their own discounts, so prices vary, but the site doesn’t allow hosts to charge less than $10 per day.

The deepest discounts apply to Airbnb monthly rentals, or stays of 28 nights or more. Airbnb weekly rates apply to stays of 7 nights or more. 

Even if your desired location doesn’t advertise an Airbnb monthly price, you might want to ask the house if there’s an Airbnb monthly price difference. Hosts are more apt to offer an Airbnb monthly discount because it ensures their property remains booked. 

There are a few drawbacks to extended stays. Usually, they have a more stringent cancellation policy, so it’s important to ask about it before finalizing the reservation. 

Further, peak seasons might be different. Hosts may not offer an Airbnb monthly discount during high-demand months. You can expect a better average monthly discount on Airbnb during off-peak months, especially in popular tourism destinations.  

Ask the Host 

This next tip is quite simple: just ask! You can privately reach out to the host about negotiating the price. Simply and politely ask if they can offer any discounts on the property for your desired dates. 

Contacting the host is especially useful for last-minute bookings. In some circumstances, hosts will lift the minimum night requirements and other policies if you book on short notice. After all, it means filling an empty property and if they turn you down, a competitor is sure to hook you up.

Another way to approach the conversation is by asking if they could waive fees that otherwise would not apply to your stay. For example, if you intend to travel using rideshare and don’t need a parking space, you might be able to negotiate those fees.

Create a Trustworthy Profile

Just as you want to be sure that the Airbnb you stay in is represented truthfully on the website, hosts want to ensure that their guests have an accurate profile. 

To start, use a clear image of your face, and a smile will go a long way to making people trust you. Don’t upload an image of yourself partying, as a host may see this and assume their property may be used as a party headquarters. That’s not likely to make someone want to give you a discount.

However, if you spend time investing in writing a good bio, describing yourself and your hobbies, you can help put their minds at ease. If they think you’re trustworthy, you’ll be more likely to get a discount!

Cash In Points

Some credit cards allow you to apply reward points to travel, including Airbnb properties. You need to check with your credit card company to see if they offer points or discounts. Capital One offers coupon codes and some of their cards let you use rewards points toward Airbnb stays.

Buy Airbnb Gift Cards

While this tip doesn’t sound like a way to save on Airbnb stays, it can save you money in an alternate way. If you purchase gift cards from certain sites that offer a discount on them you can save a little. 

Be Flexible

If you truly want to save money on an Airbnb stay, be as flexible as possible. You might be able to save more by shifting your trip to different dates. Or, you could save by staying in a single room with a host family instead of renting an entire place.

Conclusion – How To Get An Airbnb Monthly Discount

Now that you understand how to get an Airbnb monthly discount, you can start saving money on your travels. Whether you are looking to book Airbnb for a month or a few days, it is easy to get discounts and special offers. 

Book new listings versus old, reserve extended stays when possible, ask your host if they offer any specials, and look for referral codes. Follow these simple rules and you will save a bundle on your next trip! 

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