AdThrive Requirements [2023]

Are you tired of running a blog or website and not getting paid? Then, you should look into the AdThrive requirements and start showing display ads to earn some passive income.

Unfortunately, AdThrive has some strict metrics that websites have to meet before you can display ads through their network. Read on to learn more about these qualifications to help get your site ready to make money on this premium ad network.

What Is AdThrive and Why Should You Use It?

AdThrive is an excellent ad network for bloggers with a lot of traffic. While they have strict requirements, they also offer many benefits for the blogs they approve.

adthrive requirements

For one, they’ll pay you even if the advertisers refuse to pay them. You also don’t have to worry about low-quality ads on your site, and you can monetize videos that you upload.

They also stay on top of Google trends to help you show up in search even with ads on your site. If you have any questions about the service, AdThrive has an excellent customer service team.

What Are the Requirements To Qualify for AdThrive?

AdThrive has more requirements than some other ad networks. Before you apply to show their ads, you should consider whether your site qualifies.

If not, you’ll want to work on meeting those requirements. Eventually, you’ll be able to reach any minimums or other qualifications. Then, you can apply and get into the network.

Page Views

The most significant requirement you have to meet is the number of page views. If this is your first site with AdThrive, you have to get at least 100,000 monthly views. Keep in mind this number has to come from Google Analytics, not another analytics tool.

You can add a second site to your account. Assuming your first site still gets the minimum number of views, your second site only needs 30,000 page views per month.

And if you’re in the Platinum program (making $250,000 a year), you don’t need to have any page views to add a new site to your AdThrive account. You can add as many sites to your account as you want.

adthrive requirements

Audience Locations

Even if you get enough page views, they have to come from the right audience. AdThrive requires that the majority of your traffic is in a combination of the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

You can have visitors from the US only or from any combination of the other countries. But if most of your views come from somewhere else, AdThrive will probably reject your application.

Luckily, you can work on your marketing strategies to attract more of the right people. Then, you may be able to shift your audience demographics.

Ad History

If you’ve used any other ad providers, you must consider your history. You can have broken any rules that other ad networks have.

For example, Google AdSense prohibits you from clicking on your own ads to increase your income. So if you get caught doing that, AdThrive won’t let you into their network.

This part can be the most challenging requirement because you can’t do anything about it. If you’ve had any infringements, you may need to take that up with the other ad network. Even then, they may not be willing to remove the violation from your account.

adthrive requirements

Original Content

Of course, you also have to create and publish advertiser-friendly original content. If you’ve plagiarized any other site, AdThrive will probably reject your application.

You also can’t use AdThrive on just any site. For example, if your site is about more adult content or other topics that advertisers don’t like, it won’t work out.

Allegedly, long-form content is better. Either way, you want to engage your audience, which can help encourage them to stay on the page and view or click more ads.

Be sure to publish original content consistently as well. While that’s not a requirement, it can help you meet other conditions, such as the minimum page views.

Secure Website

AdThrive also wants you to have an SSL certificate for your site. An SSL certificate helps encrypt the data on your site to make it more secure.

You can tell if your site has an SSL in a couple of ways. An easy option is to look at the URL search bar when on your site. If you see a padlock or “https” before the URL, that means you have a security certificate.

Another method is to go into your website hosting account and look for an SSL certificate. You may find it somewhere in your dashboard. Many hosts will let you set up an SSL if you don’t have one already.

How To Apply to AdThrive

Even if you meet all of the AdThrive requirements, you may wonder about the AdThrive application process. You’ll need to go to the AdThrive site to apply. Click on Get Started to bring up the application form.

adthrive requirements

Then, you’ll need to enter details about yourself and your site. Next, it will ask if you currently use AdThrive on another site. Fill out all of the fields, and continue to other pages in the application portal.

After you submit the application, you may need to wait for a few weeks. AdThrive might ask you for access to Google Analytics or other details to help approve your site. Once the network accepts you, it can take another few weeks before you can start showing ads.

AdThrive also guarantee that your RPMs will be 20% higher if you’re switching from another ad network, or they’ll pay you the difference!

adthrive requirements

Alternatives to AdThrive

AdThrive is a popular ad network for blogs, but it’s hard to get into. If you don’t currently meet all of the requirements, you may want to consider a few other alternatives.

Some are more generous, especially regarding page views. Alternative networks can make things easier for new bloggers looking to monetize their sites.

Here are a few popular ad networks to compare to AdThrive.


Mediavine is an excellent option for bloggers who get at least 50,000 monthly sessions. These sessions are different from page views, but they equate to about 60,000 views. They also require this number to come from Google Analytics.

adthrive requirements

Your site has to be of good quality, but it’s unclear what that means. Other requirements include original, long-form content and being in good standing with Google AdSense. Your blog can be in any niche to use Mediavine. 

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Another great ad network is Ezoic, and it’s great for sites of all sizes. It used to have a minimum threshold of 10,000 monthly views. However, smaller blogs can apply using the self-service option, making it perfect for beginners with not much traffic.

If you apply to Ezoic when you have around 50 visits a day to your site, you should be able to make enough per day to cover basic website hosting with most providers, which means you’ll be covering the running costs of your blog.

adthrive requirements

You also have to follow all of Google’s policies if you want to run Ezoic ads, such as no invalid clicks. The site can’t cover gambling content or other adult topics. You also can’t sell counterfeit goods.

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is probably the most straightforward ad network to join and start using. All you need is a good amount of quality content to join the program. You don’t need to have a specific number of page views per month.

adthrive requirements

Of course, you also have to comply with Google policies regarding your content. You also must be at least 18 years old to apply.

AdSense pays less for ad views than the other ad networks mentioned above, but it’s a great start to monetizing your blog until you can reach the levels needed to apply for premium netowkrs.

Does Your Website Meet the AdThrive Requirements?

Before applying, you should understand the most up-to-date AdThrive requirements. You’ll need at least 100,000 page views per month.

The site also has to include quality content and be secure. Once you reach those milestones, you can apply and start to earn a significant amount from your content.

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